looks whose moving fast (another Ju appearance on sakura SR?)

bruhh… its not  like  I’m gonna blogging about every JS moment in Show room (-_-) …but man… i mean…. like…. MANNNN

coz miyawaki sakura same sake, just literally last night, appear like 5 second on Jurina SR, and leave without saying anything. makes me wondering, are Sakura gonna text Ju later, coz dude honestly, it was kinda…. weird….

okay, its not really unusual  in SR for members or even Aki p himself to appear and Go without saying anything, in fact, its probably more odd to actually appear, staying and commenting like Jurina like to do

but since Jurina the puppy is sakura sake senpai, and this Jurina san senpai not only staying, but also commenting, even requesting a kiss before leaving sakura SR not so long ago,  isnt it kinda weird for sakura leaving, just like that?


i keep wondering, is sakura-the-over-thinking-same would probably think its rude perhaps, and text Ju later, or probably the two have a job together the next day, and my brain keep stimulating what would they said when they see each other like

“sakura chan, i see you last night in my SR”

“jurina senpai..y-y-you saw it??”

“lol of course, your special avatar couldnt be more visible, i was hoping you would stay longer thou ”

“its because…”


“nothing” *blush*

“sakura ..you are weird” Jurina said, smiling, finding the hakata girls are weird..but also…very cute

and like 100 other scenario but then… ladies and gentleman .. TA!! DA!!!!

(tumblr post) :

oh dear…




okay okay Jurina the show room addict did appear a lot on other members show room, on some of her beloved HKT kids like Nako, MIku, or Madoka, she also appear  on ikumi (team 8), yukirin, on mayu and like a dozen moar SR

but corrected me if i am wrong… as far as I recall…this is the first ever Jurina appear for a second time on someone SR… moreover … just in days

its literally Ju saying YOW sakura i really care about you!!!  i watch your SR twice by now!!! notice me already!!! and come again to my SR please you don’t have to say anything just like last night!! see I’m here I’m not mad!! just come again! I WANNA BE FRIEND WITH YOU!

dear dude (i mean dude as the most gender neutral as possible ..kay…just fyi)…

if this isn’t Ju effort to get closer to sakura,

then the parrot lives at sea and the fish flies in the skies


this is getting serious …



Now I’m gonna stalking more SR to heal my broken soul after watching crapasuka gakuen (yes its a crap even for someone who wrote Rated M fanfic like myself)


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5 second Jurisaku on show room, today

a dream?? 8 minutes Jurisaku heaven… at Sakura SR??




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