How Cabasuka Gakuen Should End FINALLY THE END(Drabbles)


—- ——— –

Episode 9 

sakura in a pinch, a detective cornering her

Detective : *point a gun to sakura* there is no point of resisting

sakura : ugh!

suddenly a silhouette appear, magnificently disarm the detective in fast rapid amazing movement

sakura : salt san!

salt : sakura, is this  your boy friend?

sakura : huh? n-no, its a detective

salt : *salty but cute smile*

sakura : s-salt san?

salt : good… coz you are mine  *suddenly kiss Sakura passionately*

sakura : ???!!!!!

salt : sakura…I… Im in love with you for a very long time…. i rose from the death just for you *cling cutely on sakura*

sakura : ????!!!! OTABEE !!!!where are you!!!!!! salt got weird!!!!

the show should be ended, it appears salt is mentally unstable after forced to appear on Cabasuka even after when she is just about days to graduate


Episode 10 A

holding a white umbrella, another gekkikara admirer, Shiraisi Mai from nogizaka46 once again roaming freely in the forbidden land of majijo

Maiyan : *walk like a goddess which what she really is*

maiyan and majijo girls :*looking intensely* *ready to fight*

Ikuta Erika : MAIYAAANNN NO!!!

maiyan : huh??? ikuchan??? what the– what are you doing here

Ikuchan : *begging on her knee* maiyan.. i beg you…please…please stay away from this drama..this drama is cursed

maiyan : errr..but–

Ikuchan : for the love of Nogizaka!! maiyan I BEG YOU!!! *crying bloods*

maiyan : o-okay okay!!!

Maiyan is saved by Ikuchan from this cursed drama, ran far away…far away … and please never comeback here again

THe end


Episode 10 B

The hostess club somehow finally able to reach their financial target, everyone is celebrating

sleazy old man : so sakura… you still remember your promise right?

sakura : … yes

*in the hotel room*

sakura lying naked on the big bed, waiting anxiously for the sleazy old man, but the man never come… he never come (thank you… no one needs more cringe scenes seriously)

but instead… Center pop up from the door… sakura don’t have to ask… center eyes, center smirk, its all  dangerously  explained everything that would come up next ….

THE END (rated M, unable to be posted on JPhip)


EPisode 10 : True Ending (unlocked only if passed 95% of the cringe )

JUrina : so…its over now

Sakura : it is

Jurina : … what do you want to do next?

Sakura : back being Rappapa president, you?

Jurina : i think I’m gonna try wrestling next

Sakura : wrestling???

Jurina : yes…come with me sakura

Sakura : but…errr… wrestling?

Jurina : yes… i love you so come with me sakura

Sakura : ????

Jurina and Sakura became a pro wrestler, after a long long long and many many many rejection, finally sakura said yes to Jurina propose, and they life happily ever after

#superBiasedEnding #theEnd #imsorry #maybeNotSorry #okaySorryyyyyy



**BONUS drabbles


Salty queen

salt joining the cabasuka girls

salt : *act super salty*

those M costumers : yes, banish us more salt sama!!! ❤

cabasuka girls : wow,  the salty treatment works on cabasuka too!

Center : the heart of costumers is as deep as ocean, some people like those salty cold treatment

center : *look at sakura*

sakura : *cold eyes* what ??

center : *grinning happily* *blushed* yes, some people …

cabasuka girls : …. ( center…you  are super M yourself)


the imperfect two

its late and everyone already home, Jurina and Sakura happen to be  the last there, after deal with a stubborn costumers

Kurage Jurina : ugh… finally he is home, that costumer was a bummer

Sakura Same : im so tired *slam herself on the couch*

Kurage : lol…let me help you with that *start massaging Same bare shoulder*

Same : e-eh??

Kurage : hem?

Same : … *looks at the floor* *blush*

Kurage : !!!! *was just do it without thinking* *now think too much of it**blush twice harder than same* *but continue massaging Same anyway*

Kurage and Same : … *awkward massaging moment*




The old good days

Center and Nezumi chillin in the couch, reminiscing their days ruling majijo

Center : those were such a good old days

Nezu : *smirk* …yes

center : btw, Nezu, that one time we have a major fight with Yabakune in a very late night, and you appear super late, wearing a mess up clothes like you just finish wrestling with someone,  I’m still wondering why was that

Nezu : …

Center : ahaha but I remember Black senpai also come out of nowhere not long after you come and help us

Nezu : …

Center: … now that i recall it, Black senpai clothes also looks mess up

Nezu : …

center : …

Nezu : … *blush*

Center : NEZU!!????????????


end end end


and…thats it!!

10 episode of Crapasuka Gakuen! have you watched crapasuka? what do you think? lol (if you havent watch ;maybe meh…just don’t)

thank you very much for reading ! happy sailing all 🙂


2 thoughts on “How Cabasuka Gakuen Should End FINALLY THE END(Drabbles)

  1. And…. Finally this torture show is really ended. Haha…
    And… I think there’s something wrong with Sakura’s brain. In the end she’s still being a hostess.. 😦


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