Red Blue Black : Chapter 2_ Blue

Chapter 2 : Blue

Gentle tapping sounds start hitting the car window, where Miyawaki Sakura rest her head. The car she ride a bit stuck in the traffic, while rain start to fall

Its quiet in the car, most of the members -just like Kodama beside her- has fall asleep. Only Kizaki Yuria still sounds lively,  flirting with both Renacchi and Naochan, giggling and Smiling happily


Sakura don’t remember when is the last time she smile like that

Now the one who used to make her smile, only makes her cries at nights. It is broke Sakura pride, to find she cant do the simplest things like smiling the same way… without Jurina around. Cant really smile without Jurina.

Sakura shift her eyes  back from the flirty Yuria to the scenery outside, watching how the rain paint everything into blueish grey

—— —— —- —–

It was started with an eternal kiss

And it’s never end

Jurina and Sakura soon find their way together

Jurina is the type that would casually express her love.  Sakura would soon occasionally find a ‘morning my love’ massage on her phone when she wake up in the morning. Or, out of nowhere, the sakae ace would abruptly say ‘I love you sakura’, at times even followed by a bold kiss attempt, never minding dozens of other people around them, or how red she made Sakura face is.

The more Jurina and Sakura knows each others, the more they know they are nothing like each other

Sakura is the type who really find it hard to say something cheesy like ‘I love you’.

 Its not that Sakura love jurina less, it just that Sakura is the type who really take word extra seriously. For sakura, there are levels for affections, and love is the top of them all.

It was not until Kuchibiru be my baby PV, when Sakura and jurina shoot their running scene together. There is Jurina, right beside her… looks gorgeous as ever with her hair tied, wearing those sport get up, sun shine to her smile, and everything… everything just feels right…. and Sakura just kind of slip it off her lips…

“Jurina… I love you…”

Sakura remember how Jurina eyes is widen, and how the sakae ace abruptly throw her self to Sakura, try to kiss her with all the cameras still pointing at them, makes the director and all the crews tilt their head, looking at the two curiously  (Sakura face never got more red ever than that day).

— —– —– —

“I…love you Ju….”

Sakura jolted a bit from her seat, notice she accidentally spoke her mind out loud. Sakura looking around in panic. Kodama still sleeping beside her, and the others busy with themselves, seems like nobody noticing her at all

Sakura sighed in assurance,  leaning back to her seat. looking back to the rain outside as it getting harder.

— —

The more they know each other, the more different they know they are. Yet, strangely, the more closer they feel they want to be

Sakura wardrobe is everything girly and fluffy, decorated with laces and sashes of pastel colors

Jurina choice of clothes are mostly black,  matched with the brightest color she can find

Jurina is extremely gifted in sports,  awesome on every single sport she lay her hands on

Sakura is…gifted in sports too…in reversed way

everyone who look them somehow have to be a bit curious, something  just so magnetic when they  smile to each other

Maybe that is what happen when a two different pole met each other, they attracted each other, and people around them

They are the south to each others north

They are the red to each others blue

Jurina love to crushing on Sakura’s tokyo apartment. She do it almost every time they have an over night job together in Tokyo, which mean, very often

Sakura never said it, but despite the Sakae ace would cling on her the entire night, and likes to randomly kissing her, Sakura secretly waited for those days. Sakura loves it more than anything; to waking up find Jurina sleeping next to her,  tracking every inch of Jurina face with her eyes, waiting for the Sakae ace to slowly open her eyes. Watching how Jurina face  brighten immediately when their eyes met, as Jurina greet her a good morning with a sexy sleepy voice, and a purest kind of smile

They do fight

They fight a lot

Always end up with sakura win the argument, but then lost to Jurina sad puppy face. end up make out in the nearest private place they could sneak into

The time they spend together is addicting

Their love is addicting

— —- —– ——— —-

Sakura have to record a Tofu pro wrestling episode that day

The time they arrived on the location, its pouring rain really hard. The AKB members carefully hop outside the car, walking fast with their umbrella to inside the recording building.

Sakura walk side by side with Haruppi, Haruppi telling her a story about how fun it was in HKT theater yesterday, a performance Sakura have to miss because she have a job in Tokyo

Kodama is in such a high tension, and Sakura keep nodding and smile to her story… even thought her mind… her mind still left in the cold of the rain

The building door sliding open as Sakura step in front of it, she about to put her umbrella down, when a notibly golden hair swing pass by her

“Jurina san good morning!”

” Jurina you  finish your part already?”

Every one greet cheerfully

While all that sakura feels, is her heart lost one beat, as the corners of their eyes met each others

Jurina hastening her steps into the rain, without any shade

“Eh Jurina ??! jurina san you’ll catch a cold! Jurina san!”

