A Review ? A fanfic drabble? lets just mix it up Its 2017 Jurisaku after all

Hi Hi Hi there

so Hi there

First of all, don’t you guys all excited with the AKB48 48th single?

Not only its break AKB48 history for best selling of all time record for first day; that piece crazily sold 2.454.000 COPy on A FIRST DAY ONLY, its doubled the last SSK SINGLE first day sale

still cant grasp how massive it is? as comparison, Justin Bieber sold only 500K on his fist day sale, yes THAT Justin Bieber

so yeah

welcome to the party, its called SSK!

so many exciting and intriguing stuff happening lately, well… AKB48 fandom always the most lively during this time of year, its SSK time!!

SSK has long grown from Idol lover community event to Japan national fest to now International sensation

and seriously that prelim??? LOL (SSK is boring they say, its so predictable they say -okay I stole that comment)

so so so

when there are so many many things makes fans excited for SSK

naturally what makes me excited

that the fact Jurisaku is a double center for this single


I once post ( you ship jurisaku? what?) and how it was in 2016, I really really wonder how come, Matsui Jurina, the Matsui Jurina who basically a bless to all AKB48 shipper, despite at that time already being put side by side to Sakura

never even once captured try to kiss Sakura

I mean, its JURINA??? she harass everything… EVERYTHING (I mean just look at that poor chair from Flashing Pheromone PV! save that chair!! replace it with me– um wait what )

erhm back to topic… so…back then, I end up ship them coz all of those weird act they do whenever they around each others

now its 2017

I basically just give up with a Jurisaku kiss on stage


these days they do still act super conscious around each other (huhuhu I blame Sakura awkwardness to that!! Jurinaa!! why you have to be her senpai!! why cant you two just in a same sub unit or group or anything!!!)

but at least these days I still can be grateful that Jurina sama at least still giving us all a sufficient skin ship with Sakura for us all shipper to ponder

like this


or this



or this recent one


and even more! these days since Jurisaku is paired on even more stuff

we can easily find the two compliment each other so much (*shippers screams)

like that one AKB48 show : Making of SakamichiAKB PV where Jurina and sakura and Hirate as triple front, and Jurina just casually compliment how Sakura surprise her with her sharp dance during interview, IN FRONT OF SAKURA HERSELF that just standing not so far away and giggling shyly to the Sakae ace comment

or like this one from Jurina SR where she live streaming watching Tofu pro and Sakura appear on the drama

(tumblr post)

and like seriously every single Sakura SR these days that streaming Tofu pro, she seriously Just… fan girling Jurina.. really fan girling Holly J and Jurina every time she appear, well she fan girling Jurina Kurage before but… the amount, is really crazy I cry

(I also totally not protesting the amount of the magazine two shoot and Gravure pictures of these two)

Jurina matsui, a bless for we all shipper, for Jurina Matsui every picture is a PR, a chance to self promote, and no one knows better than the ace of the group that cherish girl x girl skinship the most, the ace that literally grown up and raising up with a mindset : that girl x girl skinship = a good PR

not wrong at all, shipper or non shipper always dig these picture. Those kissing between member would stop happen if there are no strong demand from fans…some thinks its cute… some fly with their imagination, some just happy that their oshimen getting along and having more ‘cute’ kinship with other member. fans cheered for it to happen, its a fan service everyone waiting

and no one knows that better than matsui Jurina

she got her kissing monster title not for granted… she cherish it! SHE ENJOY IT. Just look at her eyes when she on a roll

she know how to play it, she know how to kill it

So natural Right… for us to expect that

so its completely natural that not just Jurisaku shipper

but basically everyone would expected that more of Jurisaku skinship would soon be rained upon us! now that those two is double center

I personally anticipating something like Katamoi Finally 2.00 kind of PV

following with Kiss datte kind of dance

and super ship material moment ever after

only to be


its not!! *cries*

first the PV


Okay at least its a nice PV and I really love the song and the dance

so Now I resolve to pictures

well at least, now we could easily get a nice Jurisaku picture right


well the amount of Jurisaku picture really is like 100% increase

its everywhere these days

but..NO *cries harder*

(tumblr post)

so yeah

this is goes without unnoticed

as I mentioned

fans- Jurisaku shipper or not, kinda expected a ship material Jurisaku moment to be happen massively

I mean *duh its Jurina we talking about

and when its not

people start to wondering

what happen??

is this rivalry burning?? are they hate each other??

well  I can guarantee they at least not hating each other,recent footage show that  they still do acting normal if not excited towards each others. SR, especially those Tofu pro wrestling broadcast, both Jurina and Sakura still positive toward each others present

but its a clear not J style of Picture there


what happen?

Im pretty agree with this post

(tumblr post)

okay forget the drablles I put below it

I also think It could be just something like, you know how small face is such a thing in Japan, like these girls want their face looks as small as possible

and seriously our beloved Jurina need to eat more but yeah she got a very small face, compared to Sakura

so I think it could also things like

Sakura and Jurina takes picture’

sakura : *notice* (waaaaa my face look so BIG compared to Jurina san!!!) *takes few steps back*

Jurina : w-why is she backing up from me??? did I .. smell or something *nervous smile*

I mean…lol ok.. sorry I’ll stop making up weird stuff

and really sakura, your face is small already! it just that Jurina has a more sharp face so why- forget it

BTW…erhm… Im mostly really believe its just because of Sakura’s awkward and introvert nature, seriously… even among her closest friend in HKT48,

