across the mirror : Their World (jurisaku OS, part 2/2)



— —- —— —– —— —- —-

A broken world….filled with broken people 

where broke people…stay broken




Murashige turn around and run back down

Sakura push Kodama away with all the energy she have left

“s-sakura I’m sorry i just–” Kodama tried to speak but Sakura ignored her and chase murashige

Sakura running as fast as her clumsy feet could run, people staring at her, but she keep running and running, search for Shige to every corner, even when her lung felt burning from the lack of oxygen, she keep running and searching, until  she heard a faint crying sound from inside the rest room in the far end of the building

“Shige–” but sakura stoping her self, and walk back out to behind the door, she find Murashige inside the rest room, crying, but some other girls are there too

“she is a nasty girl shige I’ve told you so many times, don’t befriend her!”

“we tried to stop you remember! when you arrive at class, asking what happen, beating up Jurina with your bag, and chasing that girl out”

“she probably sold her body to all of those other student, thats why they are so crazy about her”

“she must be tricked Kodama senpai too Shige, that girl have a lot of nasty trick”

“I…I tursted her” Sakura could feel her heart dropping, as she heard Murashige voice “i told her…i told her that I like Kodama senpai…but she…she”

“she must be just seducing Kodama senpai so you never been with kodama! so she could have you as her friend forever!”

“yes i bet she is !! she is so cunning!”


sakura could feel the time stop when she heard Murashige saying

“I wish she just die”

— – —– —- – —– —-

—- —— —– ————- ——- ——–

sakura dragging her feet to her locker, she had enough of that day…she had enough of school, she want to go home

her hands shaking when she open her locker,  the cleaning man still not cleaning up the rest of the love letters there and sakura abruptly taking  it out from her locker


sakura draw her hand back, a fresh big slash wound spreading bloods all over the floor from her hand… at the letters piles, she catch a glimpse of shining metal object hidden there

Sakura pressed her wounds with her handkerchief

its not her first time finding hidden blades and razors in those letters piles, it just that she is too tired  this time to avoiding it… like she always did

‘this is a broken world….filled with broken people’

sakura just left all her stuff and walk home, she don’t care…she just don’t care anymore

she arrive at her house and locked herself in her room, lean on the door as the door closed,  slowly fall on her feet

‘I’m your friend sakura! and I always will’

‘i wish..she just die’

her phone buzzing,  ‘is it shige???’sakura pick it up right away

her shaking and bleeding hand accidentally opening all the incoming notification

“sakura I want to f*ck you, you are so hot”

“die you bitch, i got dumped because of you!? you whore”

“I love you i love you i love you be mine ill kill for you ill kill myself if i cant be with you  ill rape you first then kill myself i love you i love you i love you be mine be mine!!!”

just her usual email …her usual gruesome emails… no shige…no shige anywhere

‘this is a broken world….filled with  broken people…and when people broke..they stay broken’

Sakura clutching on her knee,  crying… stop crying… and then start crying again. sakura don’t know how long its been when she start hear some noises outside her room

“eehh,  do you sure its okay if we are doing it  in you house? how is your wife? ”

“that old hag?? she never in home at this hour! no body is here! lets have some fun! we have the whole house HAHAHA ”

“ah~ ! you are so naughty”

sakura close her eyes…

I am here

I am here!

Sakura throwing her phone vigorously to the big mirror across the room, shattered it into pieces

“!!! s-somebodys here!!” the woman voice said

“s-sakura?? shit she supposed to be at school”

sakura look in silence at the shattered broken mirror, find one of the pieces reflected her own eyes back to her, she looking into her own  eyes. lost in her own reflection.

why people are….

why people are…so scary

people are scary

I’m scared…

if there are no one…no one that i could trust

then just Stay away from me !!!!!!!!!!


‘this is a broken world…filled with broken people…but while some people stay broken…some take  all the  broken pieces, and wear it back with all the sharp edges showing’


—- – – ——- ——— —- – – — —-

— — – — ————- – — – —— —— – —


sakura arrive at the school early, just like she always do

she takes one step back, before her bandaged hand open her locker, and let the stream of letters out

she entering her class room, welcomed by a sharp looks from here and there. she find Murashige  sitting on the opposite corner of the class room

their eyes met with for a second, before shige looked away with disgusted face

sakura take her seat, looking at the scenery outside, where the autumn brings million colors to the leaves … its…. a beautiful day

the teacher entered the class, and start the morning call

“why is the seat beside Miyawaki empty? is Murashige sick” the sensei asked

“start from today, Murashige would be sitting here sensei” said one girl

“yeah, that corner…its stink sensei… she couldnt stand it anymore” some girls then start  giggled

“what stink–”

“sensei! then it is okay if I sit there??”

the whole class now looking at the source of the Voice

“matsui san?” the sensei asked “you want to…?”

“its empty so can I sit there ??”

“well…um..i guess you can”

the whole class eyes following Jurina  when she casually moving  beside sakura

sakura don’t even bother to look….the leaves outside, they are beautiful

—- – —— ——– ——– ———- ——- —– —–

its lunch break, sakura look at the big tree outside, and the spot she would go every lunch time, every day, until yesterday. across the tree, soft ball team are practicing

no need to go there anymore

the class felt too tense, sakura wandered to the rooftop, pulled out her usual store bought bread, and slowly start eating

or that was her plan, when Matsui Jurina suddenly appear, sit near her, and start open her own bento

sakura looking at Jurina for a second, Jurina looking back at her, not smiling like she usually do whenever their eyes met, just…stare back…flatly

sakura just don’t care…sometimes its easier… when you just don’t care

Jurina start eating her bento in silence, and sakura finishing her bread.

some girls from their class who following Jurina to wherever she go (and some from other class who always came just to see Jurina too) watching them from a far with  resented eyes

— – —– —– – ——- —————- ——–

days passed

and its now became a routine every lunch break

that Sakura would go to rooftop, followed by Jurina, who would eat her bento in silence while sakura finishing her bread

it seems like it would going on forever, that finally some of the girls following Jurina loose their patience

“Jurina~, can you please having lunch with us? you used to always having lunch with us”

“hehe yeah, maybe next time okay?”

