to the moon last part (mayuki, jurisaku)




—- ——- ———- ————– ——–

“…this is weird” sakura pointed the controller to Yuki again “planted! planted!!”

“whats wrong Sakura?”

Sakura check the monitor  “there’s a large distraction, ts impossible to plant a motivation that made Yuki want to go to the moon from this stage”

Jurina : “well,  i still don’t see why she even ever dream to go to the moon at all”

Sakura : ” this is weird…its usually worked already at this deep stage”

Jurina : “*sigh*….lets back to real world…we’ve been working for hours, lets have some coffee”

sakura looking at Jurina for a while, she knows staying there won’t make any more progress either “…coffee sounds nice”


— — —

Jurina and Sakura remove the helmet from their head, took a while too adjust their eyes to their surrounding

“ill make you some coffee and sandwiches Jurina”

” sakura…Marry me!!”

“yeah yeah” sakura left to the kitchen, not long after she is back with hot coffee and some sandwiches, find Jurina receiving some fax

“you got a fax?”

we got a fax, its Kashiwagi Yuki official Medical records”

Sakura almost drop the coffee “w-what!?? how did you get that??”

“i knew a lot of people ” Jurina wink and put the sandwich into her mouth “uh-huh!! this is really delicious!! seriously sakura, marry me already!”

” so whats in the record?”

“….at least i hope you give me a comeback for that one”

Sakura : *super dangerous fiery glare*

“okay…okay  *sad*…so hmmm…yes…yes…hmmm”

“you got something?”

“well…Kashiwagi Yuki never get any serious treatment before…but…”


“before she entered junior high, her parents requested a large amount of beta blockers for her”

“you said she never got a serious treatment?”

“she is…and the only thing that beta blockers do is…its erasing some of our memories ”

Jurina and Sakura look at each other

“finish your coffee, we going back right away”

but suddenly, a red light in one of Monitors in the room lit on, and sashi rushing to the room right away

“sashi whats wrong??”

“Yuki condition get worsen ! …we…we might not have enough time!”

” !!!  we cant dive in when her condition unstable”

“is this mean…her wish…” sashi look at Sakura, the red light in the monitor flashing faster

‘is her wish…arent meant to be granted?’ 

and just so suddenly, a gleam breeze sensation blown trough out the room in the form of Music, raging while calming in the same time “a… piano?” sakura said “this song… the song Yuki always played, are in school now” sashi throw a confuse look to Sakura . sakura only know one person who could play a piano like this, her eyes scanning the room, her partner has long gone from there


the sound of piano keep filling the room for a little while  “look Dr. Miyawaki!  yuki condition back to stable !!” the sound of piano gradually end

sakura eyes following Jurina  re-entering the room

Jurina : “so…its works”

Sakura : “as expected from  Music prodigy, you could play it perfectly after listen it twice?”

Jurina : “ho ho!  don underestimate me sakura! i could nailed it perfectly by listening it once!”

Sakura rolls her eyes “but…what makes you think it’ll work for Yuki?”

“just a hunch … now c’mon, lets dive in before her condition gets worsen. now we know what blocked us earlier, we could set the machine to went trough it”

Sakura look at Yuki for a while, she looks calmer now, but its a lie to said she looks okay, sakura bitting her lips

“…lets go”

sakura and Jurina put their helmet back on, and the sensation in their stomach back again

— — —   ———— ————– ———— —————- ——-

They landed on a peaceful looking neighbor

“this is where the memory start blocked”

they soon find little Yuki riding her bike happily in the road and following behind her

Sakura : “aww such a cute kid”

Jurina : “…i had bad feeling about this place”

Sakura :”…hey…jurina”


“why a genius pianist like you here… doing this with me?”

“I’m just taking a break from piano world a bit…beside….sakura…i told you my reason”

“…you just messing up with me”

“sakura…how could i mess up saying things like I love you?”

“but–” just then sakura voice cut by a maddening scream

Sakura and Jurina in reflect find the source of the sound, to find the least thing they expected

“…no….no way…”

right in front of them, little Yuki lay in the road, drenched in a pool of blood, her little body numb under a car

“NO!! YUGI!!!  SOMEONE CALL AMBULANCE !!! HELP!!! MY BABY!! MY LITTLE BABY!!!” the women who drive the car went hysteric


theres another passenger in the car, a little kid, she then step out of the car to look what happens

Sakura and Jurina frozen in their place when they see the kid face

“YUKI!! no go back inside!!  go back inside the car!!!”

