Pra ANN SP Showroom (english sub)




the amount of Jurisaku throwing glances at each others!!

and what with that meaningful look Jurina throw to sakura??? when Rika like all over herself????? like the heck.. like like she is saying with her eyes “sakura, look at all these girls falling for me muahahaha join my harem” ??!!!! and and what is this?? sakura is fan girling jurina and… and throwing smile wildly??? i kid you not even on the 2 hours ANN after this SR… sakura is keep throwing smiles to Jurina???? like … idk … coz if you notice before??? this saku saku kamen would avert her eyes when she met someone else  ESPECIALLY JURINA SENPAI, but what the heck in this?? like… she cant stop stole glances to Jurina like heck sakura is this really you??? what did i miss?? is it because of the midnight??? or  is it the full moon???  i mean… okay i see enough of you two fan girling each other on Showroom recently especially after tofu pro wrestling drama airing, and every time in SR, sakura watching Tofu Pro, and Jurina appear on the freaking drama and sakura will be like “Jurinaaa so cool” (I’m death) and in the mean while on Jurina SR, Jurina watching the same tofu pro episode and when sakura appear be like “so cute… sakura” (I’ve been killed again on my grave) . but but ??  t-this????

sakura being in tofu pro wrestling and finally able to made friends in akb (finally~ I’m glad for u sakuraaa) like Yuihan and Mion also super helpful in this situation, look how charming sakura here!! and the rest of members there are Jurina well known hard core fans like Rika and mururun…like.. the heck is this setting?? the heck is this ANN???

well done Jurina… i think …sakura has made her mind to be honest… that she is all over yourself??

i really just have to sub this

and of course its blocked in some country so this is the DM link :



meanwhile on the ANN after

(tumblr post)

nice try sakura…nice try….KEEP TRYING!!! GO GO GO!!


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