Jurina x harupi (tofu pro wrestling FMV)

coz this is 2017 and people ship jurisaku and Sakuruppi and Juriruppi and idk what would happen to my attempt on writing akb48 fanfic :’D

Matsui Jurina SKE48 (Hollywood jurina) x Kodama haruka AKB48, HKT48 (Emerald Haruka) Tofu Pro Wrestling Power Stone Fan Made Video

song : to the end of the road_boys II men_ cover by_panther entertaiment

AKB48 drama

really obsessed with Tofu pro wrestling these days


2 thoughts on “Jurina x harupi (tofu pro wrestling FMV)

  1. Thats amazing video so much.. like more reality, but somehow i imagine if Haruppi is sakura heheheee
    Why so serious juriruppi shipper :3


    1. ….now i start imagine kodama is sakura too and almost have a legit nose bleed, lol, idk why but i really like Jurisaku too!! i made this one for a friend, and Im thinking of making a Jurisaku version from tofu pro too (i mean… look at all those Jurisaku scene in that drama!!!) ill wait till last episode thou for the Jurisaku one


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