Last chapter : The red, the blue and black (Jurisaku fanfic)

—— —- —- —- —

It was Jurina and Sakura first date

Sakura could not help but to keep sipping her tea every two seconds in that small cafe, Jurina… ‘the’ Jurina, sit right in front of her, and the gorgeous Sakae ace eyes has stuck on her forever

“Jurina san…please s-stop looking at me” Sakura squeak slowly

“hmm…sorry…it just that you are so cute, beside… you look stunning with that blue dress”

“…t-thanks….I… I think that red jacket suits you well too” Sakura shift her eyes away, sipping her tea again, its been two seconds

Sakura wearing a simple vivid blue dress, choose it after turned her wardrobe upside down for hours. Jurina in a casual bright red sporty jumper and Sakura was lie, she don’t think it suits Jurina, she think it looks  super hot  on Jurina to the point its burning her eyes to look directly at Jurina

 To the Hakata girl  Jurina smilling, hoping to ease the hakata girl obvious nervousness. Might work if only Jurina smile not added her hotness 100x more and just makes Sakura flustered even more  

“so we are red and blue”

“g-guess so”

“I hope there is no other color comes between us Sakura”

“w- what is that supposed to mean?”

“Red and Blue would be nice together, but it just another color away from being black”

“You mean? as mixing color?”

“yeah….lol… red and blue…sakura, we are just a color away from being the darkest color of all….black”

—— – – —- – – – –

— ——- —— ————-

Last chapter:  the Red, the blue and black

— —- —- – – —

Sakura like working, especially these days.  Because at least, she doesn’t have to think about Jurina too much when she is working

She hope Tofu pro wrestling recording could go longer, yet  the rain make it finish way faster than scheduled

So here she is, alone in her dark apartment.

Hoping she is working instead

Especially at days like these, when its raining and cold

Reminds sakura too much of how pleasant and warm it is to fall asleep on Jurina’s arm

Or how calming  Jurina voice is, whispered on her ears, or how bright Jurina smile is…or how electrify… Jurina kiss is

Her kiss

Her hot, rushed, passionate yet gentle kiss

Sakura finger unconsciously traveling to her lips, reminiscing the kiss she just shared with Jurina under the rain

‘Why Jurina… why you keep teasing me like this… isn’t this…isnt this  what you wanted?’

—- —— ——- ——————- ——

—– ———– —–

“Conrats Sakura! 48th single, you’ll be the  wcenter! with Jurina!” Sakura managers said cheerfully while handing the hakata girl a big red roses Banquette

“Really??!” Sakura sit straight on her bed right away, she was having a fever and on bed rest when her Manager deliver the news to her

Sakura feels really excited about it, but then, fast to shrink herself

“Am I… am I deserve it…”

“What are you talking about Sakura! you have been a center before and you do more than excellent! beside, this is an election single, people barely care and would totally buy it to get the vote anyway”


“Well, of course there would be haters, they would always there, but your fans will be there too supporting you, so .. do your best okay!”


“I’ll leave the single detail here okay” Sakura manager put a bundle of papers in the table beside Sakura

“I’ll read it later, and tell you my tough as soon as I can”

“Oh I knew you would, you always do anyway. Do your best Sakura! i know you can do it!”

“Un…ill try my best! beside, Jurina is there with me” Sakura lips unconsciously form a small curve, in the mention of Jurina’s name

Sakura’s manager look at Sakura with uneasy expression, take a deep breath before tell Sakura the next thing she need to tell

“Well… Sakura… I know you two love each other so much… really… it warm my heart seeing you two, but—”

And Sakura just sit there quietly

Digesting every single words her managers told her

The hakata girl face stiffen with every single words she heard

Even after her manager finish talking, the hakata girl still sit quietly. Took a while, until finally words slip out from sakura’s mouth

“… are you telling me….I should break up with Jurina?”

“well…this way, we believe we are hoping those haters to crushing each others, instead of join together to crush the both of you-”



“I don’t want to…I don’t want to!! I–”

Sakura choked on her own words, as tears start streaming on her check

“I…I don’t want to…”

“Sakura… I understand… but you and Jurina is one of the most popular member these days…and of course the more popular you are, the more haters will you two have too…. ….so Sakura…please”



“…..What…what is Jurina said about this?”

