AKB48 ANN SP highlights (english sub)

I do not own the video and sound. property and rights go to AKS.Co,Ltd.
original video credited to Showroom-live.com
from Showroom all night nippon (ANN) Special, february 22, 2017 (02222017) of japanese idol group AKB48 group
ft. Miyawaki sakura (akb48, hkt48), Matsui Jurina (ske48), Yokoyama Yui (akb48), Mukaichi Mion (akb48), Shiroma Miro (NMB48) and Nakai Rika (NGT48)

all night nippon is AKB48 official Radio broad cast


more Jurisaku on SR please…


daily motion



this translation is a wrap up, so not an exact trans, and I just kinda sorted some part to make it easier.

-Jurina talking about her memory of Kojiharu : to be exact, she actually talking about how she quickly remembering all of Miichan part in such sort of time

– Yui talk about sakura scream AAchan part : its not the refrain, its the very first part of manatsu sounds good : “”SANOIRU senaka ni nutte to~” and  they actually talking about when sakura ride a jet coaster(?) with Yui, on some event you asked naachan before, and sakura looks so scared, but also cute and all, but then manatsu sounds good played or perform nearby then BAM.

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