across the mirror : Her world ( jurisaku, OS, part 1/2)

Jurisaku Fan fiction AKB48



—– — — —

This is a broken world 

filled with  broken people 

and when people broke… they stay broken


—- —

characters :

Miyawaki sakura (AKB48, HKT48) : second year high school student. a quiet and introverted girl, but her beauty keep making people drawn to her, even when she prefer to be left alone. her cold home and constant bullying she endure drive her to be more and more shutting herself.

Murashige Anna (HKT48) : Miyawaki sakura best friend, a beautiful half russian half japanese girl with a bright green eyes, in contrast with sakura, Murashige are loud, cheerful and brave. (well…maybe sometimes…a bit too loud)

Yamamoto sayaka (NMB48) : Third year high school student. the school student council president, and considered as the most popular student in the school, not only good looking, smart and highly athletic,  she also known as a popular member of a local band

Kodama Haruka (AKB48, HKT48) : Also a third year high school student. The school sport star, kind and gentle. it cant be helped that Murashige have a crush on her

matsui Jurina (SKE48) : Transferred student in Sakura class, not just her looks would befitted any magazine front cover, she is smart, sporty, with a very bright pleasant friendly personality. everything about her looks perfect. looks…perfect.

— —- —



Miyawaki sakura looking at her reflection in the mirror,  swiftly fixing her school uniform, when her phone start buzzing

incoming call 

Sakura look at her phone in silence for two seconds

incoming call 


Sakura looking back at the big mirror, fixing her school uniform for the last time, before walk out of her room

“morning father, mother” sakura said, while passing the dining room

her father keep looking at the documents in his hands

her mother, slightly nodded, not even  bother to look at sakura

“I’m going” sakura said, walk as fast as she can to the door


sakura arrive at the school early, like she always do. like she always do, she take one step back carefully, before opening her locker, as soon as the locker door opened, a stream of love letters and gifts flooding out from the tiny space right away, sakura only look at them, until it stop pouring, carefully take her stuff from there, and close it back

“Sakuraaa chaannn!! good morning!!!” a crispy cheerful voice calling out her name

“murashige chan, good morning” sakura greet a beautiful girl with green eyes, who come and give her a big hug right away

“woah! another morning with love letter mountain” shige said, looking at the piles of letters on the floor

“yeah…lets go to class” sakura said, almost flatly

“eh you just gonna leave them there ?”

“cleaning service gonna clean it up right away”

“its not about that sakura! geez thats why people keep saying that you–” but shige left her words hanging “well, up to you, its your letters,lets go ”

when the two start walking by, two girls standing not far start whispering

‘did you look at that?’

‘hmph, such a snobby! just because she is a little cute and popular! she just left her love letters in the floor like that? bitch’

‘no wonder she don’t have friend’

whisper that goes a bit too loud, it reach sakura and murashige ear just perfectly fine

“OII YOU TWO!! WHATCH YOUR MOUTH??!” murashige jump out the two girl right away, but sakura stoping her

“its okay murashige…c’mon!”



Murashige look at her friend for a second bit, before slowly giving up, and quietly following sakura back to class

“don’t you listen to them okay! I AM your friend! and I always will”

Sakura smile “thank you shige” its weird how their two polar personality could end up as chemistry, the quiet sakura who not really fond of skin ship and the hyper murashige who loves to hug, they are inseparable. Murashige is sakura friend…sakura only friend

“finally! Lunch break! sakura lets have lunch together!!”  shige said right after the bell ring

“sure” sakura ready to go with Murashige, but her step stopped, a swift figure standing right beside her desk. Sakura could hear her class mates chattered  loudly

‘ehh thats Sayanee senpai right??!!’

‘ehh?? really??! the student council president?! no way!! Gosh she is so cool!!!’

‘what is she doing here???’

Sayanee smile briefly to sakura “Miyawaki san, I’m sorry, but…can I talk with you?just the two of us?”

sakura could sense the intense stares from her surrounding, almost as real as needle , piercing her skin

‘no way sakura again?’

