Matsui Jurina butt Groping scenes in Cabasuka Gakuen, its… fake?

nope, sorry not a fanfic post

and errr… why is this post stranded here, side by side with  fanfic

and you might like “Bruh?? you have Rated M fanfic here and you care about some Jurina bit PG-13 rated scenes in a drama ??”



i actually posted this two weeks ago in tumblr , right after cabasuka gakuen aired (and all Jurina fans who watch it lost their mind)  ___(oh and NB: if you are akb shipper, and wondering where all the other shippers are, try peek on tumblr once in a while)

but yesterday (seriously yesterday)

i find out this very half asset fanfic blog actually have a pretty good internet visibility (???)

so yeah I’m gonna jammed this post here

bear with it

Cabasuka Gakuen is a season 6 of majisuka gakuen series, but in alternate Universe. where instead of the usual yankee high school girl, the drama now about the high school girls as hostess. yup. hostess. don’t even start with under aged and AKB48 girls idol image, lets chew it bit by bit key. so…the story line is that Majisuka gakuen the school are in financial trouble, the Rappapa girls, with Sakura as their new president, decide they would have to do a part time job to save the school, girls + part time+ fast money = hostess. and thus the show begin.

the show are currently on episode 4, and I see they have problem with it, as in episode 4, they change Jurina character dress (Kurage) which was very revealing at first, to a more conservative one. they also reduce the body touch scenes, and conveniently placing stuff where the girls overly sexy dress might just shown things that shouldn’t be shown

but thats episode 4

and I bet some Japanese WOTA are upset and protest or something that they make it lighter and idol like on episode 4

this post gonna talking about the two first aired episode , the episode so dark, people was like “lol okay its hostess themed but its idol so meh nothing gonna happen” to “what the F**K was that !!?”

and this post are about  one particular scene

Jurina butt Groping scenes

yes you read it right

there are scenes in this supposed to be official Drama of Idol group, where Jurina groping a mans butt

hoho… thats not the worst part


dude… i know .. some idol and akb girls have kissing scenes or such



(Tumbler post)

so rest in peace, (i mean in sleep okay) all Jurina fans

lets keep on

as their documentary said

the show must goes on






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