Red Blue Black_ chapter 3 : Black

— ——— —————————————-

Chapter 3 : Black

———————– —————-

The rain water running on Jurina face, she don’t know for how long already she has been standing there, under the pouring rain. Her finger that holding the light blue umbrella start to felt numb from the cold

Yet Matsui Jurina just stood there, she want to stood there

“Jurina!? what are you doing???”

Jurina recognize the voice, its her manager. Soon her manager shading her with the blue umbrella on her hand, drag the Sakae ace with her into the car

“You supposed to wait for me at the entrance?!! I look everywhere for you!!!”

Jurina could hear her manager mad at her, yet its all muffled. Her mind stuck in the moment… in the moment with Sakura

the next thing she know she already sitting in her own Tokyo apartment, and its already dark outside. Her manager busy drying her hair with a towel, while keep lecturing Jurina. Words that sadly only fumed on the Sakae ace busy mind

“You know you should take care of Yourself Jurina!! remember when–“

Jurina eyes focus on the empty seat in front of her, just not so long ago… sakura was there, with a cute orange birthday cake Sakura made by herself, celebrating Jurina 20th birthday, smiling happily with her, blowing the candle, wishing they could be together forever

“And SKE48 need you more than anytime now Jurina that—“

And to the couch, where just not so long ago, Jurina remember she come home late, tired and cold from the night breeze. As Jurina reach the comfort of home, Sakura is the first thing that comes to her mind. So there she was, releasing the tiredness from her body lay lazily on the comfy couch, loosing up her clothes with one hand, and the other hand with her phone, calling sakura.

“You’ve been an Idol for 9 years! Jurina you understand—“

it was one phone call….just by one phone call


Jurina lips automatically form a smile hearing sakura voice on the other line, a smile that quickly disappear as she also quickly notice how sakura sounds a bit hoarse. The Hakata girl is on rest from AKB activity because she catch a cold. Jurina has been so worried because of this, but the Hakata girl keep saying she is fine

“Sakura, you sounds so sexy… I knew it… I want you even when you are messy and sick, I’m heading to your place right now” Jurina starting to button up all the button on her shirt she just unbutton, ready to get up and go, too worried about Sakura

“Its okay Ju…I…I think–”

“I’ll be there in 30 minutes, any food you want me to bring over?”

“Its okay Ju… you don’t … you don’t have to see me… Ju, i think-”

“Ah forget it, ill cook you some porridge once I’m ther-”


The sudden raise on Sakura’s voice stoping Jurina from putting on her  black Nike shoes


“I think its better….its better if we stop seeing each other”

“…. Sakura?”

The call was ended

Just like that…. no explanation… no…nothing

Jurina try to call back, again and again, only to never been answered. Jurina remember how she is dashing  to Sakura’s place that night, only to welcomed by Sakura’s manager. Sakura manager usually very kind to Jurina, but that night, no matter how hard Jurina pleading, the manager just put up an understanding face, keep conveying Jurina to just ‘let Sakura rest’

The hakata girl has been keeping her distance ever since, their usually always matching schedule suddenly never matched anymore

When finally, when finally she see Sakura again

On that car

All Jurina could do, is make the Hakata girl cry

“— with Sakura!  you should know that better! we all counting on you Jurina!”

Suddenly all of Jurina senses directed to her manager

“What did you say?”

“Huh? Jurina arent you listening? we all counting on you”

“No! before that!”

“That you should stay away from Sakura? i see Sakura name on that umbrella you holding and-”

Jurina can sense every single cells in her body awaken

“What… do you mean with that?”

” Jurina? we’ve talk about this! and you was nodding so much!!”

“What? what talk??”

“That you and Sakura should  be set as an official rival”

“What- what do you mean???”

“You was day dreaming again  arent you! I’ve told you—-”

Jurina eyes widen as she heard her manager, her memories back bit by bit, she remember, that day her manager have told her, yet Jurina mind was busy, planning what kind of birthday party she should make for Sakura’s birthday, that only a week away from her own birthday. Nodding to everything her manager says, as her mind picking which color should the ribbon of Sakura gift would be

Before her manager finish talking, Jurina abruptly standing, almost knocking down her chair, grab her bike key and leather jacket, rushing outside

“Jurina?? what are you–??? its still raining hard outside??!”

But Jurina already rushing outside

“Jurina??At least take my car!!!! JURIN—”

The rest of the words muffled as Jurina slam the door behind her

—— – – – — ——-

Jurina black vintage bike slashing on the street, like the night darkness is not enough, the hard rain makes it even harder to see. The rain drops felt like bullets piercing on Jurina’s body, her black leather jacket completely useless on the harsh rain. Jurina speeding like crazy

She remember now… she remember it all now

— —- —

“Jurina, its decided that you and Sakura would be the 48th center, congrats!” 

“Wcenter?? but… but I am a full SKE48 member now… i…i cant… “

“Well you can always try to decline, of course there would be some haters burnt because of this, oh well.. those haters gonna keep burning anyway whoever choosen as center”


“Keep that aside… now let me read all the detail–“

Her manager start reading the thick documents with flat formal tone, boring…Jurina thought to herself. Her active mind start wandering….ah its Sakura birthday soon, Jurina reminds herself, like she do every single free time she have on the past week.

“—-thats all about the costume, you don’t have any objection right?”

Jurina nodded seriously ‘hmm….maybe I should really just make it a surprise party? sakura must be happy’

“And about the formation–“

Jurina nodded enthusiastically ‘and the cake, hmm she is on diet now so—‘

“Oh and one thing Jurina…”

“It would be good if you could set up a rival vibes with sakura”

“You know, the haters are not so kind with Wcenter that comes from sister group, well…some people still cant accept the concept of AKB group after all. however, the management think  it would be better if you and Sakura could appear as enemy– you know burnt some rivalry things”

“I know you are extremely close with Sakura, but we really want you two stop getting along, the more far away you are from the others, the better. Got it? Jurina?”

And Jurina remember, how fast she was nodding mindlessly that day



—-to be continue——- 


2 thoughts on “Red Blue Black_ chapter 3 : Black

  1. Ooouuhhh.. thought amazing your imagination it so cool~ first i guess this ff can be sad ending, look every time sachan get refuses jyu’s love ;( too make me really disappointed hahahay…
    But don’t worry i like that about your uniquely ff and epic plot inside it :3 😀


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