Miyawaki sakura sports compilation (FMV)

the truly gifted in sports-in her way: Miyawaki Sakura (Sakuratan) , AKB48 HKT48. Japanese Idol

scenes are from :
AKB48 dai undokai 2015
AKB48 group ad undokai 2016
MoMM episode 17 モム (2016-02-29)
Sashi Kita Gassen (HKT48 vs NGT 48) Episode 4 and 7
AKB to XX episode 57
HKT48 Mahou Shoujo Gakuin

oh also i kinda make this a day before


4 thoughts on “Miyawaki sakura sports compilation (FMV)

  1. Saku-chuaaan just look at jyurina!! The sporty idol hehe..
    Btw jurisaku Wcenter in 48th single AKB48 right? Im so glad to hear it 😀


  2. Oh may for PV can be like that cause this song is same feel like graduation song or sakura’s season song ehhehe.. and actually jurina-san reject to be AKB center, knows she not kennin in AKB anymore right? but AKS forcing her. Cause for increasing SKE popularity.. so~ I hope jurisaku can respect for each other :3


    1. if the management think Jurisaku are the choice to make more people to love AKB group, then so be it. btw… i heard the pv shoot on Okinawa, okinawa = beaches = … b-bikini single (okay brain…stop…stop!)


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