Like said by Murashige from post above, or from Chiyori from the recent AKB48 MC. Sakura is a clear introvert

everyone agree that even after years and really getting along with Sakura,,, Sakura would still averting her eyes whenever she met their eyes

but once she do looking, she keep looking  lol gosh Sakura… you indeed are weird arent you.. *sigh…you cute weird dork

AND btw THIS IS WHY I SHIP JURISAKU IN THE FIRST PLACE (sorry caps lock went stuck )

cause theres this introvert girl that so shy around people, but somehow show an interest and stolen glances – which she usually don’t to Jurina

and theres this super extrovert girl that goes casually harassing and kissing other girls around, but when it comes to Sakura… She NEVER do

and there is when I know, these two… at least…at a very very least, is attracted and concuss about each other present, more than they normally does

and that is when, it shipped


I wish with more and more Jobs they have these days, these two helpless person could be able to find their way and finally getting more along

and they do, gosh they come so far now we can actually find them talking to each other

theres one old back stages footages when Jurina have a short chit chat with young sakura, and all sakura could do is just smile and just looks super nervous,

and now, they talking to each other? thats– I really cant ask more

but yeah…the thing is…their relationship move kinda slowly huhuhuhuhu

and sakura still is an awkward person

so I kinda already wanna give up for a nice not so awkward picture of this two 48th Wcenter too

but then

but then, today–



wait wait what happen is this… is THIS??? NOT SO AWKWARD NOR STRANGELY DISTANT 48th single Jurisaku WCenter picture???????? what happen??? I mean they still looks shy to each other but compared to yesterday pic (distance pls go away) ore two days ago...


wait what happen

is this… is THIS??? NOT SO AWKWARD NOR STRANGELY DISTANT 48th single Jurisaku WCenter picture????????

what happen??? I mean they still looks shy to each other but compared to yesterday pic


(distance pls go away)

ore two days ago pic


(…um…what are you two nervous about)

is this…is this because–!!!

—- —- — drabbles———

*A day before

Jurina and Miyawaki sakura, two double center of AKB48 48th single, Just walk out through the automatic door of Nihon TV when suddenly a spring rain start pouring

“Ah its raining” Said the younger of them while searching her bag “great, I don’t bring any umbrella”

“Eh you don’t sakura?” Matsui Jurina said while pulling out umbrella from her bag. the Sakae ace is always ready no matter what.

Usually their manager would handle this kind of thing, only today,  the two center have extra interview, other members has left already and they insist they manager to taking care of other job.. so well… here they are…

“Its okay Jurina san, ill just Run fast to my tokyo apartment, its happen to be close by” said Sakura

“Eh??? at least take a taxi sakura!! its rain so hard!!” also Sakura, its not like you can ‘run fast’, Jurina add silently on her head, try not to burst in laugh as an image of sakura ‘cute’ running style come across her mind


“its ok Jurina san”

Sakura about to take a light hop into the rain, when stopped by a firm yet gentle grab on her arm. the sudden stop makes the clumsy hakata girl slip to fall. Sakura squeak a bit anticipating an impact to the ground, but the other girl also anticipating it, and steadily catch Sakura into her arm

It was Jurina stopping her, both from leaving and from falling

“J-jurina san?”

“…. *sigh* Sakura… we still have a lot of job tomorrow as WCenter, how if you catch a cold?”

“I..I–” Its not so clear why sakura lost her words, whether that Jurina is right, or its the fact that the Sakae ace is now holding her so closely

“I’ll walk you to your apartment sakura…lets go”

“E-EH??? its.. its okay Jurina san I.. I cant bother you like that”

“Its okay, I don’t have any job left, beside….”

“Um?” sakura wonder what is that slightly change in Jurina face, when the Sakae ace is stopping her words

“Beside sakura…I want to know you more”

J : “…”

S : “…”

S : *blush*

“W-Wait I mean– since its our first WCenter!!! we… itll reflected better on our dance if we know each other better so– arghhhh lets, lets start walking sakura before the rain gets harder ”

Jurina pulling Sakura waist to her side as she open her umbrella and start walking

Sakura following the Sakae ace in silent as they walk away from the building, try to digest the expression on the sakae ace, she just new to know. the flustered face of the absolute ace of SKE48

Sakura respect Jurina so much, no… Sakura admire Jurina so much. since the day she joining the HKT48, the SKE48 ace shine is just impossible to be unnoticed, especially when she figure the ace only a year older than herself, yet already achieve everything Sakura ever wish to became

As time goes by, Sakura gets more and more change to be the SKE48 ace working partner, each and every time… as center…as Kurage… as Hollywood Jurina.. the Sakae ace never fail to grow more of Sakura admiration towards her

The so invisible ace, that is Sakura always admire form afar… now walking so closely under the rain with her….flustered

Sakura giggle a bit on the thought

“W-why are you laughing??”

“Nothing” sakura smile away

“W-wait what is it?? did you laugh at me sakura????”

“I said it was nothing Jurina san… *but then giggle again”


and thus the two Wcenter of AKB48 48th single, bound by the strange fate that tied them… walking slowly towards the rain


to the future of AKB48 group

—- the end—

okay… I’m totally recycling that ending from dance fanfic *guilty* *sent me to jail*

maybe Jurina and Sakura just wanna take it slow, since Sakura is super slow already

it just their first time being double center, they need more time probably

if anything that Jurisaku have.. its time… quite lost of it

and with time comes possibilities

it could end up miserably

but I’m stuck with them anyway

and I think I would have fun watching how these two girl is going

they both such a good girl, and I really… really wish the best for them


see you guys around~

—— ——— —–


oh btw!

in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, like which footage Im referring to

I jammed some of it in this FMV

link : youtube , DM

just in case

so now

see you around~ (*leaving for real now)


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