maki the kissing Zombie (crows blood drabble) last

Hi, so… this is a drabbles and if you notice the format, it is inspired  by Lenosferatu  burageki no ichinichi  . really like this kind of fic and always wanna try it, so …. 


in the universe where everyone alive and well, and Maki is a happy kissing zombie who life peacefully with her harem everyone

the cast are  :

Maki Togawa : Sakura Miyawaki  = a mysterious transfer student, hobby is kissing people and smile creepily, is a zombie, somehow was an olympic running champion

Kaoru Isozaki : Mayu Watanabe = the kind  girl in the flock

Mai Utsui : Yuki Kashiwagi = the school sport star and the leader of the group

Shinobu Matsumura : Matsui Jurina = a yankee with a soft hearth

Aoi Nojiro : Anna Iriyama = that one girl  with  glasses and always reading books, Maki best servant friend

Keiko Yodogawa : Kato Rena, Chisa Furugori : Yui Yokoyama, Hikari Yanaka : Kizaki Yuria, Nami Katayama : Mion Mukaichi

Warning : full of spoilers ahead!!



3rd generation dai Senpai 

(Kaoru got  her head hit and became weird)

Kaoru : hey everyone. why are we dressed like this? where is our manager?

Shinobu : ah..erm… (somehow I feel like i have to be polite to her)

Aoi : Kaoru um…errr (somehow i feel like she should be respected)

Maki : *looking at Kaoru*

Shinobu and Aoi : (Maki is our only hope!!)

Maki : g-good morning *bowing*



my waifu mother

(Kaoru still weird, Mai gone to get some water for her)

Kaoru : btw, do you guys know where’s my mother gone?

Aoi :your mother?

Kaoru : you know…yukirin

Shinobu : huh? your mother? Kirin?? *kirin = giraffe* (her head must be hit really hard)

Kaoru : *rolls eyes* cmon guys! Kashiwagi Yuki; tall! sexy ! with gigantic oppai and killer wink! Yukirin duh

Shinobu : hee…is that how your mother looks like? such a good looking auntie

Kaoru : *deathly stare* How dare you call my waifu auntie

Shinobu and Aoi :  (Mai please comeback soon! her craziness are overload!!)


The ship so strong it sail trough dimension  

Aoi : *brings water* Kaoru here, drink some water

Kaoru : yukiriiin, where did you go?? *cling on Mai*

Mai : ehh?? *blush*

Kaoru : Yukirin… You gonna stay at my place tonight right? i miss you  *sparkling eyes*

Aoi and Shinobu : hee… you two that far already *judging stare*

Mai : No!!  n-not that i don’t want to… wait what did i said- i mean No!

Aoi, Shinobu, Maki : hmm yeah *judging stare* *epic judging smile*


The other side of the moon

Kaoru : yukirin~ oppai! *grabing oppai*

Mai : eeeehhhhhhh!!!???? *blushing overload*

Kaoru : hentai kamen! *posed*

Kaoru : oshiri~ oshiri~ *start dancing and shaking butt*


MAi : Shinobu!!!!?? how dare you hit Kaoru head???!!

Shinobu : i think that side of Kaoru are for hard core fan only


too much to handle

Mai : kaoru! you okay?

Kaoru : uhhg..ehh.. Mai?? what happen??

Mai : do you know who am I?

Kaoru : …my everything?

Mai : *walk to the restroom and drown her head on the sink *


the merits and demerits 

Kaoru : Maki, how is it like to be a zombie?

Maki : i have serious insomnia, i have great impulse to always kiss, and ugh the nose bleed…i have to carry a dozen handkerchief every day

Shinobu : hee *pity*

Maki : oh but i could eat anything without gain any weigh

Kaoru, Aoi, Shinobu : SAY WHAT??



Mai : Maki, what do you think future like

Maki : the place where all of you bow and kiss me every day *epic evil laugh*

Mai, kaoru, shinobu : not gonna happen


future 2

Mai : I’m asking seriously

Maki : well…i keep having these dreams about a wooden cabin in nowhere

Mai : like promotion dream? what you think its mean?

Maki : meh…its probably just cause I’ve been watching cabin in the woods before sleep


future 3

Mai : thats all you have for future?

Maki : well.. i do have another dream… a big stage, an awesome pink chair in the middle of it, and we all there, looking at the chair

Kaoru : what was that about?

Maki : i dont know, but *looking at shinobu* i think whatever it is, it’ll be epic


love fight

Aoi : hey shinobu…stay away from Maki, she is mine

Shinobu : oh yeah? what is the proof

Aoi : she always kiss me!

Shinobu : she kiss me too!

Mai & Maki : but she kiss us too

every one in the school : me too.. me too.. yup one here too!

Shinobu and Aoi  : … that kissing Zombie


and thus, Maki the kissing Zombie live among her harem  friend hapilly ever after


—-the end————————————–



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