The other members shouting to Jurina, who is disappearing into the thick pouring rain

—- ——- —- —-

— —- ——

‘Ah its raining’

Jurina thought, as she take a quick glimpse to the window. Jurina just finished recording her part for Tofu Pro wrestling, her golden hair swing pleasingly as she walk fast to exit the recording building, heading back to her tokyo apartment

Where she will be alone

Its not so long ago, Jurina would pray for days like this… where she would crushing at Sakura’s apartment, spend the day cuddled with Sakura, talking endlessly about stupid random things, or just played with their phones, wrapped with each others warm. where she could steal  kisses to Sakura’s soft skin…every once in a while…. enjoying the sound of rain outside, just the two of them

Jurina like to snuggled on Sakura’s hair, messed it up with her face

The Hakata girl would angry cutely, but keep letting Jurina

As Jurina walking to outside the building now, she could vividly  smells Sakura sweet shampoo scent in the air, and suddenly a big lump grow on her throat, suffocated her

Sakura is everywhere… everywhere she go

And just when the tough of Sakura keep building on

There she is, beautiful as ever with her cute blue umbrella… walking towards Jurina, entering the building. she looks beautiful…smiling happily, walking side by side with Kodama

And the last thing Jurina remember, she walks straight into the rain

— —-

When Jurina finally stop walking, she is in the middle of a park nearby. The rain is so pouring she can’t hardly see her surrounding, yet she remember the light blue bench nearby

The Sakae ace completely soaked in the rain

Her heart beat painfully like crazy

Jurina close her eyes, lift her face so the rain could hit her face as hard as they want

Let it merge with her own tears

Crying in the rain

The Sakae ace standing there for what it feels like forever, until suddenly… she felt that the rain stop fall on her face

Odd, because she still could hear the sound of hard rain

Jurina open her eyes slowly, to find a light blue umbrella has sheltered her from the heavy rain

And a familiar Hakata girl her heart longing so much, standing in front of her

“… Sakura…”

“You will troubling the entire AKB group, if the new center catch a cold….stupid Ju”


The hakata girl just stood in front of her, her face looks worried, yet unsure…what is it that makes you unsure sakura? Jurina want to ask, what brought you here out in the rain? Jurina want to ask, stop makes me think…that its me, who makes you here out in the rain

“Sakura….are you seeing ….someone else now?”


“Is that why… you left me?”

Jurina wait and wait, and the lump in her throat keep growing bigger and bigger, suffocated her more and more as the hakata girl just stood there in silence.

Jurina hands move by its own to framing Sakura face, her cold finger warmed right away on the touch of Sakura skin… and when Sakura only looking back at her, with her straight clear eyes, Jurina find herself slowly closing the maddening distance between them, swept Sakura lips gently with her cold wet thumb, before planted one gentle kiss there

It still taste the same

Every single kiss they have ever since their first kiss

Felt like a first kiss

“…. Stop… Jurina… please”

Jurina could hear sakura slowly breathed the words from between her kiss, and Jurina know she should, yet, she cant. Jurina cant stop herself from wanting Sakura, Jurina lips keep pecking on Sakura lips, and Sakura just stay silently… Sakura could felt Jurina hot wet tongue start licking the corner of her lips, and slowly entering her mouth, tangled passionately with her own tongue

From the heated kiss, Sakura could hear Jurina voice… trembled… and painful

“Sakura….sakura…please… comeback to me”

Sakura makes her hand find it way to Jurina’s body, she can feel Jurina thin yet firm waist, as her hand keep ascending up, to Jurina’s shoulder, where she could finally grab the sakae ace, and push her away

“….Stop it…. Ju”

Sakura handed her umbrella to Jurina, and run through the rain, before Jurina touch makes her brain stop functioning again

Jurina just standing there, the blue umbrella sakura left her only lay uselessly on her hand to the ground, as Jurina just let the rain hit her face once again

Her lips still felt burnt from the kiss

Sakura warm still linger on her fingers

She need the rain to slap her again and again, she need something to avert her from the majestic pain in her heart

‘But sakura….’

‘But….. sakura….why….’

— ——— —————————————-tbc—————————————


4 thoughts on “Red Blue Black : Chapter 2_ Blue

    1. put non senbatsu as center proven hard, put members who would soon graduate also hard, put seniors is hard, put next gen is hard too. its impossible to make decision that would make everyone happy, so at least they try take one that they think would bring most benefit for the group. I think its fair to pick Jurisaku. btw thanks Ganbarimasu 🙂


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