Maki the kissing Zombie (crows bloos drabble) updates 9/22/16


in the universe where everyone alive and well, and Maki is a happy kissing zombie who life peacefully with her harem everyone

the cast are  :

Maki Togawa : Sakura Miyawaki  = a mysterious transfer student, hobby is kissing people and smile creepily, is a zombie, somehow was an olympic running champion

Kaoru Isozaki : Mayu Watanabe = the kind  girl in the flock

Mai Utsui : Yuki Kashiwagi = the school sport star and the leader of the group

Shinobu Matsumura : Matsui Jurina = a yankee with a soft hearth

Aoi Nojiro : Anna Iriyama = that one girl  with  glasses and always reading books, Maki best servant friend

Keiko Yodogawa : Kato Rena, Chisa Furugori : Yui Yokoyama, Hikari Yanaka : Kizaki Yuria, Nami Katayama : Mion Mukaichi

Warning : full of spoilers ahead!! 


big heart

Maki : *kissing aoi*

Aoi : *blush*

Maki : *kissing Shinobu*

Shinobu the puppy  yankee : *blush*

Mai : *pulling Maki* Maki stop kissing people for once!

kaoru : Mai, let her go, she just

Mai : *sigh* *let maki go* if only i have a big heart like you kaoru

Kaoru : i don’t have a big heart

Mai : yeah you do

Kaoru : i dont…its only have room for you *look away*

Mai : !@#$%^ *blushed harder than shinobu and aoi*


skipping class 

Maki : sensei…can I go home early today?

Sensei : whats wrong?

Maki : my…my father is in hospital

Sensei : oh dear, I’m sorry to hear that, sure, i hope your father get well soon

Aoi, shinobu, mai : …. (but her father is the doctor!)


skipping class 2

Mai : maki why you skipping class? its not good you know

Maki :..i…i just miss my mom

Mai : oh..emm *touched* *feeling guilty*

Maki : so i think im gonna send her some friends today

Mai : NO!!!!


parallel Universe

Maki : *nose bleeding*

Kaoru : ahhh!!! you bleeding again! *handed a napkin*

Maki : thank you

Kaoru : why are you always have a nose bleed anyway?

Maki : in my last school, i was beaten  badly by a yankee name salt, i haven’t recovered until now

Aoi : aren’t you  have immortal body? (but  why do i feel familiar with that story)


another Parallel universe

Maki : Kaoru…chu~ *shoving lips*

Kaoru : *surprised* kyaaa!  *reflect push maki away*


Aoi : Maki fall from the rooftop!

Kaoru : Makii you okay???

Mai : don’t worry she is a Zombie.. Maki you okay right?

Maki : ……ah…Kashiwagi..san?

Mai : WHO??


just personal preference 

Maki : *fidgeting* um…kashiwagi san.. why are you wearing a high school uniform?

Mai : kashiwagi who?? Maki your head got hit too hard??

Maki : ah! Watanabe san, ohayou *bowing politely*

Kaoru : ehhh??? who??? *scared* *hiding behind Mai*

Shinobu : Maki you okay??

Maki : j-jurina san?! *blush*

Kaoru & Mai : i sense a strong Jurisaku shipper biased here


this new Maki

Maki : *running lamely*

Mai : uwah…what is that horrible running style???! (b-but its somehow cute)

Maki : *stay in the corner* *cant even look anyone in the eyes*

Shinobu : what is that sudden shyness??? (but..but..its cute)

Aoi *just come* : Maki good morning!!  how about a morning kiss?? *throw herself to Maki *

Maki : kyaaaa! iriyama san??! how about Kizaki san!!!?

Aoi : iriyama? Kizaki ?? ‘Kyaaa’???  WHO ARE YOU??!



Maki : j-jurina senpai…actually i..since a very long time ago…

Shinobu : y-yes?? (what with this over whelmed cuteness!!??) *doki doki doki*

Maki : i.. I love Y— *BRUKKK*

Shinobu : Maki! you okay!!?? Aoi why you hit her head with that Iron bar???

Aoi : I want Maki back!!!



Maki : ugh…hem…what was happen?

Mai : maki, do you know who am I?

Maki : sure, Mai

Mai : Mai who?

MAki : Mai the sexy sport star that  I don’t know how  could run with that gigantic oppai on her chest and always act though and tsundere but actually to scared to even confess to Kaoru about her feeling. that Mai right?

Mai :… (ah she is back to normal)


not again

Kaoru : M-Maki are you already back to normal?

Maki  : what normal?  how about a kiss instead *shoving lips*

Kaoru : (ah she is okay now)

Mai : h-hey!! I told you stop bothering Kaoru!! *pushing Maki*

Maki : *grab on Kaoru* BRAKK BRUKK BRAAKKK *kaoru slip on the floor*

Mai : KAORU!!! *throwing Maki away* KAOURU YOU ALRIGHT!!!

Kaoru : uhhh..emmm… Y-yukirin? why you wearing high school uniform, is that a new costume?

Mai, shinobu, Aoi : … not again


—–one more to go—————-


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