how cabasuka gakuen should have end (drabbles )

Hi! so this is  drabbles (probably) about  AKB48 Majisuka Gakuen Series season 6, cabasuka gakuen

and yes this is inspired by youtube channel ‘Hishe’

you probably haven’t watch Cabasuka yet

honestly, up to this point, the whole season are a mess.

its a trap,

but well… how about some… fanfic?



Characters :

Cabasuka characters are  named based on sea food- i mean sea creatures! but its so stupid, so except the main lead, this fic would just use  their real name or their majisuka name.

two main lead for this drama are :

Jurina Center / Kurage(jelly fish) : Number one hostess that ranked one at hostess Sousenkyo, was a legendary Majijo graduate, Center senpai, who somehow drop out(?) fired(?) from her previous job as a nurse in MJ 4. and now leading her Majijo juniors to be a…proper hostess?

Sakura / Same (shark) : the new majisuka Rappapa president, if only she stop hanging around on rappapa room and actually  go studying in the class for once, she might could think of something better to save Majijo from bankruptcy than turning everyone to  hostess


NB : err i do have jurisaku fetish, but its not like I sets this up! they really are cabasuka two main lead

— —— —–

Episode 1


Nishino Nanase, a mysterious girl, wandered alone into Majisuka land. in her hand, a bright red umbrella opened, shadowing her figure, it is not raining or anything, she just deeply in love with gekkikara senpai who transferred to nogi high sometimes ago, she think gekkikara shredding an umbrella is super sexy, so there she is, a copy cat, coz…why not??

Nanase the awesome mysterious girl : *walk mysteriously*

random Majisuka girl : oi… who said you could pass here?

Nanase Fought awesomely with the Majisuka yankee


(There the whole season should have just ended there awesomely, no cringe, no hostess club, THE END)

but its not… so… (-_-) :

Episode 1 

Majisuka Gakuen is in debt and threatened to be closed down, Sakura the new Rappapa president, decide that they would have to do part time job, a sleazy old man then offered them to work in hostess club, with one condition, after they got all the money they need, sakura have to be his girl friend

Sleazy old man : So Sakura, Do you agree to be my Girl after this? *reach out her hand to shake sakura’s hand*

Sakura : *looking at the old mans hand*

sakura : *thingking*

Sakura : *thingking*


Sakura and the Rappapa girls pulled out guns from under their skirt, kill the old man, went to their school creditors, beat them all, back to school. sakura continue living peacefully as the new Rappapa president, turn Majisuka gakuen  into her personal harem kingdom, chasing girls and kiss everyone everyday. everyone lives peacefully ever after.THE END

Episode 2

The girls agreed to be hostess, then go to check out the club with the sleazy old man

sleazy old man : and now, let me introduce you

Center Kurage : *appear* *walk in slow motion*

Maji girls : Center senpai !!

Center : no no, in here…its Kurage~ *wink**sexy seductive smile*

Sakura : *cringe*

Otabe : *cringe*

every girls in the room : *cringe*

Center : …

Center : …

Center : (….is my character transformation really went that far *cry*)

sleazy old men : so this is kurage, she would teach you all *groping centers butt*


center went on rampage, send the sleazy old men to hospital, while at it, since she used to worked there as a nurse *MJ4*, Center arrange the girls to work in that Hospital instead, “Atsuko Maeda and Sado san also part time here a long time ago” she said, center grope every of the cabasuka girls fine ass before go and laugh all the way out, and since health care job these days paid SO freaking high, they save the school, and live happily ever after

Episode 2 (B)

sleazy old man : and now, let me introduce you to the proudness of this hostess club

Center Kurage : *appear* *walk in slow motion*

Maji girls : Center senpai !!

Center : no no, in here…its Kurage~

sleazy old man : this is kurage, she would be your mentor *groping centers butt*

Every Jurina Wota jammed themselves into their laptop screen, to the hostess club, mutilated the old man, and made Kurage a living queen.



NB : the butt groping scenes probably done by stunt rather than Jurina herself (prob, hopefully)


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