Sub videos and FMV


NB: you can find most of AKB related videos with subtitle by following this google docs provided by @akbingo fans : google docs


I doing sub for akb48, keyakizaka46 and nogizaka46.  most of my lazy sub  could be found on my channel :

(its my 3rd channel huhuhu copyrigh and akb48 just doenst match well)

Thou all Im putting here is the one that shipping related coz… if you havent notice.. this is that kind of blog

Jurisaku react to tofu pro final eps #24 (eng sub)

Jurina and Sakura react to Tofu Pro wrestling #23 (VIdeo CUT)

Pre ANN SP Showroom (english sub)

Sakura React to Tofu pro wrestling ep.1 (english)

jurina and sakura react to tofu pro ep.10 (eng, cut, mirrored)

Ikumin react to Jurina calls on SR (english sub)

Jurina calls on Sakura SR (video eng subs)

a dream? 8 minutes Jurisaku heaven at Sakura SR?? (review on Video)

Katamoi finally (twisted edition)


Fan Made Video and OPV

Sayamilky FMV Joker English lyrics

Updated FMV for Jurisaku Fanfic RED BLUE BLACK (recommended)

conrats!!! wcenter Jurisaku (FMV)

Jurina, Sakura, Hirate (Sakamichi AKB  Fanfic Trailer)

Jurisaku Tofu Pro wrestling season 1 (FMV)

Sakura Danso compilation video

Nogizaka46 danso Compilation (video)

Matsui Jurina danso compilation video

kiss my eyes (48/46 fanvid)

Katamoi finally (twisted edition)

wmatsui OPV (missing you)

jurisaku OPV

saeyuki proof *sigh*

when members made wmatsui fanfic

Across The Mirror OPV (Jurisaku Fanfic Trailer )

Jurisaku trailer

Jurina x harupi (tofu pro wrestling FMV)