dance : SHOWROOM (jurisaku)


Sakura shut off her iPad with more power that device ever need

‘what was she thinking!!?’

Sakura then pull her phone out in one quick moves, her finger ready to dial, but a second faster, her phones ring instead, coincidently, a call comes exactly from the person she intend to call

Incoming call : Matsui Jurina

“moshi moshi~ sakura chan how are y–”

“JU!!! what were you thinking!!!!??”

“eh..err…are you…mad?”


Sakura Show room just end a couple minutes ago, and it was, er… an uninvated special guest just suddenly appear as an audience there

“um…I intend to surprise you sakura”

“CONGRATS because you just DID JU! do you have any idea how surprised I was!!”


“And what with that KISS ME PLEASE in korean things!!! JU you are so lucky it was just a minute right before akimoto sensei comes to my SR!! if not– if not–”

“if not?”

“I…I…I would really hate you!!!”

“hee…really?” that slow low tone, even from her phone, sakura could perfectly picturing Jurina smirking on the other end

“you…sakura miyawaki, would hate me?”

“I- I would!!”

“hee…after almost unable to contain your clear eagerness when I joining your show room?”


“After totally -in high tension- telling every of your fans out there you enjoyed my company lately? how…close we are lately…how you enjoyed talk to me…just how you..utterly…hopelessly…like me?”

Jurina keep dragging all the facts sakura cant deny,and sakura cant stand it anymore, her entire face turned red “S-SSTUPID JU!!!” and sakura turn the call off with extra energy her sensitive iPhone never need

Sakura once again could perfectly imagine the puppy are beaming with victory smile on the other side, but she cant deny it… she realize it, that her emotion shown a bit too much on her SR.

Sakura let out a sigh and let her body rest on the table, just then, Maru chan, her cat, decide that it is just an excellent time to climb on sakura head, playing with sakura’s hair “o-ouch..maru~” sakura take her cat away from her head

“…stupid maru”

Her cats only look back at her, sakura then brushing Maru soft golden fur, and Maru let out a long purr sounds in return, sakura minds wonder back to one time, when she watch her cat act just like that, just exactly the same way ……..

—- —— —–

“maru chan~! come here!” Jurina calling with a childish voice 

“she not usually comfortable with other people than–” but sakura voice cut by her own cat who eagerly run to Jurina welcoming arms 

“–than…me” sakura completing her sentence while watching in disbelieve as her stoic cat cling affectionally to Jurina 

“good cat~” Jurina said, while kindly petting Maru chan on her arms 

——- ———-

“Stupid Maru” sakura said, pocking Maru chubby cheek “stupid Ju….”

—- — – —–

—- – – –

— – –

Sakura is a hostess, on a blinding bright club, serving drinks to her costumer, she is super popular

Then, just out of nowhere, a crazy sexy good looking girl come, all of her costumer eyes on the other girl, but so is Sakura eyes

It was Jurina the jelly fish, the number one hostess in the club, sakura so immerse on Jurina presence she accidentally pour the drink oh her laps, its wet, and cold… cold… and wet…

So cold

And sakura awaken from her sleep

‘a…dream?’ half awaken sakura asking herself, but the wet and cold sensation on her feet was felt so real, in fact, she feeling it even right now

“?” Sakura open her eyes, take a lazy peek to her feet

“!!” a brown cute poodle are licking her feet

“L-Lips Kun?” sakura gathered all of her consciousness for another minute, before slowly awake, and carefully take lips Kun into her arm

She not really good with dogs, but lately, as she dating Lips kun master who always act not far from her puppy, sakura start get used to little dog…a bit

‘if lips is here…then…’ Sakura eyes scanning her room right away, from her window, she catch its a bit drizzle outside, explained the cold morning, but found nothing else.

Not long before her nose pick a delicious smells in the air, and her ear catch someone is using her kitchen

Sakura take lips with her, and walk outside her room, find what she expected to find on her kitchen, it sakura day off, and so is another ACE from SKE48

“Jurina…morning” sakura said, yawning

Jurina stop her cooking activity for a second to look at sakura “morning beautiful” Jurina smile, before continue doing her cooking

A smile as bright as morning sun, and sakura could not help but to smile back

Its been a while since they are dating, sneak to her bed in the middle of the night, appear out of nowhere, suddenly comes and make breakfast

Jurina comes and go… and sakura not sure if she could get used to it, but she definitely not hating it

“what are you cooking?” sakura released lips, and gently wraps her arm around cooking Jurina from behind, resting her head on Jurina’s shoulder. Its cold, and Jurina body just felt so nicely warm and comfortable

Faintly, sakura could also smells a familiar sweet scents, Sakura own soap scents, seems like Jurina just take a morning shower at Sakura apartment…just since when did the puppy come

Jurina stop her activity once again to look at sakura “hmm…now you tall enough to rest your head on my shoulder like that”


“The first time we met you barely as tall as my midriff ”

“I wasnt that short!” sakura protesting, puffing her cheek, and hardening her grip around Jurina

“hehe” Jurina just laugh it off, and continue doing her cooking, chopping and seasoning things in professional like gesture

“…Sakura … you still mad?” Jurina said while keep chopping


“You know…about that SR”


“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you first…I..I just–” but Jurina stop, she had to stop, sakura soft lips are pecking on her lips, and Jurina is incapable but to kiss sakura back

They stay like that for a little while, until sakura and Jurina could feel a little brushing on their feet, they both take a peek down, find both lips and maru circling their feet

“Hehe seems like they are hungry ” Jurina said, brushing both lips and Maru carefully with her feet

“Seems so” sakura said, a bit blushed

Jurina then look back at Sakura “so…you are not mad?”

“…Im not”

“Show room together? next time?”

” I said yes didn’t I”

“We don’t have to do anything, just simply sit there and broad casting our love to the world ”

“Not gonna happen”

“How about double danso? your danso on Hakata Hyakkaten really popular isnt it”

“…So was your blonde Matsui Jun on Show room recently”

“You watch that??? You said you were busy and didn’t have time to watch it!!!!”

It was Jurina in Danso, how could Sakura not watch it, she even record it, screen shoot every frame, and carry a print out of it every where , Sakura just too shy to admit how much she like it

“… I do watch the one where you harassing Okada Sisters thou” sakura said while pinching Jurina cheek

“ouchh ouch s-sakuraa I’m cooking, spare me this time please!!” sakura hold Jurina cheek for another 3 seconds before releasing her

Just like their pets, sakura also start to feel hungry, she gonna punish Jurina later she tough, with full stomach

“So what are you cooking?”

“Some new recipe i found on mags”


“hey sakura…”

“hmm?” sakura said, still lazily cling on Jurina’s back

“I love you”


“do you love me?”

Sakura took a second to look into Jurina clear eyes, eyes so inviting, and kind, that sakura soon find her lips once again on Jurina lips “I love you…stupid Ju” she said from between their kisses

Their pets start brushing their feet once again, but Jurina and Sakura decide to kiss just a little bit more longer, before parting themselves

Jurina back to cooking, not long before she start humming her own self written song

Sakura cling on her, closing her eyes, listening to Jurina humming

Their pets play lazily nearby

The autumn rain gently tapping on the window

Hoping days would always like that, still and nice and easy like that

Far from all the hectic Idol life, the both most fierce next generation ace on this new AKB era, should bear every day

Just an easy and slow day, spend with beloved one


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Jurina appear on Sakura SR english subtitle :

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Jurina appear on Sakura SR english translation by blezzing19 :

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