an old painting in the attic (Mayuki)

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— ——- —————– —— —–


‘uwahh where should i hide? where ? where?’. little Mayu playing hide and seek with her friend Sae, its been the fifth round of the game and Sae always able to find Mayu each time.

‘ i would not let her find me this time!’ little Mayu burn with determination. she’s about to hide under the sink, when her eyes catch something, the stair to the attic, someone has put it down, Mayu could see the little door to the attic in the end of the stair  slightly open

Mayu walks toward the stairs, but she hesitate, she live  alone with her grandparents, and they always told her to never go to the attic, never! Mayu remember their words


crap, its Sae voice, little Mayu climb the stair in a hurry…entering the attic

its dusty

the sun light entering the attic from the window, shine up the dust particle that flying around, little Mayu reach out her hand, try to catch  the snow like dust in the air, but it flies away from her hand, she try again, again it escape. little Mayu jumping around happily try to catch the dust, thats when she accidentally bump into something

Mayu look at the big object standing in the middle of the attic, covered by a large white sheet. little Mayu has a big curiosity, so she slowly pulled the sheet down. as the big white cover fall down, Little Mayu eyes trapped by a sigh of an angel… or so she tough at that time

a large canvas, filled with painting of inhumanly beautiful girl is there under the sheet. mayu looking at the painting, enchanted, at short years her life has passed,she never seen something that beautiful before. little mayu just stand there… bewitched …by the girl in the painting

Sae couldn’t find her that one time, but even thou she finally able to win her little hide and seek game with Sae, Mayu heart still left there, in the dusty attic, captivated by a beautiful girl in an old painting.

—————————-YEARS LATER—————–

“Mayu im coming!”


“hahaha its that what you call defense?! cmon Mayu!”

“…i told you i hate sport didn’t I sae chan”

Sae gloriously swirling while dribbling the basket ball around Mayu- who just standing in the middle of the court uninterestedly to amuse her sporty best friend – Sae then dunk high and majestically score the ball in the ring, she then toast her fist in the air, celebrating her win on that one-sided battle

“kyaaaaa saae chaann!!!”

“so cooooollll”

“Sae chan.!!! marry me already!!”

“Mayu also so cute! even when she just stand there…doing err.. nothing… is also very cool !!! kyaaa !”

their school mates who swarmed in the corner of the field went crazy, alsmost chocking on each other as they watch the two school most popular duo on action. sae look at their spectators, and wink at them… send two or three of those poor girls to faint.

“sae…enough of this .. lets go home” Mayu pulling her womanizer friend with her


the two friend walk side by side to home, makes every women, children, aunties nor girls that passed turn their head on them, charmed by their irresistible dazzling gorgeousness looks

“btw Mayu..actually i want you to meet someone today”


“my new girl friend!”

“*sigh* again? why can’t you stick with one longer sae…”

“geez …cmon Mayu! you had no plan  after this right”

“I plan to do nothing….its different… and why do you suddenly want to introduce her to me? you never did introduce any of your girl friends to me any way”

“…she is…different”

Mayu catch a glimpse of something in her best friend face for a second there, a seriousness… her playful friend rarely show, thats maybe why Mayu  let Sae drag her to the park nearby that day

its windy that day, Mayu hates cold. she swapping her hands to make her body warmer

“*sigh* is she still not here Sae?”

“she should be here in a minut– ah there she is!” Sae waving her hands,  a girl appear from the corner, the girl fasten her step immediately, almost running when she saw sae

and once Mayu turn her head

she can’t turn it back

“it can’t be…” her mouth accidentally uttering her deepest though

Sae welcoming the girl with an open arm, give her a quick but sweet hug,and peek her cheek before turning around to her frozen friend

“Mayu.. i like you to met my girl friend”

“ are watanabe san? Sae chan always talk about you, nice to meet you, i am kashiwagi…kashiwagi Yuki”

Mayu look at the girl who bowing to her… only reply with a simple nod “i..i.. just remember i had something to do” Mayu said before briskly walk away

“eh? mayu..but you said–” mayu heard Sae words, but she just continue walk, as fast as her foot can take her. her heart beat almost killed her, only one single tough linger in her head

