How Cabasuka Gakuen Should End ep 3,4,5 (Drabbles)

Episode 3

Having some trouble, Kurage could not come to work, and Nezumi have to filled in. Center then finally able to back, find Nezumi sitting in one of the couch, waiting for her

Center Kurage : *running* *ready to Hug* Nezuu~ thank you for helping!! I love yo–

Nezumi : *punch center in the face* *kick her in the guts* HOW MANY TIMES IVE TOLD YOU CENTER! STOP PLAYING AROUND AND QUIT THIS JOB ALREADY!

center : b-but *crying*

Nezu : AND WHAT WITH THAT CLOTHES ? i told you to not over do it AM I? here! wear this!! *throwing center some hoodies*

Nezu : now wait here, while I kill that sleazy old man who put you into this *taking out a chain saw from under her skirt*

Nezu went on rampage, and coz she is super smart and super Rich, she bought majisuka gakuen herself, be the head mistress, hired center as a teacher, and try to change Majisuka into elite ojou sama school. the rest of episodes are the struggle of cenNezu trying to change sakura and friends Into a proper student.

Majisuka Gakuen 6 part 2 : Great Teacher Center !


Majisuka Gakuen 6 part 2 : Teacher and headmaster! forbidden love!



Episode 4

Torigoya,  I mean Kojiharu senpai come to the rescue, helping her poor cute majisuka juniors on their new part time job

Kojiharu enters the club, shining-ly, so shining to the point they might as well use Kojiharu as a new eco-friendly power resources and turn her into a generator or something

Kojiharu : eh? not even one costumers in here? i’ll filled this club with people… in 3…2…1

dozens of Kojiharu fans : KOJIHARU SAMAAA!!! *bursting into the club*

center : all hail kojiharu! now we have so many costumer! more than we have this whole week!

Kojiharu turning Center into one of her sugar daddy, and center gladly keep feeding Kojiharu with all the food she like. Kojiharu staying in the club, the sleazy old manager try to butt groping Kojiharu once, her fans notice it and murder the manager in the spot right away. Kojiharu takes over the management, the club getting super success, they save the school. and live happily ever after



Episode 4 B

Center find mysterious girl in front of the club

center : you are *taking her glass and cap off* You are majisuka graduate right!??

black : *whisper whisper*

center : did you said something?

black : …i … am ….maji graduate…. AND HOW DARE YOU TOUCH MY FACE LIKE THAT!! IM YOUR FREAKING SENPAI!!!!

black beat center badly, Nezumi happen to pass by and witness the scene, “N-Nezu!! help!!” center plead, Nezumi comes right away, but then she find out its her Yukirin i mean black i mean yukirin who beat center, Nezumi think for a while, then end up helping black beat up center instead. “N-Nezu????!!!!” center got into hospital, the cabasuka girls left astray without centers guide, realize that they are totally not cut to be a hostess, decide to quit, and just give up trying saving the school…its not that worthy anyway



episode 5

Black Yukirin appear on the club (but heavily denied she is the ‘black’ from Majijo) , and requesting  Sakura Same company almost right away

Same : ahh… thank you for requesting me! um…how did you know me?

Black : …from…website… i think you are very cute

Same : *blush* ehhh thank you… (every CBS Shippers die)

Black : …

Black : okay I lie, my husband came here a lot and she always requesting you

Same : ??!

Black : bitch… NOW PREPARED TO DIE!

*epic battle of Sakura vs Black*

nothing could top that so…

The End


episode 5 b

Same : ahh… thank you for requesting me! um…how did you know me?

Black : …from…website… i think you are very cute

Same : *blush* ehhh thank you…

Black : okay i lied, my husband came here a lot and she always requesting you

same : eh…’she’?

Black : huh? don’t tell me she came here dressing as a man again??

same : huh???

Black :  and she also always wearing special make up when she dress as a man?? to the point of unrecognized!  why?? she is very beautiful !! well…cant help it… she never sane from the beginning

same : what are you- ??

*a costumer entering the club* *its black husbando*

Black : oh she is here!! OIII GEKII!!! come here!!! you crazy little girl!!

Same : THATS GEKKIKARA SENPAI UNDER COVER??????????? *lighting strikes*

then everyone dies in surprise

THe end


Episode 5 C


Black Yukirin chasing her husbando, grabbing a fork, totally gonna kill that ungrateful piece of trash (cmon dude you are married to yukirin and you are cheating??? DIE!! Mayu will kill you herself!!)

sakura tried to chase and stoping Yukirin

Sakura Same : *running lamely*

Jurina kurage : *catching Sakura same*

Same : K-Kurage san ?

Kurage : same… wait

Jurina and sakura : *intense stare*

Jurina and sakura : *times feel like it got slower*

Jurina and sakura : *the atmosphere just so right*

Jurina : *releasing Sakura same awkwardly* lets just watch them from afar

every Jurisaku shipper cannot believe what they just saw, how dense this drama could be? how could those moment could end without a kiss?? Jurisaku shippers combine their despair  into a ninjutsu, forming a magnificent tornado, swept the entire cabasuka production crews away from this world, replacing their place, and retake the scene, this time… Jurina could kiss her bride… i mean sakura. and live happily ever after.

The End


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