how to post AKB48 video on Youtube without copyright strikes


so its spring break here!

but since its still extremely cold (its even snowing here in new york… ikr…yeah global warning so not real)

i decide to spend it by experimenting on posting AKB videos in youtube, but without getting any copyright strikes (hehehe …oh yes… i can)

Youtube is the largest search engine in the world after google… you read me right… after the google. no any platform would be more stable to promote those dork AKB48 girls better than youtube

but any of you who familiar with posting AKB48 videos on youtube must know this : it’s hell is super strict on copyright, posting any AKB related video would almost resulted on copyright strikes immediately, especially if you are living in countries like US or australia

in the meanwhile, all those kpop and even Keyakizaka who operate under sony music, could easily found on this platform. this makes a great difference on fandom growth, with AKB48 at disadvantages


however…. it seems like, its not always the case

of course this is not a problem if you know how to encode a video (which is so complicated i wish i learn to do it someday) but in the mean while,

and here is my spring break report  on AKB videos vs Youtube :

Videos that in grey area :

videos that fall into this category, would be able to be posted on youtube without getting blocked :

  1. showrooms
  2.  random variety shows that not belong to AKS or TV (sometimes these girls attending some small net shows, these are okay)
  3. lyrics video (without original music video) for this one, read NB below

however, extra safety are needed to ensure copyright strikes free :

A.makes sure to put disclaimer on the description box : write something like “i do not own any of this video. video copyrights belong to or etc” youtube will leave your video alone, sometimes even the copyrighted one.

B. makes sure no AKB songs are played on the video : like as OST, or background music, even just a tiny bit of it would get us strikes

C. cut it! : use only some of the video you need, and cut all the unnecessary scene (the shorter the video you use from the original the better)

D. Edit (tentative) : then, only if you can, do also one or all of these following : put on some tittle screen, add some Back ground music, flipped the video, or put effect on.

NB: use akb48 song as a background music or lyrics video (without original music video on it) sometimes would be okay as long a credit to is put on description (point A), highly cut and edited (point C and D) .I try this and its okay, with one video video blocked in some countries coz i hardly edit it (which fine by me, its not affecting my youtube channel at all)

Videos that would absolutely got copyright strikes:

no matter what you do, dispersed it, cut it, smaller resolution. these videos would absolutely got strike down :

  • every scene from official variety show by AKS or owned by TV station (akbingo, akb show, Majisuka Gakuen etc)
  • every stage performance
  • every concert performance
  • every music video
  • every video (like SR or ANN) that contain AKB songs

these videos would guaranteed got shoot down


as the title of this post suggest : there are ways to post these material without get any copyright strikes

  1. do all the A,B,C step above : for some video (like those akbingo scene, sometimes this are enough)
  2. Never use full length video : again cut it, use only some of the original video
  3. turn it into FMV or fan made video, by adding other scene from other video : eg. posting a kimi wa melody MV by just only removing or change the sound would totally still get you strike. you need to add at least two other scene from other video in random order.
  4. turn it into compilation video by mix it with other scene from other video .e.g : sakura miyawaki sport compilation video(don’t look for it it doesn’t exist lol), matsui Jurina danso compilation video, watanabe mayu funny moment compilation video, etc etc


How if we still get copyright strikes ???

sometimes even after following all these, you would still got copyright strikes.

if its just restricted to some countries kind of strikes. leave it its okay

but if its copyright strikes removed from all country. you have to quickly :

1. file a dispute ! 

from your video, access the video manager button (its located below the video) . you’ll find the list of your video, and on the right side of it, the video copyright status. click on the video copyright status (blocked, blocked in some countries, etc), on the next page, on the bottom right click file a dispute. 

next step is choose the :
My use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws.

then explain something like : This video is fair use under copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work

(more detail :

however this is rarely works. what it does, is giving you more time before got a copyright strikes. they’ll give you a notice in 1-2 days after dispute claimed and if your dispute not accepted : —


if you removing your video fast enough, your account would not got a strike (which max only 3 times in 3 month before they put your account down)

video example :

this video is left on youtube and still got no copyright strikes

  • its from showroom which is on grey area video
  • its have copyright credited to aks and showroom on description
  • its edited : its cut (only 15 min from 2 hours video are used), its mirrored, and additional sound track added to it

example 2 :

this Jurina x haruppi FMV actually banned from youtube

  • even thou its FMV, its only use pure Tofu pro wrestling material. which a copyright material from TV asahi japan.
  • this video need to be mixed with other video for it to be able to be posted on you tube
  • or it need to be cut into shorter video, this one simply use too long original material from one source

NB : — well sometimes its discouraging after spend so much time editing a video but it end up removed from youtube. i like to post all my videos on daily motion too. it got just like 1/10 from total views in youtube, but! it is more copyright friendly, and I use it as a video storage, if I want to try edit it again to youtube standard, all i need is download it again from dailymotion (with daily motion video downloader that can be found online).

—- its cringy, but its always help to use click bait kind of video title on youtube

this post a bit different than my other post, but i hope i helps somehow

peace out



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  1. RE: AKS
    We can usually work to change society using peaceful methods.
    However the founding fathers — Adams, Jefferson, Washington — have also taught us that sometimes there a need for revolution and to take up arms against unjust tyranny.


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