‘the girl in the painting has a name..its kashiwagi Yuki’


— ——- —-

Part 2

—- —– ——— —–


the sun light bathing mayu with its ray while Mayu sitting beside the window, stroking her pencil lightly on her drawing book. her eyes focused on the paper, and for all the beautiful things in the world, that golden sun on Mayu’s serious face, its just so…magnificent. it  can’t be helped that the other girls on the class drooling over the scenery

“gosh…do you have a tissue?! I’m having a nose bleed”

“angel…she is an angel for sure *faint*”

“its one of our school 7 mysteries that watanabe san never had a girl friend before”

“what mysteries?? she is waiting for me! she just too shy to tell me!”

“yeah.. in your dream”

“what did you said??”

Mayu just focus on her sketch, a sketch that she always do whenever she had a free time, a sketch of a single object, a same object she’s been drawing for these past years. Mayu fling her head, clear her bang from her vision with a single light move..and start shading her sketch…

the eyes

‘ah you are watanabe san?’

the hair

‘nice to meet you’


‘i am Kashiwagi .. Kashiwagi Yuki’

“HEI MAYU! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Mayu abruptly closed her sketch book as Sae suddenly come and slam her back

“ah you are drawing again? geez…i never understand why you like boring things like that ”

“i…just like it” Mayu put her drawing book on her bag, Sae never interested in her drawing so she never really care with Mayu sketch, and Mayu did not really care neither…but now.. suddenly  Mayu has a good reason to care about it.

“wanna go home together today?”

“ah…today i have an after school date with yuki” sae said brightly

“oh…” Mayu heart skip a beat on that name


Tadaima” Mayu said when she reach her home, no one ansewered, seems like her grandparents not around, a sweet couple that still like to traveling together even in their golden age, they rarely at home. Mayu walk around, find a note on the dining table


we are going to the hot spring, be back in a few days!

don’t forget to eat well, 

take care

your grandparents, Yuko and Haruna ❤

Mayu smile, imagining her lively grand parents having fun in the hot spring together. her grand parents, despite already on their golden age, still always act like teenagers in love with their first crush, they also still magically looks like they are in their 30, makes Mayu sometimes wonder if her family is secretly an immortal vampire or something .

Mayu  put the note back, her foot then start taking her to the corner of her house, on one point, she stops, and pulling the ropes hanging in the ceiling, a stairs slowly descending from above, mayu climb the stairs

and here she is again… in the dusty attic

she sit at her usual spot, on a blanket she put there to covering the dusty floor, take her drawing book out and finishing her sketch

Mayu could not remember since when.. she start to sketch it on her own…

maybe its because of her longing .. or her desperation… or her useless effort to be closer to this.. this object  of her obsession… she don’t know how many sketch has she draw… or how many times has she spend it here in the attic

as she continue sketching, Mayu gaze at the old painting … its still as beautiful as the first time she saw it..

‘Mayu i like you to meet my girl friend’

‘she is…different’

and a wild unfamiliar tormenting feeling suddenly rose from within Mayu, she ripped the sketch on her hand, and throw it across the room, her head fall on her hands

‘cmon Mayu…get a hold on your self! she is not the same girl with the girl in the painting…cmon!’ Mayu combating her self in her mind

the wind blowing from the window, open up page to page of Mayu drawing book. only one single object portrayed in there, different angles..different poses.. but one singular repeated object

she don’t really know why she still do her sketching here…

now… when the girl in the painting, the one object of all her drawing… finally had a name she could called

‘i am Kashiwagi…kashiwagi Yuki’

What Would you do, if the obsession that you think would only stayed in your  dream … come and see you when you awake


weeks has passed, the school has over, but Mayu still sitting on her chair beside the window,Sae asked to wait for her.

