Across the Mirror : Kono Sekai (epilogue, Jurisaku, OS)



=– – – – —— – – – – – — ——

My world….i beg you

stop breaking me

—— – – – – – – –

its raining, and its too cold for a morning to be

Sakura’s breath steamed in the freezing air, but its not the weather that She worried about

one of her hand holding a black tiny umbrealla, sheltering herself from the rain

while the others pushing the door bell for the third time… still no answer

Sakura waiting for another two second, before pushing the button once again

‘Please murashige…please open the door’

it was her first day at her new class, she finally a second year high school student now, tough nothing about it really joyful for Miyawaki Sakura. she arrived at her assignated class, and once she walking in, every eyes preying on her right away, followed by familiar heavy whisper in the air

she takes the far most desk in the corner, prepared to spend her boring… cruciating  days, when someone slamming themselves hard to the seat beside her, Sakura eyes reflect looking for the source of the rowdiness, then taken aback for a second, finding  a girl with brown silver hair, and beautiful green eyes, sitting next to her. before sakura could shift her obvious stare, their eyes met

“Hi, Im murashige Anna!”


“lol, of course I know you…you are famous you know”

Sakura looking around, her class mates still staring at her, and now at Murashige too, the longer murashige smiling at her, the  sharper the stares they throw at Murashige

“then…you know  its better for you to not talk to me…they..will hate you too “

Murashige raise her eyebrows so high, that her supposed to be beautiful face lose all its elegance, then laugh loudly

“Thats the most stupid thing I ever heard!”


—– — – –

Sakura pressed the door bell once again, still no answer


Sakura start gently knocking at the door, then louder, yet no answer

in her last attempt before walking away, Sakura grabing the door knob, and to her own surprise, the door is unlocked

“murashige?” Sakura called once, replied by silence.  she brace herself, and walk into the house

The house is dark and quiet

too dark and too quiet

“shige” sakura lowering her voice, compiling  the heavy silence, her steps echoing from wall to wall as she walk to shige room

“shige” sakura now whispering, she arrived at the front of Murashige room “shige?”

she gives a light push, and the door swing open

—– – – – —

“poor shige, you have to sit beside ‘the’ Sakura “

Sakura looking at the beautiful morning sky outside the window, but its hard to not over heard the girls talking, especially if they are right beside you, clearly not trying to lowering their voice, and your name constantly being said

“she’ll bring you bad luck, just left her alone”

“we saying these because we cared about you”

“that whore”

Sakura slowly stand from her seat, going to rest room now sounds like a brilliant idea, but then she heard a loud clear voice

“SHUT UP!” Murashige slamming her hands to her desk ” you know she could hear you right!??” shige said, pointing sakura

Sakura- half stand up from her chair —  not expecting herself would be dragged to be actively involved

“if anything i should stay away from, its people who are so insecure and so full of envy. if you want something, work for it! hating anyone else because whatever thing they have- and that you don’t?? lowest from the lowest!!! “

Shige then stand up, and taking half standing freezing Sakura outside the class with her

“M-Murashige san”

“… I hate weak people like them…”


—- — — —-

Sakura slowly swing the door in front of her


Sakura calling, silence once agai ….silence… that goes too long

sakura carefully walk into the room, its dark, the windows are closed, just a dim yellow light  seeping from the bathroom door, faintly, sakura could catch sound of water flowing from inside there

“shige??” sakura walk into the bathroom

the door is half open, the sound of water getting clearer as sakura open the door slowly


there, in the poorly lighted  bathroom

water flowing endlessly from the faucet, flooding from the tiny bathtub

inside, contrasting the glossy white bathtub, water, as red as fresh picked roses, as dark as evening sky, the whole bathroom smells like the ocean

and in the middle of it,



with her face…. facing down inside the bloody water

” no…no..NO!!! MURASHIGE!!!!!!!!!”


Sakura open her eyes abruptly,  tears streaming on her cheek

the morning light falling down  from her window, spread out  warmness on the room …her bedroom

Sakura still crying…every inch of her skin still creeping


— —

a dream…its so absurd how real its feel, Sakura still having goosebumps from the thought of it

Shige …


… no …

No….i don’t want to lose you!

