How Cabasuka Gakeun Should Have End (6,7,8) Drabbles




Episode 6

one of Naachan regular turn into a creeps, looking obsessively at naachan pictures day and night, stalking all her social media, having tremendous murderous intent for other costumers that touch her… basically me on regular basis

Naachan : this is so troublesome! let me just kill him

Sakura : stop it! we are not yankee anymore, lets finish it cabasuka way

Naachan : how?

Sakura : i know! kiss Yuria

Naachan : HUH??

Yuria : HUH????

Sakura : you know, to make that costumer believe that you are not into men and-

Naachan and Yuria : SAKURA BEHIND YOU!!

sakura : *turn around* huh? a-annin??? i mean Y-yoga?? you alive??? what with that big knife??

Yoga Annin : Sakura … die!!! *stabbing sakura hazardously *

Sakura die from suggesting something so outrageous that endangering YuriAnnin ship

The end


episode 6 b

*naachan kissing Magic passionately

Magic : wow

Naachan : i think… i don’t hate it

magic : I think…i don’t hate it neither

Naachan and magic : *looking at each other passionately*

they then falling in love, build a small family together, then live happily ever after.

The end. *eh?*

Episode 7

To promote the hostess club, the shady old man put up a giant big banners of the girls pictures in the street

*people in the street*

person A :wow look at those girls in the hostess club poster! so beautiful!

Person B : totally! they look like akb members! so fresh and young! like school girl!

person A : ….

Person B : …

A : …  do you think they are that young?

B: … i think…at least half of them is still in school  h-haha *nervous laugh*

A : …

B: …

*15 minutes later*

Police barging the host club, arresting the sleazy old man for making school girls work on a hostess club.


Episode 7 B

the incompetent police finally able to sniff out this totally violating children labour place, and arrested only matsuoka hana

the Incompetent police : You are underage! go with us

Sakura : NO!!! my precious apprentice !!

Center : can this be solved other way??

Renachi : um… I’m sorry guys … but… isn’t the management is the one that should be arrested? you know? for hiring under age girl in the first place?

everyone in the room : !!!!! *lighting strikes*

Police barging  the host club, arresting the sleazy old man for making under age girls work on a hostess club.



episode 8

Cabasuka graduate, scandal, appear, she appear to be a well known Idol now


i love you scandal, but from all of Majisuka graduates; black is pregnant and work in supermarket, Center is fired from her nursing job and now a hostess, Nezumi have a shady job that she don’t even want to talk about, and they decide scandal would be the one that end as a well known Idol?


everyone laughing their ass off literally off so off they all die



episode 8 B

*Naachan and Yuria kissing*

Naachan : i grow fond of your lips magic

Magic : shut up and just kiss me again


Magic Yuria : um… why do I feel a bit chill in here?

Arose from the death, slowly emerge from the darkness of the hostess club, a girl with long hair, wearing purple Rappapa jersey

Magic : Y-YOGA??????

Yoga : Yuria… how many times do i have to be back from the death just to stoping you cheating?? huh??? THIS TIME IM BACK FOR SURE! die!!

suddenly everything went into an unexplainable chaos

The end


Episode 8 c

skin as pale as the moon, her salty smile flashing the night

she is appear. the former rappapa president, SALT

*I die from intense excitement and unable to write anything else*

The End(?)





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