spellbound (Jurisaku fanfic by Jurina-Holic_magic school A/u)

ermm yeah.. i think I’m gonna keep that Jurisaku corner fanfic list for while, while i can and i love this fic so….

a Jurisaku fanfic by Jurina-holic (https://jurina-holic.tumblr.com)

only first part will be posted here (coz i don’t wanna be killed by Jurina-holic san) , this fanfic still on going but the next post could be find in Jurina-holic san account as mentioned above

(tumblr post)

NB: sometimes after posted this, I actually got a change to boldly ask Jurina-holic san permission, and lol… they kindly let this one posted on here, so … guess. its here with consent now


13 thoughts on “spellbound (Jurisaku fanfic by Jurina-Holic_magic school A/u)

  1. Konnichiwa fellow AKB fan ^=^ well, you know actually I was searching on the internet the kiss between Sakura and Haruppi on stage (couldn’t find it tho XD) and I guess the almighty goddess Takamina wanted me to end up in here hahaha just wanted to say your blogs are very funny omg hahaha XD eto… should I read “Spellbound” at night?? XD I am afraid I might get not so innocent dreams ahahah XD ah btw yoroshiku onegaishimasu!! hmm… I don’t know if you have LINE or Kakaotalk but in case you have I’d love so much to talk to other AKB fans kk ^//^ I leave my ID in here in case u got them u may add me if you wish kk:

    LINE id: saranghaepop19

    Kakaotalk: saranghaepop19

    i also have Telegram:

    ID: Kurisu48

    Have a lovely day! 😀


    1. Oh hi kurisu san! Nice to meet you! Very sorry for this late reply, i kinda in the middle of the trip now lol. Sure, ill sent you a link to sakuruppi kiss once im home tommorow. And sorry i dont have kakaotalk or line, all i have is tumblr and twitter lol. But hey super nice to meet you! Ill Sent u that link asap


    2. hi there Kirisu san
      have u find those sakuruppi kiss you looking for? if you havent, well just in case.. its from HKT48 spring live tour – sashiko du soleil 2016. sashi make sakuruppi kiss 3x on the 3 days trip, but on the 3rd day, Haruppi run away lol, so sadly only happen 2x on the first 2 days . here’s a link if u want to download the full concert http://voz48.com/video/11231/disc2-hkt48-spring-live-tour-sashiko-du-soleil-2016-bdrip.html


      1. konnichiwa akb48groupdaisuki!! ^_^ hontoni arigatou gozaimasu for the link, I will definitely download the concert and enjoy the scene then hahaha poor Haruppi XD I have also read Spellbound and I totally loved it, I got into the story and it was different to see the characters with powers haha I hope the story keeps developing itself kk btw since I am a little bit new to fanfics (I don’t usually stop and read, but for example this Spellbound was especially well written and I liked how it was expressed) I wanted to ask you if you have recommendations for fanfics (I don’t care who are the characters but somehow I feel Jurina fits quite well in most of them XD idk it’s gotta be her aura or something hahaha or also as Jurina-holic stated at the end “3. How about a bit of Jurina x Momoka? Because… they’re both gay as hell?!” XDXD da heeelll hahaha I was wondering… does it mean that J and Mo are gay as hell in Spellbound or they could be in real life? I am confused XD hahaha I think I’d especially like fanfics about Jurina, Sakura and Haruppi, but ever since I got in here somehow I kind of match J and Saku XD damn my mind aah… u know the first fanfic I ever read (and was the only until now) was about WMatsui, and believe me, it was so noooot pure XD it was kind of brutal haha


      2. Lol iKr! there is something about Jurina that makes us wanna ship her with anything she touch lol! i like wmatsui too, but since Rena grad, like other wmatsui shippers, we all slowly moving on, and somehow every time Sakura near Jurina just– ehmmmrmm. about spell bound, totally agree! i wish i could write like that lol. Jurina-holic san indicating that would be a bit of Jurina x momoka, but no Sakura x haruppi.
        hmmm.. if You like wmatsui, i recommend anything written by sophacaro or anakpanti. and for Jurisaku, Ruka kikuchi san is working on some series, and i could also recommend “things that mix” which, an original story with Jurisaku as side pairing. you can find these fic here :http://forum.jphip.com/index.php?topic=40415.0


      3. aaah sugoiii!! arigatou akb48groupdaisuki for the link ^//^ I really hope to spend much profitable time in there and look for some sweet fanfics haha goodbye to my fanfic virginity then XD aaah hmm do you know if the second chapter of Spellbound has been released? I can’t seem to find the second chapter uwaa :/ (damn now I got addicted or something XD). Well you know I really hope someday Jurina ends up in a drama doing something like fans write haha maybe not explicitly with another girl lmao but something more mature and juicy since I believe she could totally nail it ^_^ just like Sakura-san whose acting skills are improving so much (I loved her in Crow’s Blood <3). I will try to find fanfics that I can convert into PDF or e-pub because I would like to read them on my e-book, that feels more comfy :3 aaah I really hope Jurina and Sakura great an awesome position for the senbatsu this year, they both deserve it more than anyone this year! I would like Jurina to win this year ^//^


      4. agreeed, both Jurina and sakura have a promising acting skill! huhu a drama might be a bit far, but maybe.. just maybe… something like a music video will do huhuhu. for spellbound, nope, as well written as it is. spell bound is written carefully, and it takes some time. and I’m waiting- I’m super waiting for its next chapter too!!


      5. ^_^ kk let’s hope for the best in the next senbatsu and I really hope to be celebrating Jurina or Sakura’s new era (with all due respect to Sashi). Again, thank you very much for all the links and fanfics akb48groupdaisuki! in case I find something curious or wanna get to know something, I will definitely ask for your advice 🙂 take care!!

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