black x gekikara everyday life (majisuka gakuen fanfic)

taken from posted by leNosferatu

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fan fiction from akb drama majisuka gakuen . what if black (kashiwagi yuki) married with gekikara (matsui rena).

BuraGeki no Ichinichi

Mad Baby

Gekikara   : *giggle* Blaaack! *giggle* Where are you? *giggle*
*no answers*
Baby      : HWEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
Gekikara   : Ne…okotteru? *giggle*
Gekikara   : Me…*giggle*…mad…*giggle* *bite nails*
Baby      : *cries in gigahertz level*
Gekikara   : *giggle* U…ru…sai!!! *giggle*
Black      : *appear* Stop giggling. You scared him.


Bloody Fists

Gekikara   : It’s no fun.
Black      : that’s why I told you to leave us alone
Gekikara   : but I want to help! *sparkling eyes*
Black      : you couldn’t even change his diapers…*rolling eyes*
Gekikara   : he kept crying when I was about to!
Black      : wash your hands before doing it *sigh*



Gekikara   : Bad boy! Sleep now!
Baby      : *stare* *lips trembling* *watery eyes*
Gekikara   : Sleep…now… *stare back*
Black      : *appear* You are hopeless *carry the child in the arms*


Amaku”chi-chi” (chichi = father/dad in Japanese)

Gekikara   : What should I do?
Black      : Please being Amakuchi…
Gekikara   : I’ve graduated.
Black      : But we have a son now.
Gekikara   : That’s not ours.
Black      : Oh, so that’s it. Okay, don’t ever see me again. *leave*
Gekikara   : I’M KIDDING! JUST KIDDING! *hold Black’s legs*



Amakuchi   : Black…I love you…*snuggle*
Black      : Hmm…
Amakuchi   : Black…*hug*
Black      : Hmm…
Amakuchi   : I want a kiss *shoving lips*
Black      : stop it!
Amakuchi   : Ehh?? Why?
Black      : The baby’s still awake.



Amakuchi   : Why can’t we get separated room?
Black      : I can’t watch him easily.
Amakuchi   : I want you to watch only me.
Black      : *blush*
Amakuchi   : *grin* Let’s go to the living room *drag*


Major Turn Off

Amakuchi   : *whispering*
Black      : *giggling*
Amakuchi   : *kissing*
Black      : Mmmh…eh, wait! *stop*
Amakuchi   : What’s wrong?
Black      : I think I heard he cry…
*silence for 5 seconds*
Amakuchi   : There’s…nothing *shrug*
Black      : Sorry, I guess it was just my imagination.
Amakuchi   : *grin* Let’s continue *kissing*
Black      : Mmmh…mmh…eh! *stop*
Amakuchi   : What is it? *sigh*
Black      : I’m afraid he needs to pee *leaving*
*few mins*
Black      : He’s sleeping *smiles* let’s continue.
Amakuchi   : You know what? I prefer watching him right now. *leave*


Hopeless Parent

Amakuchi   : How about putting him in a daycare while you’re working?
Black      : My income won’t do.
Amakuchi   : I’m working too, remember? Don’t worry about that.
Black      : But still, such a waste of money.
Amakuchi   : Well, I’ll take care of him then *smiles*
Black      : Do you know the cheapest daycare around here?


Doing It Right

Amakuchi   : I’ll pick him up later, right?
Black      : Yup, 5 PM. Don’t forget.
Amakuchi   : You can count on me!
Black      : Actually I’m a bit worried…



Black      : Tadaima!
Amakuchi   : Okaerinasai~~
Black      :  where’s the baby? *worry*
Amakuchi   : he’s sleeping. Look, there’s nothing to worry about right?
Black      : Thank you, I’ll check him *smiles* maybe I can really count on her…
Amakuchi   : He’s in the bedroom
*few mins*
Black      : *sigh* You picked up the wrong kid…



Amakuchi   : Say “Aaaah” *offering spoon*
Black      : Careful, it’s still hot.
Amakuchi   : I know. Come on, baby. Say “Aaaah”
Baby      : *stay still*
Amakuchi   : He doesn’t want to eat…
Black      : That doesn’t mean you can eat it, Geki (=_=’’)


Healthy Food

Amakuchi   : Eww, *stick out tongue* tastes like shit
Black      : Who says you should eat it?
Amakuchi   : He doesn’t like it anyway.
Black      : Soon. I’ll make him to.
Amakuchi   : Why?
Black      : Vegetables are good for baby.
Amakuchi   : No wonder it tastes like someone’s puke.

Carbs and Sugar

Amakuchi   : *show* You want this? Want this? Open your mouth, Itadakimaaaasu~~
Baby      : *laughs*
Amakuchi   : Yaaay! You like it? Good boy *pet*
Black      : Gekiiiiii! I don’t want my boy getting a premature obese.


Child’s Future

Gekikara   : But chocolate contains vitamins!
Black      : I thought you never listened to the teacher back then.
Gekikara   : *giggle* for my graduation sake, I did.
Black      : I want him to like vegetables.
Gekikara   : why are you so eager? Let him be. *giggle*
Black      : I want him to be a strong yankee.
Gekikara   : I’m strong. And never eat vegetables. *proud*
Black      : I don’t want him to be like you (=__=)
Baby      : I don’t want to be a yankee, Mommies!


