oh and a bit about “dance” fanfic series. Its ended

it is my first fanfic series

and i really thankful for it, coz the concept of the fic is a “real-time event”, writing it made me gathered a lot of info about AKB48, and made me discover much much fun things, find other fans… and much much more

the FIc made it into one year rotation… lol.. i didn’t even now a fic could be run for a year, now that i think about it….its kinda amazing

as for Jurisaku, when I first start write the “dance” series, it was so unfamiliar to pair Jurisaku that the comment left for the fic is like:

“nice fic, strange pair thou”

“i like it, but jurisaku would never happen”

and things like that lol

(I later found out there actually a greater amount of Jurisaku shippers, but thats another story)

and it was really just a one shot at first! i mean, look at the first chapter (with all the grammar mistake and clumsiness still attached on it), its really doesn’t require a continuation

but it does

and keep does

and suddenly its a year, and i write a chapter to commence the Fic anniversary (fic Anniversary…pfftt…lol)

and on that said anniversary chapter, i did wrote

“this fic would be updated if something jurisaku happen in Fandom”

what is even bigger than this???

that JURISAKU IS A WCENTER FOR akb48 48th single!
so i was rushing to my laptop trying to type another chapter

i cant
after 10 whole minutes just stunning in front of a blinking cursor on an empty page…
heck yeah


the fic, doesn’t want to continue

dance was a weekly series, and how its done… was I- just sit in front of my laptop every thursday night… gathered some newest info of AKB G…and the words just come by itself… it does. that fic… it wrote itself

but its not happening today… even when i try..  not even now I have established myself to follow the group comfortably….nope, i cant made it

i knew..that fic- with it clumsy grammar and fluffy plot- want to end itself
Jurisaku- is now a double center _ this is …. a new era, and Jurisaku deserve better than a half assed continuation chapter from half death series
wether is it from me, or other respectable author, jurisaku deserve a fresh fresh fanfic
this is a one year fanfic, and one year is a nice round up right


thank you for remind me to post this here too





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