matsui jurina on piano (video)

Jurina attemp on playing piano (then and now)


since watching akbingo 67, where they show Jurina house, the existence of upright piano in her living room always makes me wonder, could Jurina matsui…know how to play piano?

well, the video of little Jurina playing piano is cute and such, but if we pay attention on her right hand, she play it the way someone who learn how to play piano formal does, her finger are hitting the right designated keys on the keyboard, and it convinced me more that Jurina matsui do properly learn how to play piano

today on Jurina showroom, like answering my pray, the puppy PLAY THE PIANO, she try to play the song she wrote (its gonna featured on SKE single, way to go Jurina-P!),

hohoho no need professional ears to know its kinda basic piano play

but she do sing while playing piano, which of course harder than simply play, she hit the chord right, she able to shift the chord when its not match the song, and her right hand do well on the melody , she seems like busy and not able to practice more, but Jurina matsui indeed, at one point, learn seriously how to play piano.

oh but its Jurina we talk about, i bet she would be fabulous on Piano if she ever serious try learn it


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