have you met the ultimate 48/46 fan girl, amaki sally ?? (video )

taken from amaki sally SR amaki sally (天城サリー) is an anime seiyuu (voice actress) for idol group 22/7 watch her as she fan girling all of your oshi across idol fandom like Sugai Yuuka sama 菅井友香 (keyakizaka46 欅坂46), okada nana 岡田奈々 (akb48/stu48), and akimoto manatsu (nogizaka46 乃木坂46)   Advertisements

Random Jurisaku SMUT by Jyurination48

another piece from Jyurination48 san a good one please direct any inquiries directly to the author Jyurination48.Tumblr.com link : https://jyurination48.tumblr.com/post/165372623226/random-smut-umm-jurina-w-will-you-stay Random Smut “Umm, Jurina… w-will you stay tonight?” Miyawaki Sakura asked shyly, staring up at the other girl’s eyes intensely. Jurina heavily exhaled before answered; “I don’t know,” she spoke in a slight frustrated, or … More Random Jurisaku SMUT by Jyurination48

Fallen Angle (Jurisaku fanfic by Jumarit803)

fanfic not mine its belong to Jurimarit803.tumblr.com and because its belong to other author, only first chapter will be posted here please direct any inquiries directly to the author just really wanna have the link here so I can revisit it whenever I want read it again :’) tumbr link :  http://jumarit803.tumblr.com/post/164810730030/fallen-angel-chapter-1-jurisaku SKE48 Hako Oshi … More Fallen Angle (Jurisaku fanfic by Jumarit803)