Jurina and Sakura react to Tofu Pro wrestling #23 (VIdeo CUT)

no copyright infringement are intended in this video. Copyrighted to AKS.co,ltd Japan, Tv.Asahi japan and Showroom.net
Matsui Jurina /ske48 (松井珠理奈) and Miyawaki Sakura akb48/ HKT48 (宮脇咲良) Jurisaku

Youtube :
Daily motion :
—- —- —– —-

me waking up this morning : … i wanna die

*read feeds : jurisaku match this week on Tofu Pro wrestling…

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL SUMMER DAY! lets go places!!!! life is beautiful!!!!!!!

—- ——     —————————————–
gosh .. I cant

I cant

too many

too many Jurisaku skinship for a day @#$%^&*()_+!!!!!!! okay i know its a *wrestling match*  but still #$%^&*#$%^&*()

 —- —————- ————— ——————-
—- ———————— ———

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