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Jurisaku Intreview Translation and Jurina danso twitter date

Interview translation by 39-sakuchan

Miyawaki Sakura and Matsui Jurina Interview (1)

―Miyawaki-san, what do you think about Matsui-san?

Sakura: She is really stoic. When we’re dancing, she even looks at my moves in order to match our movements. For me, it is hard enough to take care of my own, and I’m not good at cooperation, so I’m always being saved by her. Also, I often think that I can’t talk with people a lot, and my performances aren’t that great, but Jurina-san has everything I don’t, it’s amazing.

Jurina: Really?

Sakura: Really。

Jurina: I wonder if that’s true…(Laughs)。

―How is Sakura-san from Jurina-san’s view?

Jurina: I thought she never gets nervous.

Sakura: Eh!?

Jurina: I think it’s me who gets nervous. As is my first center in a while in AKB, and my emotions are really strong. After all, isn’t it the place that senpais like Maeda-san and Yuko-san created for us. As years pass by, the importance of that only makes me nervous even more. But, Sakuratan’s doing impressively.

Sakura: No, no, no… (bitter smile) When I’m alone as center, I get so nervous I get to the verge of death, but when it’s 2 people, I’m not as nervous as when I’m alone. It was the same when we were centers together with Mayu-san.

―Is there a part of you that is dependant on senpais?

Sakura: That’s right. I may get nervous if I’m with a kouhai.

Jurina: Well, I don’t think that’s the case. When I did it with Yuko-san, I was really nervous. You’re really strong after all.

―You feel the strength of Sakura-san’s heart?

Jurina: I feel it a lot, actually. You’re the type who says;「I will manage it one way or another. I can do it!」, right ?

Sakura: That’s right. Like;「I can do it if I try!」

Jurina: I am the complete opposite. I’m the type who can’t stand on stage if I don’t feel completely content with myself.

―The playoffs, Sousenkyo is getting closer. In the preliminary results, you were 2nd and 8th. Those are really good places.  

Jurina: Sashihara-san and Mayu-san both became 1st when they were 20. I am too 20 this year, and I want to keep up with my senpai. Both of them declared this will be their last Sousenkyo, but if I become 1st when they’re still around, O probably can’t be happier. Right now, I have something I really want to say, but it’s something I can’t say without people around me writing it as I say it, so I want to become the champion and tell it.

―Sakura-san declared you want to finished as 1-2 with Sashihara-san, right?

Jurina: It means you’re not taking notice of me, right!?(laugh)。

Sakura: It’s not like that… (bitter laugh) Last year, I didn’t increase my rank because I passed someone, it was more like I just increased because of number. This year, Sayanee-san and Yukirin-san withdrew so, my way of telling it is bad but, it’s the feeling of not wanting to quit while I’m ahead. This year, I want to take over one person (between Sashihara, Mayu and Jurina).

―You two are rivals, right?

Jurina: If you think of it as Pro Wrestling, it is way more interesting when you have rivals, right? But right now, instead of a rival, I want to enliven the 48 Group together.

Sakura: That’s exactly what I think. Instead of competing between groups, I want to fight joining forces.

Jurina: It’s reassuring to hear Sakuratan say that.

oh God

yes you two

go and join forcess!!!

NB: chill, this is translated by a trust worthy translator
itll be whole different story if I were the one who translated it like-
 (JK lol, im not that sleazy to hijacked a translation for real)
also bonus:
today Jurina happen to post some twitter where she is doing danso and pretend that Juriboy is in a date with us fans
apparently this is something currently trending in Japan. girl dressed as a boy, then tweeted their date detail with that “boy”, so hopefully some more members will also do this trend (yes pls… give me the mayuki version.. PLS)
I’m death by it so ill make you die with me
Translation credited to JyuriNeko

On a date with Juri-Boy :3

Jurina tweet translation :

First pic: “Meeting up, now.
He got mad at me saying I was late.”

Second pic: “‘You must be thirsty.
I’ll buy you something to drink,’ is what he said!
This nice side is what I love about him!”

Third pic: “He took off his hat and sunglasses and is seriously going at a UFO catcher just for me!”

Final pic: “He made reservations at a fancy Italian restaurant, he’s the best!
As expected from my boyfriend!
I wonder what’s next~”

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  2. RIP every Jurina girl fans

—– —-

…. while people imagining themselves to be on that date

I kinda imagine its Sakura on that date instead

and that Sakura was late, and running super lamely on that cross road seeing super gorgeous Jurina in black leather jacket waiting for her

and that Jurina try her best to fetch the doll Sakura cant stop looking,  while sakura holding her jacket… notice that Jurina’s warm still linger in the jacket … and theres a hint of mint emitting from it and— what am I doing

you see… stop asking why so many shippers dwell in Jurina fanbase


Jurina san!!! sorry I made you waiting!


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