Sakura taking her phone that just laying around on her bed, fast dialing numbers, and put the device in her ears


it feels like eternity before finally a crisp voice answering across the line


” — !!” Sakura opening her mouth, but failed to produce any sound…

‘I wish she just death’

“hello?”  the voice said again, and again sakura tried to speak, but still losing her own voice, “hellow??” the voice grow impatient, at this rate, it would be hung up at any second

sakura close her eyes, her cheek still wet from her tears

‘Sakura… ‘

‘sakura.. i am your friend..and I always will’

and before she know it, sakura find her own voice, hoarse, but sounding



“…. shige…i…im sorry”

it is a complete silence for about ten seconds, before the two girls burst in tears

= === ==========


its still a broken world

still filled with broken people

but then, she walk in

showing her own broken part, and her bright shiny smile, whispering to my ears

thats its okay to be broken, and be happy at the same time


sakura arrive at the school early, just like she always do

she takes one step back while opening her tiny locker, but as she takes a step back, Sakura bumped into something, Sakura turning her head to see whom she owe an apologize, welcomed by a dazzling sunny smile…so bright it might blinding Sakura

“hey there” Matsui Jurina standing there, beaming with her usual warm smile,  casually wrapping her arms around sakura, and gives her a quick peek on her cheek “Morning sakura” she said, with even wider smile, redefining everything sakura knows about how big a smile can be

“wow this all yours??” Jurina said while looking at the mountain of letters that pouring from Sakura locker “this makes me jealous” Jurina reach out her hand to pick up some of the letters, but Sakura quickly stoping her


Jurina look at her, and the clear awarness in Sakura face. Jurina carefully sweep the letters in the floor, find not only one, but four hidden razors there


“its okay Ju…just…lets go to class”

Jurina would be in rampage anytime, and all sakura could do is takes her hand, and drag Jurina to class

“Sakura?? is that why you have those scars in your hands???”

“c’mon Ju we’ll be late”

“I tough you are just so clumsy at cooking!! lets get back sakura!! let me find who send them! ill beat them up!!! ”

Sakura suddenly stop her hasten steps,  it looks like she’s going to yelling something, but as soon as she look at Jurina face, and find how jurina looks…so …mess the world is going to end anytime soon. Sakura takes a deep breath, and look at Jurina right in the eyes

“…its okay…really…can we just go to class? please?”

“…I would never let anyone hurt you…ever again” Jurina said, her finger gently swaying sakura hairs to behind her ears , her voice are shaking from anger ” I would…never”

its a cold morning…but for Sakura…suddenly everything are warm.

Sakura smiling.

— —

Miyawaki Sakura Dating Matsui Jurina

nothing ever makes the whole school turned like post apocalypse ever  when the news start to spread

“have you heard???”

“no way?? thats just a rumour right??”

“I saw them this morning! walking hand in hand! Jurina even kiss her in the cheek!!”

“Jurina  having lunch with her in the rooftop for some times…but I tough she just pitied her or something!”

“I tough Sakura never going to date anyone!!! she is heartless right?? right???”

the chattered going low almost right away when suddenly  Jurina and Sakura appear in that corridor, walking side by side, going to the rooftop as they always do for lunch.

its imposible to ignores how heavy the stares rained upon them, Sakura putting her usual wall up expressionless face up, while Jurina looking around, seems a bit amused, Sakura takes a glimpse of some girls that always following Jurina not far ahead, clearly standing on their way, their face looks far from friendly. Sakura looking around, looking if there any other way they could use…for heaven sake…she just want to eat her lunch

“hey sakura” Jurina calling

“yes?” Sakura stop her activity of looking other way, and turn her face to look at Ju. but as fast as lighting, as unpredicted as tropical rain, one of Jurina arm has pulling Sakura closer, and before any of Sakura gray cells could reach her brains, Jurina lips has landed once again on Sakura unsuspecting pink lips, magnificently.


just a quick one second kiss

but Jurina makes sure it look as sensual as it could be

and the impact…. are deafening


“NOO JURINA!!!! NO!!!!”


“Ju!!!! what are are you–” Sakura face is as red as tomato now

“well, we need to decrease the number of letters in your locker right” Jurina said, with perfectly innocent smile in her face


“lets go~ lets go~ im starving!”

Jurina pulling Sakura with her to the stair way,  before sakura gone with Jurina (who looks so strangely in good mood), Sakura catch a glimpse of Jurina groupies from the corner of her eyes as they easily pass them by, and from the looks on their face, Sakura would not surprised if she found a grenade in her locker tommorow

— – – – – – –

— – – –

— – – — – – — — – —

Sakura arrived with Jurina to the rooftop, find Murashige already waiting for them

“shige!” sakura called, and shige  jump to her right away, giving sakura a warm big hug, then proceed to hit Jurina’s head

“Ouch!! what is that for!!???”