“m-mom?? whats happening??  why is Yugi bleeding there??  m-mom what you do to Yugi???”

“Yuki go back!!!! don’t look!!!  go back!!!”

Sakura and Jurina stand still on their spot

Jurina : “yuki has twin sibling”

Sakura : “and their mother hit her by accident”

Jurina : “…i too would want my memory erased if thats happen to me”

Sakura : “…lets go…”

— —- ——————— —- ————-

the trees are a bit different, but Jurina and sakura familiar with the mountain landscape, how could they not, after visiting it again and again this few past hours. however, this time,a lot of people are there and  large tents are build spread the area, food stands, games, clowns, a Carnaval are happening. not far from them, two identical kids arguing with each other

“Yugi its not fair!  why do i get a weird doll while you get that awesome teddy bear! we win the same game! ”

“they run out of  Teddy stock Yuki”

“its not fair!!  not fair!!”

“Yuki, we are twins, everything that is mine are yours too”

“still…its not fair!!”

“Yuki cmon…”

Jurina and Sakura then following little Yuki wondering the place alone, left her twins behind, she gotten deeper into the mountain, and a familiar looking lighthouse slowly appear on her sight


little Yuki sit on the log nearby, looking at the lighthouse, she is there in a while until

“what are you doing in my spot?”

Yuki turn her head, and found a cute little girl  with a short haircut staring at her “well…i don’t know this is your spot…”

the girl looking at Yuki for a while, then turn around

“wait!  don’t go!  we can share the place can we?”


“my name is Yuki, whats Yours?”


the two of them sit side by side, looking at the lighthouse and the golden full moon , floating in dark blue starry night.

“so many stars!” yuki said happily

“…it is”

” hey, what are you think stars really are mayu chan?”

“my father said its a giants sphere of gas”

“its a lie!”

“why would my father lie to me?”

“coz thats what grown ups do, they made up stuffs”

“hehe…maybe you are right”


“…do you ever try made a bunny from  stars Yuki?”

“like constellation?”

“yes…wanna try to make one?”

“sure…lets start..1..2…3”



Mayu : “I’m done!”

Yuki : “wow thats fast, where?”

Mayu : “there can you see it?”


“there, think big!”

“hmm…hmmm…oh wait…wait!  i think i see it!!”

“tell me what you see Yuki?”

“there there! in the dark blue sky, those stars are the two ears!”

“what else?”

“and there! there! the two legs!”

“what else?”

“and..and the moon!!  the golden yellow moon is the round big belly “

— — —– —– —

— —- —- –

— — –


“btw mayu, you have a very beautiful hair, do you never wanted to let them grow long?”

“…i dont know”

“i bet you’ll look really beautiful with long hair too”

“…” little mayu just look away to the night sky

Yuki following Mayu and look at the sky “…what do you think the stars really are Mayu?”

” ..i …i never told anyone… but i think…they were  lighthouses”

“the stars? like this one here?”

Little mayu nod “billions of lighthouses”

“wow, it must be really hectic up there”

“one day…im going to befriend one of them”

Yuki look at Little Mayu “sure…why don’t you  start by  befriending the one right there”

“r-right now??”

“yup, you can start by asking her name”

“like you did?”

“yes like i did”

“….hey there lighthouse…what is your name?” Mayu said shyly

“she won’t hear you, louder!” Yuki  encouraging her

“what is your name?!”

“louder!! louder!!!”


“*mumble*my name is mako*mumble* look! she answered you”

“that was you Yuki…”

“no its her! now you’ve got a new friend mayu” yuki smile “oh and, ill give you this, as a present for making a new friend”

“what is that?”

“i don’t know…some kind of duck-beaver thingy i win from the game stand”

Jurina : the platypus doll!

Sakura : and she kept it all this time…

Mayu take the platypus doll, and hold it tight

“oh crap!  i forgot the time!  my sibling  must be looking for me! gotta go now mayu” yuki stand up in Hurry, but before she could go to far, mayu voice stoping her

“will you come here again next year?”

“sure, will you?”


“its a promise then, ill be coming back here! every year i will comeback here!”