“eehh when?? you keep eating lunch with…with that girl”

“yes I’m having lunch with sakura now, so ill having lunch with you guys another time okay?”

“then! then we’ll gonna have lunch here with you and sakura too here!” the girls looking at sakura sharply

the girls start taking their position “give us space will you! could you move out a bit to there??”  the girls giving Sakura shoo sign with their hands “or even better, just leave us and Jurina alone!” and they start laughing

sakura about to say something, but Jurina standing so fast before she could said anything

“You are bothering us, go away”

Sakura … surprised

not that Jurina stand up for her, but … Jurina eyes, it looks… so dark

No one ever seen the forever cheerful Jurina like that before, so Intimidating… and angry… enough to make the girls scared right away, and leave them alone

Jurina back sit down, and continue eating her bento in silence

but the glimpse in her eyes still linger a bit

Sakura know that eyes

Sakura very familiar with it… she seen it every day…

the eyes Sakura would seen every day…every time she look at her own reflection …

across the mirror

Jurina sense sakura staring at her, so Jurina looking back at her. but instead of shift her eyes right away, like she always do, sakura keep looking at Jurina eyes… they keep looking at each other eyes for a while

“finally sakura…you look at me” Jurina said, smiling, only this time, sakura finally able to see it, that the smile Jurina has, under what she tough was the most happy smile she ever seen…is a sad…lonely smile

“…Matsui san”

“Sakura…have you ever…just want to scream..but knowing even when you do…nothings gonna change?”

Sakura look deeper into the eyes that gradually became darker

“that you  end up pretend everything is alright…that you keep smiling… and then you look around…to all the people that smiles with you…”

“and its all seems nice…but then once in a while…when you are alone.. you just still want to scream…louder each and every time…that you want to run away…that you want to drown your self…because all that you want is someone…is someone–”

“to found you” Sakura finishing Jurina words, and Jurina looking at sakura, like a fool forgot how to breath, realizing all you need is inhale the air…and sakura is the air

then Jurina start talking… about her abusive father, about one day, when she just come back from school, she find her mother cornered, bleeding badly… and her drunk father, holding a bloody knife. that she grab the iron bat near the door…beat her father down and take her mother run away with her

that ever since she have nightmares every night…same nightmares every single night, that her father would find them… shaking every time the doorbell rings…

the lunch break has long over, but they stay there, at the roof top, Jurina keep talking, and Sakura keep listening, their eyes find each other, like a puzzle find the last one missing pieces

when Jurina start to stop talking, Sakura start talking, about her mess up family, about how in her first year, the most popular senpai confess to her, she rejected them, and since then some girls start hating her, it just some few at first, but these girls start affecting the others, while the rest who not really hate her, prefer just minding their  own business…everyone… but murashige…was.

then she start talking…and talking… and they are keep talking…and talking

like with every second passed, they exchanged missing pieces from each other, like the other extra pieces that just make the others sharp and edgy, gashed out and  transferred to fill out the holes in the others

before neither of them realize it, the sky turned into bright golden orangish, students has come back home since long ago

“uwah its this late already!?” Jurina said

“un” sakura  still looking at Jurina face, like it would lose if she isnt staring at it… no… sakura don’t want it to gone…ever

“its cold, sakura here, wear my blazer, i wear sweater underneath, so ill be okay” Jurina open up her outer blazer, and put it on Sakura,

sakura find Jurina hands on her shoulder, and hold them to stay there

“jurina…im sorry”


“I’m sorry… I was–”

but sakura cannot continuing her words, she cant, as Jurina perfect lips is stoping her lips from speaking words she want to said, sakura remember it well… how perfect Jurina kiss is, but instead of pushing it away, this time… sakura close her eyes… and kissing Jurina back

their lips dancing with each other, but the longer it goes, the more they feel like they need more of the other, Sakura lick Jurina lower lip a bit, and Jurina smiling from between their kiss, welcoming sakura invitation,  let Sakura tongue slip inside her mouth,  and let their tongue pulling each other as closer as they could …dont want to let the other  go

when Jurina finally pull herself gently from sakura, hovering her face inches from sakura face, that sakura could clearly feel Jurina warm breath on her lips when Jurina speak

“nothing else matters anymore sakura… i’ve find you…”

“since the very beginning…since the second i look into your eyes when I walk into that class.. somehow…i know..ive find you…”

“I know I making no sense…but..i..for the first time in a very long while… i don’t feel lonely…when I look at you…i feel..a whole”

“i’ve find you…sakura… ive find you …and Im not letting you go”

and Jurina kiss her again, a long passionate kiss, with neither of them want to let the other go, they kiss, and stop to giggle, before look at each other, and start kissing again

I’ve find you… and I’m not letting you go

because in this wrong broken world… full with wrong broken people… I found you.. with all your right broken pieces… that I know would fits all my broken pieces…

we’ll put  all our broken pieces  back together .. and together…we will make one hell of  art out of it.

 from each of the broken pieces, from across the mirror.


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    1. in Epilogue Foxlichika san, hopefully ill post it in 1-2 days :3

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