why people shipping and further more…why crack ship??

like this anon here asking…yeah people of the world why?? is it necessary whatsoever?? is it common??





2 thoughts on “why people shipping and further more…why crack ship??

  1. I wan’t look jurisaku more than be couple but friendship too.. i love them so muchh 😀
    I wish management push them together again and again.. XD XD
    ahh one more, why rena not follback jyurin’s twitter account ?? ;((


    1. hi there! you know what…THATS EXACTLY WHY I SHIP JURISAKU, personally, i really wish they could be friend, i think the bright but sensitive Jurina would have fun hang around the reserved yet caring sakura.

      lol talking about management push, Majisuka gakuen 6 setting are hostess club with sakura as main lead and Jurina as number one hostess, hohoho just think of all the possibilities with that setting! *please…please be canon!*

      and about rena, well…i think its because Rena doesnt feel she have to,she graduate, they maybe friend at one point, or even *cough* more than friend, she maybe want to start new, completely separate her idol days n wmatsui from her new life, and mostly because I think Rena herself want it that way. Matsui Rena is one of the most introvert person, she likes her space…


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