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Cabasuka Gakuen

how cabasuka gakuen should have end 1,2  3,4,5 6,7,8– 9,10(end)

Crows blood

Maki the kissing zombie I , IIIIIIVVIV (end) – seems like people like this


wmatsui  (matsui Jurina and matsui rena)

the sun and the moon (ft yukirena and jurimayu), the sun and the moon *Rena POV* 

draw a blank part (wmatsui SMUT)part 2 part 3 

a glass of water – wmatsui ver (angst) Recommended 

dance chapter zero : her (Jurina,rena,sakura)

hypno puppy (OS. wmatsui, Mayuki) ft. Ruka Kikuchi

strange thing called love

i wrote a song for you (pictures drabble, wmatsui) Tumblr Readers favorite. means = troll post


yukirena (yuki kashiwagi and rena matsui)

can’t stop loving you (SMUT)

little mischief ( pictures  drabble_yukirena)


mayuki (watanabe mayu and kashiwagi yuki)


a glass of water – mayuki ver (angts)

an old painting in the attic  / epilogue (25 lives) Recommended

25 lives (mayuki picture drabble)

Dance_mayuki SP : the cyborg that grown up (Jurina x sakura ft. 48/46 G) mayuyu 22th birthday

one hot summer night _jurisaku, mayuki, sayamilky, naamegu (SMUT) highest Read

To the moon_first part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot )part 2  last part 

hypno puppy (OS. wmatsui, Mayuki) ft. Ruka Kikuchi

the princess and the peasant (mayuki picture drabbles )


Jurisaku (matsui jurina and miyawaki sakura)


Allure _ Part One (Jurisaku SMUT),   part 2 

Red Blue Black _ introChapter 1Chapter 2, chapter 3 ,Last chapter / Taking place before 48th single Jurisaku Center released

across the mirror part 1/2  part 2/2) , epilogueOPV  Recommended

Red Blue Black _ intro : AKB48 48th Single CenterChapter 1

unravel (PG13_dark) first partsecond part last part (contain violence and mature scene)

one hot summer night _jurisaku, mayuki, sayamilky, naamegu (SMUT) Highest Read

To the moon_first part part 2 3rd part (end)

hate you love (jurisaku smut)

draw you out (Cabasuka Gakuen, Jurisaku, Smut)

A Review ? A fanfic drabble? lets just mix it up Its 2017 Jurisaku after all




This series following Japanese Top IDol; Matsui Jurina and Miyawaki Sakura and their Real Time AKB48 activity for a year (from  January 3, 2016 to January 3, 2017),  but in this Fanfic, they are dating each other

NB; This Fic was updated every friday and works as a summary of Jurina and Sakura real activity within the week, most of the event are real…well.. mostly (T-Hee)

personally Recommend this series, its a fun series!


Dance Wattpad Link : Wattpad Dance

Dance JPHIP Link : JPHIP dance

Dance AFF Link : AFF Link

(yup posted it everywhere… Its written already so why not)

dance 1 : the new center

dance 2 : your kiss

dance 3 : the kami 7

dance 4 : dance with me

dance 5 : hakata girls

dance 6 : kimi wa melody

dance 7 : nogizaka akb

Dance : neo kami 7 

dance valentine SP

dance : happy birthday Jurina  Recommended

dance : Sakura 18th birthday 

Dance_mayuki SP : the cyborg that grown up,

dance : the 148.5 concert 

Dance : the 44th senbatsu

Dance : err….a bit sayamilky sp 

dance : Taboo no iro 

dance : Jurina’s House  readers favorite 

dance : tsubasa wa iranai 

dance : AKB 48 : team A 

dance : handshakes shakes event 

dance : sousenkyo appeal video 

Dance : i think i need more CD_SSK preliminary result (erm…yes this is a fic)

Dance : universal studio date 

Dance : final chapter_ akb48 SSK 2016 

dance chapter zero : her (Jurina,rena,sakura)

dance : Love trip ( Request)

dance : SHOWROOM (jurisaku) Recommended 

dance : cabasuka gakuen (jurisaku)

Dance : Kouhaku Uta gassen 2017 (Jurisaku)

oh and a bit about “dance” fanfic series. Its ended

Jurimayu well.. its mostly center nezu (majisuka gakuen. BEST! DRAMA! EVARR!. )

a date readers favorite

thats all

the Sun and the Moon (wmatsui, jurimayu,mayuki, yukirena) readers favorite

i really like to know what you think about these fic.. its help me to write the next one.

Lets sailing !