Jurisaku Fanfic : Red Blue Black _ intro : AKB48 48th Single Center

— ———-

The sun shines brightly that day, but the air still feels freezing

the spring comes too late this year

Miyawaki Sakura shiver a bit when the breezy wind blows towards her, as she open her front door, ready to start her day

“beep beep!”

a low honk from a black minivan. Like every single morning, AKB48 carpool has awaits her to hop inside, to start her day as one of the most popular idol in Japan.

Sakura smile to the car and hasten her steps, only to immediately slow it down, the car door automatically opened, and her eyes catch the glimpse of someone already sit inside

Sakura never seen a mountain of gold, but she could perfectly imagine, that it would shine as bright as the smile the one in the car beams towards her

“good morning, sakura” the one talk with her smile

“good morning… Jurina”

Sakura avert her eyes from the shiny smile, her own smile has reduced to half. she take the seat in the corner back, far from Jurina. Put on  her earphone even before she touch the seat, spend the rest of the ride looking down at her phone.

Matsui Jurina, watching the other girl from the corner of her eyes,  has no intention to broke anything the hakata girl try to built between them. Jurina gently brush her golden hair back, spend the rest of the trip looking outside the window… her mind, went by wondering on its own

—- —- —— —————————-

“AKB48 48th single… Matsui Jurina and Miyawaki Sakura, WCenter! congrats!”

Jurina spilled her drink a bit when her manager told her that

“Wcenter?? but… but I am a full SKE48 member now… i…i cant… ”

was Jurina first reaction, the SKE48 ultimate ace later would officially try to decline the position, yet the idea quickly dismissed by the management. after all, AKB48 has long became AKB48 group.

this is the first AKB48 Wcenter single since green flash

and the other pole of the newest single center, is the AKB48 group cinderella, HKT48 black horse. Miyawaki Sakura.

— — —— ——–

Jurina take another peek from the corner of her eyes to the Kagoshima girl, who is still busy with her phone. Jurina open her mouth as about to say something, but end up left it only half open, and close it again… looking back to the window

—- — — —

“conrats on wcenter Jurina!”

Kodama Haruka said cheerfully, when they meet on the sets of AKB48 drama; Tofu Pro wrestling, where Haruppi is casted as Jurina partner

the Sakae ace getting along really well with Kodama right away, and soon the two ace became a good of friend

“thank you Haruppi”

“its with sakura right?”

“it… is…”

“eh? why the unsure? they change sakura ??”

“ahahha no, it is with … Sakura” the sakae ace scratching her nose “ah erm…Haruppi! you are in a very good term with sakura right? you must be happy for her ”

Kodama face reddened a bit before she slowly answer “well… we are in a same group”

Jurina could feel her stomach clenched a bit  as the memories back to her, without she even realize, her eyes once again took a curios glimpse to the other girl in the car

— — — —

a cinderella girl that never even a center on her own group, who comes from the sideline of a young sister group

Miyawaki sakura

—- —

“so Jurina…you gonna spend a lot of time with Sakura from now on?”

“Um….guess so”



Kodama Haruka look straight to Jurina eyes

“please take care of her will you, please take care the girl that I love”

— —- — —- —-

Jurina remember she was laugh a bit, wait for Kodama to said she was joking, but she never does, the two only look at each other for a while, until Jurina realize, her friend never meant it as a joke

— ——— ———

Sakura has fall asleep on her seat, the SKE48 ace who bored of stealing glances, really cant control her curiosity to her other center, take the opportunity to boldly looking at the hakata girl face…..the sun light fall nicely on her sleeping face, her lips a little parted, makes Jurina smirk a bit, because the hakata girl looks kinda stupid now. yet… Jurina find that her self cant stop staring at the stupid face

‘miyawaki …. sakura’

the car runs slowly, and the sakae ace eyes rest comfortably on the other face

5 minutes….

10 minutes……

minutes passes

”…. are you plan to staring me until we arrive? Jurina san?” eyes still closed, yet crystal clear voice. Miyawaki sakura spoke calmly, her tone, however, clearly displeased

Jurina jumped a bit, that the Hakata girl has awake, but quickly regain her calm, Sakura slowly open her eyes, and Jurina throw the other girl the best smile she can form

“you are awake?”

“your stare wakes me up. please…. stop it”


they look at each other for a while. Jurina with her smile, and sakura with her cold expressionless eyes, until sakura turn her face around, try back to her slumber

“…hey ….sakura”


“sakura….you never tell me”


“you never tell me….why did you break up with me”


“….Sakura….i still love you…you know that”

Sakura not moving an inch, and Jurina cant take it anymore. her heart demanded to be freed from the suffocated feeling that makes her dying, every single beat it takes… every single beat it takes since Sakura left her

so Jurina move to the seat beside sakura, felt the weight shifted her seat, sakura turn her face around, only to meet Jurina daring lips…. kissing hers.


Sakura try to push Jurina away, but Jurina catch Sakura arms midway, and pined them up to the cold darkened window, her lips, keep striving – roaming on Sakura stiff lips. Jurina sustain her kiss for another two seconds, before she felt something warm, and wet, on the corner of her kiss

Jurina releasing sakura… to find that sakura, is crying

“…sakura… I….” Jurina raise her hand to wipe the tears, but she met Sakura eyes… a sharp hurtful eyes… makes Jurina stop her hand in the air

“…i… im sorry”

the sakae ace shift slowly back to her own seat, in that empty mini van, she can hear sakura unsteady breath, mixed with low sobs. if Jurina heart was suffocated her to dying, it is now stabbing her chest with real physical pain…a pain so real -Jurina wonder why she is not bleeding, or die yet.

Jurina back staring outside the window, with her eyes stubbornly keep stolen glances to the other girl, that now crying…because of her. Jurina holding her own tears to not falling, despite all of the pain on her chest. stolen glances, despite every cells of her brain tell her to stop, her eyes helplessly… longing to the girl she loves.

to Miyawaki Sakura

—— tbc——


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