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Attention (Jurisaku by Jyurination48 )

Hopefully I will not get killed soon by keep putting all these others writers fanfic Here . thou I like to put these fanfic I found and love in one archive huhuhuhu
Fanfic Written by:  https://jyurination48.tumblr.com

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Attention / JuriSaku

Her eyes were still glued on the tv screen, sat comfortably on the couch with her legs crossed while watching the animated movie displayed. And that was when Jurina joined in, came back from her shower with short shorts, white T-Shirt with a black, thin jacket over it.

Sensing another human being approached, Sakura diverted her attention from the movie then to Jurina, sweetly smiled then scooted aside to give some space for Jurina so she could sit beside her.

“What are you watching?” Jurina’s voice was just a faint whisper, placed her left arm over Sakura’s shoulders the moment they sat side by side. “… Attack on Titan?”

“Oh…” Jurina murmured, decided to not voice another question and let the silence took over, seriously watched the anime and listening to the dramatic sound effect. But after a while, it stopped and replaced with CMs, which made Sakura pouted her lips.


“Sakura,” Jurina mumbled, lifting her left arm then began to playing with Sakura’s hair, stroking those silky dark locks with her slender fingers. “Hm?” Sakura responded but her eyes still on the tv. Jurina nuzzling her nose into Sakura’s hair, her fingers still playing. “Your hair smells really nice… I love it.”

A soft chuckle escaped Sakura’s lips at the coquettish tone, she just stay still and ignoring the other girl, continued to watch the tv though it was still showed the commercials. Knowing her first attempt of seduction didn’t get a proper respond, Jurina brought up her other weapon; she tucked Sakura’s hair behind her ear then pressed a kiss on it, sweeping her lips against the soft skin of her ear.

Sakura still focused on the tv but then tilted her head when Jurina started to nibbling on her ear. “What?” Sakura asked in her small laugh, amused. Jurina shook her head then smiled innocently, Sakura returned the smile before averted her eyes to the screen again.

Jurina won’t stop being a little puppy, she kissed Sakura’s ear again, moved aside to gave a peck on her cheek. “Sakura.” She sweetly called, twirling the young girl’s hair who now refused to meet her gaze. Jurina kept on trying, didn’t stop her seductive kisses and strokes on her hair “…. Baby?”

It was irresistible. Sakura turned her head then grabbed Jurina’s cheeks, pulled her into the kiss she have been wanting since the beginning. Both giggling into the kiss, locking each other’s lips as the sweet flavors were made their eyes flutter in joy. Jurina circled her arms around the younger girl`s waist, Sakura looped hers around Jurina’s neck in return.

Seconds later, Sakura withdrew from the playful kiss then smiled. “I got a bad girl.” she murmured. Jurina grinned at the words, stole a kiss on her lips before reply “I just want your attention.”

“Mm,” Sakura lightly hummed and reconnect their lips for another heated kiss. Being the dominant one, Jurina escalated the kiss by sticking out her tongue and swept it over Sakura’s bottom lip, invited her for to the next level of kiss. Sakura granted her wish and parted her lips, whimpered when she felt Jurina’s tounge slipped into her mouth.

It turned wet and sloppy, and Sakura felt the other girl’s hands roaming her back, pushed her down against the couch.

“Wanna do it here…?” Jurina offered in a hot whisper. As she hovering over Sakura, she knew her hormone was raising tremendously.

“Here?” Sakura asked back instead of answering, a bit hesitant. Jurina smirked, a ridiculously, sexy smirk. “Let’s try to do it here.”

The act continued immediately. They kissed with much more exitement, enthusiasm, and passion. It went smoothly until….


Jurina jumped as she felt something sharp dug into her back. “What the-?!”

“Ahaha, Maru-chan!” Sakura beamed up at the fat, golden furred cat that hung her paws onto Jurina’s shoulder. She parted herself then stood up to take the cat away. “What’s the matter? Are you hungry?”

“AGAIN?!” Jurina roared, stared at her girlfriend who held the cat in her arms lovingly. “Sorry, Jurina.” Sakura simply apologized then dissapeared to the kitchen, with Maru-chan’s eyes obviously glinted with victory.

That cat wins… again.
Hours later….

Sakura closed the bathroom door slowly, cladded in the bathrobe, she dragged her bare feet towards the bed where Jurina already occupied it, covered her whole body with the blanket.

She must be sulking.

Slowly, Sakura let the rob sliding off of her body and let it fell onto the floor, the cool breeze from the air conditioner quickly hitting her skin all over. But however, she knew she will find the warmth soon. She grabbed the blanket and sneaked into it, climbing the bed… and on top of Jurina.

Jurina fliched her body, feeling a sensious touch on her legs up to her belly. A weight pressed against her body afterwards, she didn’t have time to disclose the blanket she used as Sakura’s face appeared under it, nude.

“Ne, I’m sorry.” Sakura whispered.

“…. Just go back to your lovely Maru-chan.” Jurina lazily replied then closed her eyes again, trying to ignore the view presented that really close to her. “You clearly choose it over me.”

“Mou, don’t be jealous.” Sakura softly laughed, craddling the other girl’s head and captured her lips in a daring kiss. An alluring smile plastered her face when the brief kiss broken. She tugged the hem of Jurina’s shirt while hotly said, “…. I’ll give you my whole attention right now.”

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