Sakura could feel her managers look at her with uneasiness

“Jurina manager — well somehow she still have the wrong ideas that you two simply just a ‘good friend’ *sigh* but well….she said Jurina…. is okay with it ”

Sakura manager just look at Sakura, unsure what to said next, and Sakura just stay silence… few minutes passed until Sakura finally moving again, shift her eyes to the red roses her manager gave her

“well….if… Jurina… said so….”

and Sakura could see that reds suddenly escaping from the roses she is holding, turn it into grey, so is the blue from sky, and all the lights of the sun. Along with those words being spoken, colors has left Sakura’s world

— ——– — —- —– —– —–

————- —

Sakura just sit silently in the middle of her living room, the hard rain makes the room dark, lit only by the TV Sakura let on. A funny cartoon played on it, and Sakura eyes focus on the show

But her mind…. not her mind

It is to Jurina smiles her mind wandering

To Jurina eyes

Jurina touch

And in the middle of the funny cartoon she is watching, Sakura start to cry

“Sakura …. I am sorry”

Sakura wonder if she really has gone mad for real, for hearing Jurina voice from her head actually sounds real, even until a cold wet arms wrapping her from behind, Sakura still wondering is it her imagination, that Jurina is now there… holding her

“Sakura…  ”

It took sakura another 2 seconds to digest, the arms wrapping her, the kind voice that start to cracking; its all real. It is Matsui Jurina in flesh, that holding her tightly


“…Im sorry to barged in…I…I still have your key…..”


“And Im sorry….i really am”

Jurina’s whole body is wet, and cold, yet Jurina lips are hot, as it touch Sakura check, kissing all Sakura tears away

“…Im sorry Sakura… I’m sorry…” Jurina keep whispered from her kisses

Jurina touch, Jurina kiss, Jurina voice, its all feel so nice…its all feel ….so right…Sakura could live in that moment forever

But for a second her mind back to her, and Sakura immediately  push Jurina away

“Jurina stop this…”


“Stop…you know…. you know we cant-”


Jurina suddenly standing straight, and Sakura taken aback, they do fight a lot…. but thats the first time, that the first time Sakura ever seen Jurina looks that angry

“Why cant we Sakura? why cant we?”

“Jurina… our haters–”

“Screw those haters!! They can hate us as much as they want!”

“Sakura…im okay…im okay if you don’t love me anymore”

“or if one day you find another dream, and you think that being with me would burdening you”

“I’m fine! if that someday you find someone else to love…itll broke my heart forever.. but I’ll live…Im fine with it!”

“but it would never fine for me! if you forced your feeling to pleased people who don’t even really care of you”

“it would never fine for me, to find you cry like this….”

“because Sakura…if you still don’t get it… I Love you”

“so sakura please….please….that day you said you love me too… please sakura… please never take those words easy…”

Sakura could hear the shiver on Jurina voice, and how clearly red is Jurina eyes… and that Sakura find herself slowly walking towards Jurina

“Stupid Ju”

Her hand slowly reaching Jurina face, touching Jurina cold freezing skin

“Stupid Ju….”

“I don’t love you…easily”

The hakata girl tears falling once again, only this time…its a different kind of tears with entirely different kind of feeling. a kind of tears, you’d remember forever you ever shed

The hakata girl  hovering closer and closer, only stop, when her lips finally met Jurina’s

Sakura pecking Jurina thin lips gently, bit by bit, until she could feel that the sakae ace breath getting calmer and calmer with each kiss, Sakura keep caressing Jurina lips with her lips, again and again…. until Jurina hands start slowly swift on her wrist, pulling the hakata girl closer, as she begin to return the kiss

hot, rushed, passionate yet gentle kiss

Share a kiss that never ended right from their first kiss

— — — —

—– ———————————–


It was their first date



” T-that doesn’t sounds nice at all”

” It is, maybe  we should stop seeing each other sakura”


Sakura legitimately almost spill all of her tea, yet soon find Jurina devilish smirk has grown bigger

“Jurina san…p-please stop teasing me”

“Hehe… really cant help it… you are so cute”

Sakura puffing her cheeck hard, it just their first date, and the Sakae ace already turned her upside down

“Btw Sakura, do you know what color will it makes when we mix red and blue”

“…No” Sakura dragging her voice, still a bit flustered


“Eh? pink Like the color of AKB48?”

Jurina roll her eyes “really sakura? NO! pink, as the color of Love”

“T-thats cheesy” yet, Sakura clearly blushing


“Miyawaki Sakura…. I love you”

—- ——- —

AKB48 48th single type B(?) : negaigoto no mochigusare


2 thoughts on “Last chapter : The red, the blue and black (Jurisaku fanfic)

  1. Aaaahhahay.. thanks for the happy ending :3
    Amazing story, feel like reality 😀
    J : love is being stupid together wkwk
    S: stupid ju (always)


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