‘not sayanee senpai too!! i have a crush with her!!’

‘what is so special with sakura anyway!! she is not even that cute!!’

‘i bet she doing something dirty! thats why she is so popular! that snake woman’

Sakura look at murashige “shige, I’m sorry, could you go first? ill meet you in few minutes”

— – – ———–      —————- – – —— —-

— – – –   – – ——–

“Murashige chan! sorry to keep you wait” sakura running a little, and take a seat beside murashige on the grass under a big tree

“you got confessed again?”


“and…you rejected them again arent you?”


“Seriously sakura!! that was Sayanee senpai!!! she is super popular you know!!! student president!! smart!! sporty !! good looking !! she even a band player!!  are you sane??”

“ehehe i know…it just that…i don’t feel like it”

“like what?? geez if the most  charming student in the school -like sayanee senpai- couldnt make you feel whatever ‘it’ you meant, i don’t think anyone could! ”

“ehhh  you think sayanee senpai is the most charming student? really Murashige??” sakura said teasingly, throwing a look at the field in front of them, the soft ball team are practicing, just right when one of the player make an amazing home run, and murashige jumping from her place right away, shouting


seems like its impossible for  Kodama senpai to missed murashige loud voice,  she turn around to murashige, and point out her bat to her while smiling charmingly

makes murashige almost fainted

“Sakura!!! sakuraa!! did you look at that!!! Kodama Haruppi senpai just look at me!!!” murashige grabbing and shaking sakura hard

“i– i saw it..but shige you …chocked me”

“kyaaaa!!! haruppi senpai notice me!!! finally my effort sit here every day during lunch bear some fruit !! kyaaa !!”

“shige– cant… breath”

“ahh sakura! you okay??”


its already dark when Sakura arrived at her house

“I’m home” she said, no one answer, its not like sakura expecting an answer in the first place

—- — — –

Sakura slam her tired body to her bed, ready to sleep, checking her phone once

*48 missed call*

*100 notification*

*80 email*

‘delete all’

She throw her phone somewhere in her bed, then go to sleep

— – – – – ——— —- —— – – ———– — —

sakura arrive at the school early, like she always do, and just like she always do, she take one step back, before opening her locker and wait until all the love letters find it way out, take her stuff, and walk away. some  nearby girls looking at her and the wasted letters in the floor,  sakura don’t have to look to know they talk about her.

She entering her class, and the atmosphere change immediately, everything went a bit quieter when sakura come,  with a buzzing of whispers floating in the air

‘did you hear? she rejected sayanee senpai!’

‘that bitch! is she think she is too good for sayanee senpai!??’

‘my sayanee senpai!! how could she fall for anti social girl like her anyway! she must tricking Sayanee senpai with some dirty tricks!!’


Sakura only look outside the window, to the million color autumn brings to the leaves outside…. its a beautiful day


Murashige come not long after, rushing to sakura and start massaging her shoulder sweetly, telling that helping other people is the purpose of human existence, and that she forgot doing her math homework, wondering whether sakura would be the sweet girl she know who would lend her homework

sakura lightly chop Shige’s head with her math homework, try to look angry

“hehe thanks sakura my best friend forever!! this is the last time i promise”

“you said that too yesterday”


sakura looking back to the scenery outside while shige copying her homework, and she keep looking outside until the teacher come in

she notice the teacher entering the class with another person

*class chattering*

‘who is that??’

‘trasferred student? at this time?’

‘who cares!! she is gorgeous!!’

‘you mean super gorgeous right!!!’

the person talked about  is tall and swift, with black silky straight hair, and the first thing that come into sakura mind is, what a happy smile she has.

“everyone this is Matsui Jurina, she just transferred here ” said the sensei

“Hi, nice to meet you all”


‘oh God oh God! isnt she just too gorgeous!!!’

