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somehow…Jurisaku ship that begin as a crack minor ship that just sailing silently on AKB group shipper ocean … treated mostly like a pet; cute but no one ever takes seriously

somehow…it has became… something else these days

LOL not that I’m against it at all #you cute creepy ship

ill just put this here (tell me if you find more :’)

NB : I DO NOT OWN THESE FOOTAGE i kinda  just add the link from all over internet, I’m trying my best gives credit to them, but if you find you are one of the creator, and feel under credited, I love you, and please contact me for credit you deserve

Reviews :

Jurisaku ship (you ship jurisaku?? what?)

A Review ? A fanfic drabble? lets just mix it up Its 2017 Jurisaku after all

Miyawaki sakura and Matsui Jurina goes on “date”

Jurisaku tofu date : further Investigation

a dream?? 8 minutes Jurisaku heaven… at Sakura SR??


5 second Jurisaku on show room

Jurisaku Intreview Translation and Jurina danso twitter date

Video :

Jurisaku react to tofu pro final eps #24 (eng sub)

Jurina and Sakura react to Tofu Pro wrestling #23 (VIdeo CUT)

Updated FMV for Jurisaku Fanfic RED BLUE BLACK

conrats!!! wcenter Jurisaku (FMV)

Pra ANN SP Showroom (english sub) Ft. Sakura is that you obviously fan girling Jurina??

AKB48 ANN SP highlights (english sub) ft. sakura stop fan girling over Jurina you are killing me

Sakura React to Tofu pro wrestling ep.1 (english) ft. Sakura totally  fan girling Jurina

Jurisaku Tofu Pro wrestling season 1 (FMV)

Jurina calls on Sakura SR (video eng subs) ft. stopppppppp flirting you twoooo this is too much

jurina and sakura react to tofu pro ep.10 (eng, cut, mirrored) you two do this every week JUST DO SR TOGETHER ALREADY

jurisaku (Dance OPV)

Across The Mirror OPV (Jurisaku)

Unravel (Jurisaku FMV) 

Jurisaku trailer

Reborn (fanfic trailer)

jurisaku OPV

OS Fanfic List


Allure _ Part One (Jurisaku SMUT) , part 2

across the mirror part 1/2  part 2/2) , epilogueOPV  Recommended

Red Blue Black _ introChapter 1Chapter 2, chapter 3 ,Last chapter / Taking place before 48th single Jurisaku Center released

unravel (PG13_dark) first partsecond part last part (contain mediocre violence and mature scene)

one hot summer night _jurisaku, mayuki, sayamilky, naamegu (SMUT) Highest Read

To the moon_first part part 2 3rd part (end)

hate you love (jurisaku smut)

draw you out (Cabasuka Gakuen, Jurisaku, Smut)

A Review ? A fanfic drabble? lets just mix it up Its 2017 Jurisaku after all




This series following Japanese Top IDol; Matsui Jurina and Miyawaki Sakura and their Real Time AKB48 activity for a year (from  January 3, 2016 to January 3, 2017),  but in this Fanfic, they are dating each other

NB; This Fic was updated every friday and works as a summary of Jurina and Sakura real activity within the week, most of the event are real…well.. mostly (T-Hee)

I personally suggest this series..its a fun series..

Dance Wattpad Link : Wattpad Dance

Dance JPHIP Link : JPHIP dance

Dance AFF Link : AFF Link

(yup posted it everywhere… Its written already so why not)

dance 1 : the new center

dance 2 : your kiss

dance 3 : the kami 7

dance 4 : dance with me

dance 5 : hakata girls

dance 6 : kimi wa melody

dance 7 : nogizaka akb

Dance : neo kami 7 

dance valentine SP

dance : happy birthday Jurina  Recommended

dance : Sakura 18th birthday 

Dance_mayuki SP : the cyborg that grown up,

dance : the 148.5 concert 

Dance : the 44th senbatsu

Dance : err….a bit sayamilky sp 

dance : Taboo no iro 

dance : Jurina’s House  readers choice

dance : tsubasa wa iranai 

dance : AKB 48 : team A 

dance : handshakes shakes event 

dance : sousenkyo appeal video 

Dance : i think i need more CD_SSK preliminary result (erm…yes this is a fic)

Dance : universal studio date 

Dance : final chapter_ akb48 SSK 2016  Recommended

dance chapter zero : her (Jurina,rena,sakura)

dance : Love trip ( Request)

dance : SHOWROOM (jurisaku) Recommended

dance : cabasuka gakuen (jurisaku)

Dance : Kouhaku Uta gassen 2017 (Jurisaku)

oh and a bit about “dance” fanfic series. Its ended

Dance Rewrite by Jyurination48 (Jurisaku fan fiction)


Other author Fanfiction

Dance Rewrite by Jyurination48 (Jurisaku fan fiction)

Random Jurisaku SMUT by Jyurination48

Fallen Angle (Jurisaku fanfic by Jumarit803)

ONS : Jurisaku SMut + Jurisaku sisters (by jyurination48)

Fever (Jurisaku By Jyurination48)

Jurisaku SMUT by Jyurination48

Attention (Jurisaku by Jyurination48 )

Spoil Me (Jurisaku SMUT by Ruka Kikuchi)

A Secret marriage (Jurisaku Fanfiction by Jyurination)

Mad Hatter (Jurisaku OS by Ruka Kikuchi)

better than breakfast (Jurisaku SMUT by gapril13)

spellbound (Jurisaku fanfic by Jurina-Holic_magic school A/u) multi chapter/ only one chapter posted here

Sweetly Biten (Jurisaku OS by Screningsoul)  SMUT

Only one (Jurisaku part_fanfic by gapril13) multi chapter/ only one chapter posted here

Reborn By Ruka Kikuchi

Things That Mix by Shortcut48 (multi pairings) multi chapter/ only one chapter posted here

With the full moon (JuriSaku OS) by Raizel-Jr

Shyness (JuriSakurAnna)-one sided _ fanfic by Modeofvulgar

love sign language (jurisaku_by blueskyabove75)

summer love part 1 ,  part 2 (jurisaku_by blueskyabove75)

jurisaku OS by Kurosawa87  NSFW