5 second Jurisaku on show room, today

Matsui Jurina sama, the Showroom addict, on action as usual, when suddenly, Sakura Same Sake, who just finish her own SR literally a second ago, a bit on cold, and supposed to be resting by now coz she had full schedule tomorrow, appear. (avatar totally “invisible” surrounded by all those choco cat avatar)

tumblr post:



-choco cat avatar is avatar Jurina ask her fans to use

lol okay the last part was completely troll, however, sakura  is a frequent on Jurina SR and other members SR, and watch usually with common avatar.  this is the first notable appearance  with  her special avatar,  which just launched some times ago, the thing with special avatar is, its super notable, its the one and only, and it pop up in the front row right away when it appear .

when it was launched, sakura posted it on twitter while saying “now i have a special avatar, the members would notice me when I watch them…so embarrassing ”


so …when is the SR you two agreed to have together? still waiting here…still waiting


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