‘she looks like a movie star’

its lunch time, and the new transferred student surrounded by people right away,she is warm,  fun, cheerful, and her happy smiles are contagious. she draw people like a magnet right away towards her

“Matsui san, can I call you Jurina?”

“matsui san why are you transferred??”

“matsui san you smells really good? are you wearing a perfume??”

Sakura  prepared to go with murashige like she always do, but once again her step is halted… this time.. by a warm welcoming hand

“Hi there, Im matsui Jurina” Jurina said to sakura, the new transferred student has crossing the class room to where sakura is, her hand hanging in the air

the atmosphere change dramatically

sakura could felt sharp stares piercing at her and Jurina hands, whispers spread like fire in the air

sakura doing a super fast touch to Jurina hand “sakura…” she said almost whispered, and go right away, leaving Jurina with  eyebrows risen

“don’t worry about her Matsui san! she is not friendly!”

“and she always have this snobby look, well cant help it, she is cute, she might thinks she is better than everyone else”

“yeah right, hahahaha” all the girls surrounded Jurina laughing, Jurina keep looking at sakura back who walking away

“hee….is she?”


weeks passed, the new transferred student quickly became one of the most popular student. its not just about her looks, or the fact that she also smart, and also happen to be very alethic, or that warm pleasant personality she has. but that she have this aura,  and a smile so charming its almost like a magic.

Sakura would observe her sometimes. Matsui Jurina just like the sun surrounded by planets, always surrounded by a flock of people, not taking long sakura seen girls start confessing their ultimate love to Jurina, they even start making Jurina a fans club or something

but every time their eyes met, Jurina would throw her charming happy smile, and sakura would immediately look away, followed by a lot of anger and envy looks from the girls surrounding Jurina

—v- – — —- —–

—- – – – —– —–

its a nice day. sakura and murashige sit comfortably  under a big tree, their favorite spot. not far from them, the soft ball team are practicing. Murashige eyes keep linger on one particular player

“kyaa Kodama senpai just so cool!! i cant take it anymore!” shige said

“yes she is” sakura said, while feeding her self with store bought bread

“sakura…bread again?  eat some vegetables too sometimes! cant you ask your mother made you some bento?”

“…she is .. busy”

“well… here have some of my tamagoyaki, you need some protein”

“thanks shige” sakura smile

“she is right sakura, its not good keep eating bread”

“um yes i guess so–” sakura turn around to find who is speaking, and find the least person she expect to be there

“transferred student!” shige squeak

“Matsui, matsui Jurina…um..can I join you guys”

“NO” “SURE” shige and sakura answered at the same time, sakura throw a death stare to shige but shige just ignored her “sure if you want to Matsui san”

“just call me Jurina, and um…maybe ill just take back my words… i don’t want to bother you… am I?”  Jurina said, looking at sakura

“…” sakura just keep eating her bread, shige just cant hold herself anymore and stroke sakura hard with her elbow “*psst* SAKURA she is talking to YOU”

sakura only  look at murashige, with a face that clearly in pain, shige did not holding back with her elbow strike, but sakura just back eating her bread in silence…

everything became awkward until another person come to the scene

“Sakura, Murashige, is this person bothering you?”

Murashige almost drop all her bento “K-Kodama senpai!!”

“are you guys okay?” Kodama have this sweet kind face, who could guess that sweet face could look so menacing when she want to, Kodama looking at Jurina with a sharp cold look, Jurina only smiles back

“its cool, I’m leaving now” said Jurina “see you guys again” she said to shige and sakura

“who is she? you guys okay?” kodama said, clearly looks worried

“i-its okay Kodama senpai,  she is a new transferred student in our class, she is okay, we are okay”

“hmm…okay then…dont hesitate to call me if you guys need anything okay”

“e-eh?? o-okay!!!”

“take care” Kodama said, smile charmingly before leaving back to the field

“… sakura”


“did Kodama senpai just talk to me??”

“seems so”




“S-Shigee!!!?? shigeee!!???”

