Sweetly Bitten (Jurisaku OS by screening soul, Rated M)

oh dear mother of fan fiction ,

Jurisaku fan fiction by screeningsoul

(full version on https://screechingsoul.wordpress.com/2017/01/09/1256/)


Caressing the nape of her neck.

Gazing intensely at her,

Captivating the soul of her mind.

The cold breath move around on her bare skin,

The piercing bite on her tender sensuous flesh.

Savouring the sweet taste of her blood,

Consuming the nectar of her life.


It was at that very moment Miyawaki Sakura entered the room. The young lady’s coffee-colored eyes lit up at the sight, stopping only for a moment to ensure the door behind her hung open just ajar.

Sakura glided like a nymph toward the slide open wall window, skirts fluttering about her, pink as the cherry blossom petals with sheer overlay brushing upon the white marbled floor.

Her skin shone in the moonlight. It was soft and fair but with a hint of rose that brought the room to life when she smiled. For without her, the room was just that, a bunch of…

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