“but..but what if one of us forgot? or get lost?”

“then we can always regroup in the moon silly”

“in the moon?”

“yes, right at the rabbit tummy!”

— ——– —– ————— ——– ——– ———

— ————- ———– ———– ——————– ——-

“is this– no–” Jurina bite her lips

Sakura : “all that Mayu want…is for Yuki to remember”

Jurina : “thats why …thats why Mayu cut her hair! when Yuki told her the wrong memory of their first met! and all that paper bunnies…she want Yuki to remember this day they met! ”

Sakura : “and Mayu cant just saying it directly, because of her condition…so she tried hard to make Yuki remember instead… but Yuki cant, because of the medicine… thats…thats  what probably broke mayu ”

Jurina : “no–this is — no”

Sakura : “…but we still have our contract”

Jurina look into sakura eyes, a glimpse in there make Jurina understand what is Sakura thinking

“…sakura…no…we know thats not what Yuki really want”

“our contract is to send our client to the moon, not to playing God”

“all Yuki want is to met her wife again! to the moon!  to the place of their promise! she cant remember it! but–but after Mayu gone, Yuki… Yuki just want to met her again so much it digs a piece of it!”

“it is illegal to go against our contract”


“now we know…the only thing that would make Yuki go to the moon…is to erase the number one distraction for her motivation”


“we need to erase Mayu from Yuki memory”

— ——

Jurina try to stop sakura, but sakura already push the button, the scenery surrounds them begun to crumble

“…its work”

“Sakura…this is wrong”

their surrounding  start reconstructing

— —- —-

Jurina and sakura watching little Yuki sitting alone looking at the lighthouse, no one else ever come there, from a far, a rocket magically arise to the night sky, the young kid dream to be an astronaut, to go to the moon

the scenes change to the junior high school Yuki, busy reading astronomic books in the library

the time moving fast, the table full of foods and drinks with people dancing around are disappearing, instead, young Yuki running in the mountain path, train her physical to be fit and strong

not long after, Jurina and sakura walking behind Young Yuki, entering the NASA station

“…sakura…we gonna regret this”


a formal looking person greet Yuki “welcome abroad Kashiwagi Yuki,  you going to be trained here until your mission to the moon start”

“yes sir”

“follow me, ill introduce you to your team”

Jurina, sakura and Mayu following the figure to a room, and Jurina jaw almost fall to the floor

“i am watanabe mayu, we will be in this mission together. nice to met you Kashiwagi san”

Jurina look at sakura with disbelief “when did you–”

“well, as long as we take our client to the moon, we do not violating our contract”

the scenes around them moving fast

Yuki and Mayu train together

Yuki and Mayu watching the stars together in NASA rooftop, making up  bunny from the stars  in the dark blue sky, with the golden moon as it belly

Yuki playing piano in the Nasa hall, the tune familiar to Jurina, but when Mayu asked what  the song called, Yuki answered “to the moon”

and soon, the day Yuki and Mayu going to depart to the moon are coming

— —- —- —–

“here, take the best seat” said Jurina, patting the spot beside her in the uphill

Sakura  sits beside Jurina. in front of them, quite far away, a rocket with Yuki and Mayu inside, are ready to launch

“are the witness already here?”

“sashi avatar are there, down the hills along with the crowd”

“she said, Yuki wills just arrived, Yuki give the mansion to sashi and the kids”

“thats nice…”

“it is…Sashi said they will take care of mako too”



“you know you kill me inside when you erase mayu from Yuki memories aren’t you Sakura?”

“well…we don’t have time to argue, what if yuki condition worsen”

“…exactly why i love you”

“stop teasing me” sakura try to look the other way, averting her eyes to anywhere but Jurina. but Jurina hand gently stopping her, turn Sakura face back to her

“sakura…” Jurina look into Sakura eyes, and whatever is that in Jurina eyes, it makes sakura shivers…it always does

“Sakura, could you please stop acting like you don’t love me too”


the rocket in the distant launch to the orangish twilight sky, the crowd below  cheering. and Jurina kiss sakura.

“you are a bad liar”

said Jurina,  before she kissed Sakura once again, more dearly,  with a rocket piercing into the orangish twilight sky in front of them, longing to the moon.

—- the end—-


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to the moon pictures cr.


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