What Dad Does

Black      : Gekiiii, please help me taking him for a walk!
Gekikara   : Do not want *sleepy*
Black      : And you called yourself a dad?
Gekikara   : I’d rather to be a mom.
Black      : Can you please breastfeed him?
Gekikara   : Come on kid! The weather outside is nice! *dragging the baby*


What Dad Suffers

Black      : Gekiiii, please help me change the diapers!
Gekikara   : Do not want *yawn*
Black      : Sleep outside tonight *leave*
Gekikara   : Where’s the baby powder again?


What Dad Wants

Black      : Gekiiii, please take him to the bath!
Gekikara   : I’d rather taking YOU to the bath (-3-)
Black      : What was that again? *cold glare*
Gekikara   : *dragging baby* let’s go get your rubber ducky!


What Dad Gets

Black      : Gekiiii!
Gekikara   : WHAT IS IT NOW???
Black      : Thank you for helping me*kissing*
Gekikara   : I-I’m a good Dad *blush*


Glaring Contest

Gekikara   : ._.
Baby      : o.o
Gekikara   : O___o
Baby      : O.O
Gekikara   : (O)___(O)
Black      : I have two children…


Single Mom

Black      : Get your rubber ducky? Oh, he’s flying! Look….whooosh! *playing the rubber ducky*
Baby      : *laugh* *playing with rubber ducky*
Black      : You cute boy, let Mom wash your back. *smile* come on, turn around.
Baby      : *still playing and laughing*
Gekikara   : *slams the door open* WASH MY BACK TOO!!!! *jumps in the bathtub*
Baby      : *scared* HWEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
Black      : I surely have two children…


Bubblebath Disaster

Baby      : *laugh* *playing bubbles*
Black      : *rubbing baby’s back*
Gekikara   : *watching* Sure it’s nice our whole family in a bathtub
Black      : Umm..Geki…
Gekikara   : *start rubbing Black’s back* But sometimes I want to be with you alone here…
Black      : Geki…
Gekikara   : *hugging Black from the back* And we could make a sister for him *giggle*
Black      : GEKIKARA!
Gekikara   : WHAT?? I know we’re not gonna do it in front of our son right now!
Black      : Get out quickly!
Gekikara   : YOU MAD???
Black      : No…he just peed in the bathtub…


How to Deal With Your Wife

Black      : Now is your turn to carry him on the back.
Gekikara   : Ahh, what a pain…
Black      : You call yourself a good parent?
Gekikara   : You call yourself a good wife?
Black      : Alright, alright, you can do anything tonight *blush*
Gekikara   : *fired up* Where’s that boy again?


Lost and Found

Black      : I can’t find the pacifier…*worry* *searching the whole house*
Black      : Wooshoo, wooshoo, wooshoo, good boy. Don’t cry…*stroking baby’s hair*
Baby      : HWEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Black      : This won’t do. Where’s that damn thing again? *frustrate*
Gekikara   : *appear* Hi. What’s wrong?


Santa Claus

Gekikara   : Christmas is next week! What do you want? *smiles*
Black      : All I want for Christmas is you! *blush*
Gekikara   : It’s a song…I’m serious *grin*
Black      : No, I’m serious as well. I want you…and five things on that list *shove a paper* *leave*
Gekikara   : I don’t remember marrying Shibuya…seriously? Spray tan??Nail polish??


*child’s 2nd birthday*
Black      : *carrying baby in the arms**smiling cheerfully*
Baby      : *laugh*
Gekikara   : *singing happy birthday**showing the small cake*
Black      : Happy birthday….to you!!! Yaay *playing with baby’s hand*
Gekikara   : *giggle* Happy 2nd birthday…*suddenly silent*
Black      : what’s wrong?
Gekikara   : we forgot giving him a name for two years…


More Healthy Than Vegetables

Black      : *from the kitchen* Gekiiii, please help me feeding him. I’m busy making dinner.
Gekikara   : *watching TV* mmkay…*yawn*
*few mins*
Baby      : *laugh*
Gekikara   : it’s delicious right? You will be a strong yankee by eating this everyday! *giggle*
Black      : *appear* I don’t want my child to be like Daruma! (=A=)



*after went shopping for daily supply*
Black      : Dozen of eggs…check. Canned soup…check. A sack of rice…check. *listing*
Gekikara   : You’re no fun! Where’s the cookies and snacks? (*3*)
Black      : If we want our kid eating healthy food, he should see the parents doing so!
Gekikara   : He won’t see us anyway…
Black      : Eh?
Gekikara   : You left him in the department store…



Baby      : *playing with the balls*
Black      : *watching*he will be good at sports…*smile*
Baby      : *playing with the crayons*
Black      : *watching* he will be a good artist…*smile*
Baby      : *playing with Gekikara’s hair*
Black      : *watching* he will lose his sanity…*frown*



Gekikara   : As a good parent, I will teach you some things! *giggle*
Baby      : *laugh*
Gekikara   : *giggle* Kore nande…? (what is this?)
Black      : *appear* Don’t you dare shoving that pencil to his nose!! (=A=)



Gekikara   : I’m just teaching him about school stuff!
Black      : I’m scared you know.
Gekikara   : He’s not Team Hormone *giggle*
Black      : *shiver* You don’t know how scary you were back then…


How I Met Your Mother

Gekikara   : Ne…okotteru? *giggle*
Black      : I’m not mad *back-facing*
Gekikara   : *facing the baby* Ne? You too? Okotteru? *giggle*
Black      : I don’t remember why am I falling in love with this bizarre… *stares at Gekikara*


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