Jurisaku Fanfic : Red Blue Black / Chapter 1 : Red

her shadows, are everywhere

in the twilight skies

across  the mirror in the empty dance practice room

reflected by the night traffic lights

Sakura presence, followed Jurina… every inches Jurina go

it  was all begun when Sakura selected as a Wcenter with watanabe Mayu on Kibouteki Refrain, and suddenly, the Sakae ace see the Hakata girl almost every time she have a job with the main group, a girl she barely know exist before.

sakura was always looks nervous… and extremely cute, and Jurina… lol… Jurina was just following her so called kissing monster instinct…

It was on one rainy day, when they happen to be alone in the dressing room

Jurina just … kiss her… just like that. just like Jurina did mindlessly to who knows  how many cute beings she encounter- well…there are reasons why she is called a kissing monster

so there, Jurina lips, against Sakura’s

it is of course not Jurina first kiss, not even for that day

jurina think it would just be another playful kiss

but that day something, something is off… no… something is add up

when Jurina finally pulling herself, Jurina can still feel the tremble she felt on Sakura’s lips, yet Sakura eyes… it just…looking straight back at Jurina….and something about it, something about those eyes, has taken something inside of Jurina

and Jurina found herself, drifted slowly, to once again wanted to feeling Sakura heat. Jurina stop just a few inch, to see Sakura face, Jurina can clearly see the other girl is trembling… but her eyes…that one straight clear eyes, is so daring…and inviting

and so Jurina kiss her again

and maybe again

Jurina dont remember

because for Jurina, it feels like she is still kissing her until this day

that their lips never being parted

some kisses, are eternal

— —- — ———–

—       ———– —————————

its another freezing day, grey clouds forming in the sky. sakura could smell the rain would soon accompany her day as she walks out her door

a low honk from a black Minivan awaits her, but sakura waited her steps

the car door opened

“good morning Miyawaki san!”

“sakuratan, morning!”

a bunch of AKB members already inside

“good morning Mion, good morning Yuihan” Sakura reply the greet while hop inside

“Saachan! good morning!” Kodama Haruka lit a bit, as she see Sakura entering the car, pat the empty seat beside her

sakura smile, and take the seat Kodama offer her, right beside the window in the far corner, her favorite spot. what a coincidence the spot is empty, almost like Kodama reserving it for her

Kodama start telling her something about HKT next performance, but Sakura find it hard to really catch up, as her eyes relentlessly screening the van…

she is not here today

Sakura tough it would be easier to breath when Jurina is not around

who is she fools,

its hard to breath, every single breath she takes

every single breath after Jurina is gone

— —– ——-

Sakura always admiring Jurina,  at least, thats how sakura  always convince herself. But the truth is, Sakura always in love with Jurina

it is just so easy, to fall for Matsui Jurina

Sakura was just a little girl, who just joining a new formed AKB48 sisters group HKT48. it was AKB group concert. sakura  was watching from the small gap in the backstages curtain, waiting for her turn, when suddenly upbeat song played, and the audience roaming with a deafening hysteria, like magic, the gigantic stadium immediately snapped into golden by thousand hundreds of orange light sticks, as SKE48 members pouring into the stage

there, in the middle of those majestic chaos, SKE48 young ace stand magnificently, Sakura would never really believe that the Ace just a year older than her. Matsui Jurina striking, almost magically, in the middle of SKE48 tornadoes, centering it. Heating up all the oranges into a Red

Miyawaki Sakura never seen something more beautiful ever in her life

her eyes captured it all, while her heart… ever since that day, Sakura poor heart  has multiple it beats whenever Matsui Jurina around

but she was just Sakura, Sakura from a nowhere youngest AKB48 sister group, not even that group ace

while Jurina, the Prodigy idol Jurina, not only already  the ultimate ace of SKE48 since she was 11 (11? sakura cant even hold her chopstick right when she was 11), by the time Sakura first joining the AKB48 main line up during UZA, Jurina has already established as AKB48 group strongest next gen ace right after Watanabe Mayu

Sakura never raise her hopes. After all, every time she look at the mirror, all that reflected back is a kiddie looking girl, cute….but kiddie, with big ears, and big eyes.

so there she was, keeping a comfortable distance, knowing her place.

Years past, Sakura’s limbs grow longer, her hair getting shorter, puberty hit sakura right. Sakura  doesnt look kiddie anymore, only the cuteness left. she grown into a fine girl, and Sakura magnificently striving higher into the AKB group main formation

more job with the main group, more work with Jurina, each and every time, her heart -unlike how she imagine would get used to Jurina presence, in reverse, beats more and more faster. her body even develop a new symptom; an invisible boxer would punch her stomach, whenever the young SKE ace fooling around, kissing other members, living up her Kissing monster title

yet sakura always there,  try to ignore her wild heart beat, keeping her distant, secretly watching over  Jurina from afar  like others thousand hundreds of  Jurina’s fan girls

and thats all she think it would ever be

but thats not how the strange fate that bound these two young member works

Sakura got more and more job with Jurina, each and every times her ranks up, more and more these jobs coming, more and more specific each and every time,

not so long ago all she can is looking at Jurina’s back. suddenly, since she don’t know when, Jurina is right beside her, again…and again

and the closer Jurina is, the more deathly she affected Sakura poor heart, to the point sometimes its painful. When they dance, and Jurina is right beside her, Sakura really have to modified the choreography so that she don’t have to accidentally touch Jurina. Sakura is 100% sure she would die from a direct impact of Jurina touch.

but more and more job they have together keep coming

Jurina eyes that was never able to lay on her, now constantly on her

and suddenly that day, on one rainy day in an empty dressing room

Sakura just finish taking her stuff from the locker,  when the dressing room door shrieked open. Sakura’s heart jump a beat as she notice who just enter the room. it is her, Matsui Jurina.

Sakura bow her head a bit to greet the Sakae ace, begging her heart to stop beating so fast, Sakura try to close her locker door hastily, but her locker pick that time from all the time in the world to stuck and wont close properly

She try despreatly to close the stuck locker,  an easy task, if only every inch of Sakura not too overly aware with Jurina presence in the room

“are you okay?”

Sakura swear her soul jump out from her body a bit, when suddenly she found the Sakae ace already standing beside her

“is the door stuck?” the Sakae ace ask

Sakura try to nod, but due to her nervousness, her head making a move that could only be described as a hungry chicken-kind of move, sakura mentally slam her head into invisible wall for looking so stupid in front of the Jurina

“hmm..i think you should lift it up a bit…like this…and there you go!”

Jurina closing Sakura’s locker door with no problem at all

“t-thank you Jurina! i mean Jurina san! i- i mean Matsui Sama(??)”

Sakura tattered some more unclear words before decide to bite her nervous lips and just bow, congrats herself for making Jurina think she must be retarded or something, determine to just drown herself in the nearest lake she could find on her way home

Sakura bowing to the Sakae ace, and when she lift her head back up, Sakura could catch the mischief glisten on Jurina eyes

Sakura just silently watch, wondering will her heart would actually jump out off from her chest with all the crazy beating, when the Sakae ace, Slowly but sure,  keep hovering closer, and closer

and a kiss start it all



4 thoughts on “Jurisaku Fanfic : Red Blue Black / Chapter 1 : Red

    1. hehehehe they are! the setting in this fic is Jurina merely seeing Sakura as a cute little kid from HKT48 back then (not to mention Jurina is the center and sakura was….far…farrrrr behind the formation) so… i think it nice to set the beginning at kibouteki where the two up in front rows 😉


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