dance : cabasuka gakuen (jurisaku)

— – — —–


— – — —–

— – — —–

Sakura running in hurry, her overly fluffy white dress totally in the way, but before she reach her destination, a stunning figure stoping her, softly catch her arms, and calming the Hakata girl with her eyes

“k-kurage san” Sakura let it out weak

“wait here…” Kurage said, slowly … and slowly… Kurage lean closer, and closer … “Kurage…san?” and before Sakura could do anything, Kurage lips has landed perfectly on her lips, kissing her gently



The director shout, but from the look on his face, he probably do not really want to cut the  scene, well…it was hot

“ermh.. Jurina san…err.. for the 7th times…there is no kissing scene here… so ..can we do it again?” said the director while smiling weakly

“eh??? why!!!! Sakura is there! I’m catching her! we looking at each other! it has to be end with kissing scene right!?”

“errr *glup* um yeah…but Jurina san… the story is…”

“hehhh just rewrite the script! its episode 5 already! but sakura and I still don’t even have one kissing scene!?? I’m walking out this drama”

“EEHH??!! J-Jurina chuaan??”

Jurina about to extend her torture to the drama director, but then she felt a black threatening aura from behind, reflect by her surviving instinct, Jurina turn around immediately, finding a girl coated in hazardous aura


“e-eh..s-sakura chan? *glup*”

“how many…how many times do you intend to make us retake this scene? ”

Jurina could sense murderous intends on sakura calm gentle voice “b-but are in front of me…and um…you look so cute .. and–”

sakura : “JU-RI-NA” *deathly stare *

Jurina  “but…”*cries*

— —- – – –

its Crapasuka– i mean Cabasuka gakuen on recording, AKB group official drama. despite all the weird hostess A/U over ratted setting, its still Part of the magnificent Majisuka gakuen series. Sakura ‘Same’ is the main lead, Jurina ‘Kurage’ is her co star with character so strong, they might as well just make her the main lead too, and the whole show is a trap.

after two more takes, where first; Jurina kiss Sakura again (and sakura really have to kill her with a stare)  and the second; finally able to take the needed kiss-less scene, the casts take rest for a while before the next scene sets get set up

“sakura…its a bit cold here” Jurina said, carefully wrapping Sakura (who is wearing her fabric-less Cabasuka outfit ) with her black leather jacket

“don’t catch a cold again” Jurina said gently. The Sakae Ultimate Ace then sitting beside sakura in that tiny but cozy couch,   wrapping sakura with her arm, clinging on her, resting her chin on Sakura shoulder while looking at Sakura face longingly, her finger cycling sakura bare shoulder blade playfully. Jurina  always gets really flirtatious after acted as Kurage… maybe she got into the character a bit too much and its cling for a while

Sakura only look away, puffed her mouth a bit, ah…Jurina knows her girl friend a bit too much already, to know what does that face mean

“sakura…im sorry okay…”

“for what?!” Sakura try to play it cool, but forgot to not sound angry

“for not able to resist …a chance of kissing your lips” Jurina said, while looking at sakura lips alluringly, a look so intense Sakura minds went blank for a while as Jurina keep closing their distance, but right in time before Jurina could reach her target, sakura able to regain her sense, abruptly pushing Jurina face away

“saachan” Jurina calling again,  her hands gently turning sakura face back to her “don’t you want to …kiss me?”

Sakura looking at Jurina, with her devilish sexy smile, and her charming challenging eyes, that sakura would go crazy…if she not …kiss that Nagoya Ace Red tempting lips

sakura drawn closer…and closer

but then the door abruptly opened, and a bunch of other AKB cabasuka cast are pouring into the room where Jurina and sakura was alone

“ahh Sakura san ! Jurina san! Otsukaresama Desu~ *thank you for your hard work*” a small girl with face resembling cute little mice entered the room first, beside her, walks Sayanee, looks dignified in Kimono

“ah ehh Mion chan! Sayanee ! O-otsukaresama !” Sakura said, blushed, abruptly pushing Jurina face away

Jurina : “…Otsukresama *cries*”

following behind Mukaichi Mion and Yamamoto sayaka, a tall sexy girl entering the room, somehow, looks like she havent sleep for days

“…I’m tired… need …to see… Mayu  face” *open her phone* *looking at Mayu photo book pictures* *zooming the oshiri part* *suddenly looks like a lamp has lit inside of her*

“yukirin san! Otsukaresama” Sakura really happy to have her Kagoshima onee chan recording with her this time, as Yukirin appear as special guest on the Drama

“Sakura chan~! your acting getting really better!” Yukirin casually patting Sakura shoulder, and force her way to sit between Jurina and Sakura, pushing Jurina away

“errr Kashiwagi san!?” Jurina about to protesting, but then Yukirin slowly turn around to her, smiling…with a smile so dark… the world feels like it got darker in instant

“…how many times you intend to retake the scene, and kiss My Kagoshima Imouto on that last scene huh? Jurina?”

other girls in the room : “uwahh…black queen appear”

“eh..errr.. its um…”

“and I know you and Mayu used to date…and that center and Kurage scene in this drama was  nice and all… but…” Yuki stop for a while, to widen her smile… and bring even greater dark force with it “but please be considered with MY mayu when I am around will you ”

by the look on Yuki face, everyone in the room at that time convinced … that Kashiwagi Yuki have killed a man at least once before

Jurina : “o-okay” *sweats heavily*

somehow Jurina get a glimpse from where Sakura might learnt her dark aura special skill

but before someone get killed, Jurina, sakura and Yukirin attention are drawn to the ruckus across the room

“no way!?” Mion Squeak

“what is it?” Yukirin ask, Mion looking at her Third generation senpai, and handing her phone to Yuki, her face looks far from ease.

