Jurisaku tofu date : further Investigation

so…. finally

finally!! they release a longer video of Miyawaki sakura and Matsui Jurina wrestling date  … and ooooooohhh goshhhh (full video link : road to WIP 6)

just look at them


first…just look at how sakura instinctively turn herself to Jurina for protection instead of shimada  when she scared oh goshhhhh

jurina should really really just hug and calming Sakura in here ..like REALLy… coz if anything could turn Matsui Jurina attention from her sudden obsession to wrestling match these days,  …is just the one and only… MIYAWAKI SAKURA herself!

Jurina : yeiiiii YEahhhhh *glance at sakura* err…is s-sakura take a picture of me? *nervous* err no? okay … errhhm *yelling louder* YEAHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH

Jurina is soooo into this match… seriously really really into this match that she literally cries over this! but still, Jurina the sudden wrestling maniac, cant help to checking on  the cute Hakata girl  beside her once in a while, even in the middle of the heated match ! just look at her glancing at sakura so cutely there… awwwwww

and and and

okay this one might need an intermediate shippers level, I’m totally impressed by the one who actually find this (thank you for tag me :’D)


pay attention between 00.05 – 00.06, to the two small figures in the left corner of the screen, wearing red-yellow towel … you see it yet?? have you see it??? yes…my friend

its matsui Jurina sama hugging Sakuraaa when she is scared !

no no no its not over yet! how about this one :

explain this to me??? especially the last gif, please ..please explain this to me????

explain all those unmistakably  glances Sakura throw all the time,but cant stand more than 2 second to look at Jurina? after all this time you two spend together?? plese please explain that to me coz my hipper head is taking control and all i can see… is LOVEEEEEEEEEE…people look at they crush just the SAME WAY…okay maybe its just an adoration …. but maybe ..just maybe…. ITS LOV– okay sorry for that..erhhhmmm


Jurina : *cries her eyes out*

sakura : *looking* errr…are we supposed to cry

Jurina : *cries harder*

Sakura : err o-okay just follow senpai lead *cries too*

okay forget the lame jokes :’) I’m just got really excited, i mean! sakura look at Jurina cry…and clearly taking that as example…i mean, tbh, the only reason sakura would cry here is only because Ju cry, like seriously, i would be happy enough if sakura don’t cringe to all those cheesy stuff Jurina do (oh Ju..i love you but… you could be really cheesy sometimes :’D) but further, Sakura is ackwologing Jurina decision and set it as an example to follow

sakura really is looking up too Jurina, added the fact that Miyawaki Sakura Sama probably proven guilty of  stalking Jurina twitter, at least once; remember when  Jurina avatar  appear at Sakura SR ? and sakura said she knows it Jurina avatar; coz she saw it on Jurinaah twitter, the same SR she is fan girling about Jurina acting ability, and how she watch Ju SR sometimes with random avatar, just making it more funny when sakura get caught just few days latter when appearing on Jurina SR with her new official avatar (probably forgot she had special avatar now, and run away when Ju notice her lol)

ah Sakuraaa, just confess your love alreadeeeeeeh .. i mean just be friend with Ju …already

stop torturing us, have mercy on our shippers poor heart


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