—- – – – — —-

—- — —- —–

its too early and too morning, Sakura really just want to pass it by peacefully, but in contrast, as she entered her class, she find one particular person leaning on her desk

“morning sakura” Jurina said, smile brightly as bright as the rising summer sun

“…morning Matsui san..thats my desk”

“I told you to just called me Jurina didn’t I? im waiting for you…about  yesterday–”

“nothing to talk about Matsui san, now if you please…”

sakura try to put her bag on her desk, but Jurina stoping her and grab her arm ” hey sakura…did i do something that offended you?”

sound of whisper raise in the air once again, judging sharp eyes piercing sakura from all direction and sakura could feel it creeping in her skin

“let me go!”

“why do you hate me?”

“i do not hate you, now let me go!”

“good” Jurina then abruptly pull Sakura to her, and Sakura arent prepared, not that day, not in eternity, that the person called matsui Jurina, would kiss her that day

sakura’s mind went blank for a couple of second, try to processing what is happening, a lips, as soft as a lips can be, swapping gently against her own lips. and it take another second for sakura to release her mind from the hypnotizing sensation of Jurina kiss, sakura pushing Jurina away, but Jurina pull her back and kiss her for another two seconds, before let Sakura go

“good, because I like you”

Sakura could  feel her class mates eyes kill her if a stare could kill, her brain freeze and so is her whole body, looking at the person who just- just

“sakura, i like you”

“you…You barely even know me!”

“i like you sakura,  since the first day i saw you, i know…you are just like me, and I fall for you right away”

“You? just like me?” sakura never heard something so absurd

someone who always surrounded by people, who have the most happy smile she ever seen, whom personality as bright as the sun it self, said..that she just like sakura

“don’t get too full of yourself, you are nothing like me” sakura said coldly, and run outside the class room

“s-sakura wait!” Jurina try to chase sakura right away, but the girls stoping her

“Forget her Jurina!! she is a sneaky woman!!”

“is she trick you too Jurina ?? is she giving you some weird drink??”

“that girl, who the hell she think she is, talk to you like that”

“girls..let me through.. sakura! sakura wait!! ”

—- – – ———– — ———- —-

—  ————- ——— ——– ——

sakura find herself in the roof top, breathless, she runs aimlessly and don’t remember how she end up there, anywhere would be fine, she just need to run away


sakura turn around defensively , but found its Kodama who calling her

“kodama senpai…”

“I saw you running, so I after you here.. are you okay?”

and maybe its her rough morning, or accumulation of all her morning, or its Kodama calming gentle voice… sakura find herself, crying

“sakura chan…” Kodama walk closer, and  gently sweeping the tears from Sakura face

“ sorry…i” sakura said, try her best to stopping her tears

“shhh..its okay…its okay…you can cry as much as you want” Kodama said, keep sweeping sakura tears gently

and its so nice, its so nice that it makes sakura just cry harder

“its okay sakura…its okay” kodama keep calming sakura gently, whispering kind words, until slowly, slowly but sure, sakura start calm herself down

“its okay sakura…look everything is better now right” kodama said, her voice are kind, and calming

“you can always come to me, ill listen to everything you said” Kodama gently brushing sakura hair from her face, fix them nicely

“i always looking at you sakura… i always do” kodama said gently, her finger keep kindly brushing sakura hair

“every day you having lunch in the corner of the field, It so hard to concentrate on practice, you are all i see”


“sakura…i love you”

Kodama then push sakura to the wall behind her, and kiss her.


if only sakura isn’t  in too much confusion that moment, if only she is not just drain all of her energy from crying, if only its a different morning

if only sakura could push Kodama away a second faster

a second faster before she saw murashige at the opened door, looking at them kissing. Murashige green eyes met Sakura’s. and Sakura could hear it….the sound of betrayal… like a muffled agonizing scream hang in the air..

the sound of betrayal from the person you trust the most.

— – – – —– —- —-tbc——-

across the mirror : Their World (part 2/2)

Across the Mirror : Kono Sekai (epilogue)


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