“whats up?” sayanee joining Jurina and Sakura, squeezing Yukirin from all direction to look into the phone screen, and their face stiffen right away

“…Kouhaku… artist selection announcement? ”

the four girls read the web page on that small phone

Kouhaku Uta gessen, the biggest Annual Music Program in Japan Television, just launch their artist selection for 2016-2017 new year show. appearing on Kouhaku uta gassen is considered as a very prestige achievement for japanese actress, its even used as barometer of the artist popularity within the whole year, to be, or not to be appear on Kouhaku .AKB48 as the biggest Idol group in the world, with their constant 1 million sells album, of course always on the list. but not always so with AKB sister group, the four girls take a deep breath , looking for their group on the list…

“AKB48…Nogizaka46…oh!! Keyakizaka46 also in! isnt that amazing!!!?? its their first year right!!? uuwah! its insane!! even AKB have to take years before finally able to appear on Kouhaku!!” yukirin and her big reaction always cute to be watch, but the other three have their mind on other place by now, they  then proceed to read the list

“…NGT48..not in the list” Yukirin let out a sight

“…HKT48…not in it too” Sakura lean on the couch… looks exhausted

“..NMB48…not there” sayanee throw her face away

“… SKE48… also…not there ” Jurina, Sakura, Yukirin and Sayanee look at each other in awareness

“eh??”the four members with highest rank on each of their respected group immediately look at the list back, checking it once again

“No way”

“no…sister group!???”

— — ——- ——–

The four young kami7 look at each other, totally look tensed

“wait…theres more info updated!” sayanee said, the four back to read it again

“for this year Kouhaku Utageassen, its decided that for 48 G, only one slot would be opened, and the members that appear would be decide by…” Sayanee gulped before continue reading the words on the phone


if the four didn’t lost before, they totally lose it now

“another sousenkyo?” Yukirin let out a sigh “and I tough once a year pressure is too much already”

“voting?” sakura looks really tensed, her hand unconsciously slip under Jurina hand, holding it tightly, Jurina, whether doing it consciously it or not, holding sakura hand back

“…another…Sousekyo huh?”

— – — – —

the recording after went well, but everyone clearly looks more tensed, the tough of another Sousenkyo, in the end of the year, the pressure really got into their stomach

the four Kami7 member also not get by from it, in contrast, the impact are bigger on them, what if the fans decide to vote for younger or new members? this is Kouhaku right? and the main senbatsu already appear on it right? why don’t give the young ones a chance instead? and unlike AKB Sousenkyo, its hard to vote multiple time, names that totally different from the Main Senbatsu would very likely to appear. how if their Kouhaku rank fall far from their SSK rank? or ..even… how if they don’t even make it into the selection member? how would that effecting their position in the group?  the toughs linger on their head hard.

when the recording finished, sayanee throw a quick smile, bowing politely  to everyone and walk hastily out, seems in rush on doing something. Yukirin take her phone, and dial a number right away “hello…Mayu? have you heard about Kouhaku?” Yukirin too gone hastily while keep busy talking on her phone.

Jurina and Sakura are get into it too, somehow also feel rushed to go home, and seep the tough on their mind. Sakura looking at Jurina anxiously, Reading a glimpse of the Hakata girl tough, Jurina replied with a quick assured nod “ill stay over at your place tonight sakura”


the night has fall deep, but Neither Sakura or Jurina able to fall asleep

they cuddle with each other on Sakura’s bed. the room is dark, only light from  the moon fall from the window, reflected on their eyes as a silver glisten. its also quiet… and its cold,  the two body covered with  blanket and each other heat for warmness.

“…I kinda wish SKE48 could perform as a group this year”

“…this is a hard world …inst it” Sakura shifting her head that resting on top of Jurina shoulder a bit, and Jurina tightening her arm that half wrapping sakura “do you think…our rank..will drop? do you think….we gonna make it… in?”

Jurina only looking at the ceiling, sakura closing her eyes, listening to Jurina steady heart beat,  stay like that for a while


Jurina take a look at Sakura… Sakura has grown stronger,  a lot more mature, and smarter  these past years, far from the  sloppy little girl she was first met five years ago, whom head not even able to reach Jurinas’s shoulder, but even so…even in that strong girl eyes who lays beside her… Jurina could feel… how anxious the hakata girl is

Jurina gently roll over on top of sakura, hovering above her, they look at each other, let their eyes exchanging messages more powerful than words could’ve done, Jurina long silky hair fall like a curtain, and sakura pulling it gently, twirling it with her finger

Jurina don’t have the answer yet, she isnt sure herself … yet she want to…with all her being…she know…that she want to answer yes…she want to convince sakura that everything going to be alright … but she afraid her unsureness would seep into her words, and sakura would catch it all, and they both would end up in more anxiousness, knowing the other are more unsure  than their self

so instead… Matsui Jurina lean down… and Kiss sakura down

Sakura thinking for sometimes, try to figure what is that kiss mean…and what is Jurina thinking, before she too close her eyes, and kiss Jurina back

They kiss… and kiss …  as if they don’t…the world would end right away. like they try to melt into each others skin, try to merge their soul together… to be stronger… to be… together

for when the sun might comes up in the morning,

at least they will find they have each other

and even that both unsure with what would happen

at least…they would have each other

and so …they kiss.

Together, melting their unsure future …into a kiss







2 thoughts on “dance : cabasuka gakuen (jurisaku)

  1. I didn’t think you’ll make this story in very short time. Hahaha. Sasuga! Otsukaresama deshita!!!
    there’s some typo. But, over all the story is so good.


    1. arigatou gozaimasu foxlichika san, theres a really good request about this chapter and i was so pumped up because all the Jurisaku cabasuka ruckus last night (you know what i mean lol), and …well end up write this,. glad you enjoy it :d


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