“I saw you two in the corridor!! stop kissing Sakura suddenly like that kissing monster!! ask her first you stupid!”

“s-shige” Sakura turned red

“so the rumor is true” Sakura and Jurina turn around, finding another person also there

Sakura tilted her head a bit  “kodama…senpai”

“hi…um …Murashige asking me if I want to have lunch together, I hope I’m not a bother”

Sakura looking at Murashige, who suddenly really interested with how the sky looks

“of course not kodama senpai, glad to having you”

“thanks…beside…i havent properly apologize for … that day” Kodama scratching  her cheek shyly

“eh?? what?? what day???” Jurina butting in

“L-Lets have lunch !!! I’m starving” Sakura fastening her step to their usual spot

“kodama senpai kissing Sakura the other day” Shige said flatly, with evil smile plastered on her face. Sakura swore she almost regret the whole day crying with Murshige yesterday

“S-Sakura!!!???” Jurina looks like she just got slapped by a giant troll  “sakura wait??” Jurina chasing sakura who walks ultra fast to the rooftop railing with bright red face

“M-murashige san” kodama is not less blushed

“HAHAHA sakura owe me at least that much” Murashige looking at Jurina who hopeless clinging in the railing beside sakura

“…Kodama senpai… I like you”

“??!” Kodama could not hide the surprise in her face “… I…”

“its okay senpai, you don’t have to said anything now” Shige said, smiling to Kodama “but be prepared okay! I’m going to chase you with all my might!!!”

Kodama look at shige for a while, before releasing a weak smile

they look at each other, and stay like that for sometimes, before murashige decide its enough of stares already, and start jumping to Kodama

“so how if we start with a kiss??” Shige said, pulling Kodama hard to her


while Kodama trying hard running away from half russian half beast girl who so eager to kiss her

Jurina is half crying clinging on the rail beside blushing sakura


sakura look at Jurina, and her lost puppy face, that face..uhhhh… sakura lean to the railing, let out a sight.. and start telling Jurina, the day after she kissed her, about Kodama, about Murashige

when she finished her story, sakura look at Jurina once again, Jurina only look at the sky…its hard to tell what is she think

“…im sorry”

“you don’t owe me any apologize sakura”


“sakura…do you know…why people like you? why…I love you?”

thats not what Sakura expecting Jurina to say, she shakes her head

“becasuse Sakura…you are strong”

“i could hear you screaming inside from miles away, i could see your eyes reflected despair ”

“but you…just there…stand.. and strong”

“and so i wonder how could you be that strong… can I be that strong…and before I know it… I have hopelessly… falling in love, with you sakura”

and there, in the glisten on Matsui Jurina eyes, Sakura could find nothing but a raw… pure…its looks ridiculously stupid

Sakura lean closer, she really just had to kiss that stupid Jurina, who keep saying stupid things, that sending a whole zoo in her stomach

they kiss for a while

but then Jurina suddenly separating her self

“well, they said I should ask first before kiss you” Jurina said with kiddy smile, totally enjoyed the dissatisfied look on sakura face

Jurina then lean closer once again, her eyes staring sakura lips intensely while  seductively  whispering “so Sakura, may I kiss you?”

“shut up” Sakura biting her own lower lips, before pulling that stupid gorgeous devil back to her, pursuing her soft tempting lips once again, slowly at first…just to get more and more passionate, both reluctant 0f letting the other go

now that I’ve found you, I want to be beside you

your kisses are real, your warm touches are real, your smiles…they are all real

now that you are here, crossing the mirror, into my reality, into this mess up world 

and maybe…just maybe

even in this mess up world

together…with you..

maybe its okay for me…to be happy


“Hey Jurina” Sakura said when finally their lips part for a while


“I love you”

and she smiles




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4 thoughts on “Across the Mirror : Kono Sekai (epilogue, Jurisaku, OS)

  1. hahah. I like this part “Sakura catch a glimpse of Jurina groupies from the corner of her eyes, and from the looks on their face, Sakura would not surprised if she found a grenade in her locker tommorow”

    And… I like this story end beautifully. Thanks for your hardwork, author-san~


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