Mayu look out side, its sunny…and nice, out of habit, Mayu  pulled her sketch book from her bag, and start sketching, even thou now that activity gave her more anguish feeling rather than a calming sensation it used to bring.

weeks has passed… and sometimes, even tough Mayu tried her best to avoid it, as she always stick with sae all the time, she would occasionally met the one named Kashiwagi Yuki…

on their way home

when they hanging out

and sometimes could not run away as Sae dragging her to their date …

and now Mayu  knew how the girl in the painting could be so loud, and her eyes could be so wide when she surprised by something, how the girl in the painting always speak out her weird mind, how she hates bugs… and dogs…and cats…and just animals in general, how she always kindly look on the other eyes as they speak…

Mayu keep sketching … and since don’t know when .. the girl in her sketch has change little by little…

if Mayu ever imagine what the girl in the painting would be like if she is alive… Yuki exceed all her wildest expectation

her smile is brighter than Mayu ever imagine

her touch is gentler than Mayu ever tough

her eyes… is kinder than Mayu ever though it would be..

the way she move her head while talking … the way she fling her hair …

and the way she cling on Sae… the way she always smile to sae…

…a Living hell

since don’t know when… the girl in Mayu sketches is no longer the girl in the painting…  it has  became the one named kashiwagi Yuki

Sae came not long after, and mayu put her sketch book inside her bag

“Mayu sorry to make you wait”

“its okay, so whats up?”

“…its about Yuki…” and mayu heart suddenly swollen at the mention of the name

“whats about her” Mayu look outside the window, averting her eyes from her best friend

“well you know, its been a while since we going out”


“and… I think..its about time for us to.. um..go further”

“further?” Mayu tilted her head

“you further things.. things you wanna do with your girl friend”

Mayu head processing her friend words slowly … and suddenly…she understand


“wellll.. you cousin come and crush at my place this whole week.. and um.. your grand parents.. are went traveling again this week.. aren’t they”

Mayu start to realize where is this going to

“so..can i bring yuki to your house this weekend?”

— —– -part 3—–



“thank you for having us Mayu”

“hi mayu! sorry to bother you”

Mayu only nod weakly, not even able to met her guest eyes as she guiding them inside her house. mayu don’t remember how Sae able to convinced her, Mayu don’t remember anything except  how drained her soul ever since

Mayu house is a big japanesse traditional house, and actually, its not the first time her player friend ask her the same request, only usually she don’t really care, there’s plenty of empty unused room on her house anyway, usually she just left them and locked herself in the attic, where she can indulge her self drawing in her secluded utopia

but today… kill herself sounds like a good idea to stop all the rampaging feeling inside her chest

Mayu sit silently in the corner, tried her best to not looking at Sae flirting with Yuki, and she know.. its about time for her to leave

“i…i had to go for a while” a voice thats not sound like hers come out from Mayu’s dry throat

Mayu drag her body that suddenly feels like 10x times heavier.. and walk out side

“eh..Mayu ?”

“its okay.. she had something to do” Sae said calmly to the other girl, cling her arms on  yuki shoulder

Mayu closed the door behind her…


Sae played with Yuki long hair, swirling it with her finger, her eyes only stayed at Yuki face

“um..i wonder if its okay for us to stay here sae chan..”

“its okay” sae lean closer

“ if her grandparents suddenly comes back”

“they won’t… so is Mayu” Sae tucking the other girl chin with her finger, and stares intensely on yuki plump soft lips

“s-sae chan?”

Sae lean closer… and closer…

but then the sliding door barging open

“Sae chan!!!”

sae released Yuki in her surprise


“i..i am sorry…ive.. I’ve got a text from your cousin..said she probably forgot to turn off the stove before she left your house..a-and she now can’t get a train back  “

“eeehh??! you sure??”


“sigh ” sae look at Yukirin.. totally upset “i guess…i had to go back now”

sae then left with frowning on her face

and Mayu tried to calming her crazily beating heart …


‘Sae is her best  friend’ Mayu keep chanting those words in her head when she closed that door behind her, she is my best friend…she is my best friend… and Yuki is Sae girl friend. but the second Yuki face flashing in her head, her foot  move by its own, take her back to the room, her mouth start blubbering things out off her control


gosh… her heart still beating like crazy… she not used to lied like that

“Mayu “

Mayu almost jump out, she just remembered another person actually still in the room with her

“ take you to the front door yuki”

“hmm actually .. do you mind if I’m staying a bit longer”


“Mayu… do you..hate me?”

Mayu eyes found the other girl, honest concern drawn on her beautiful face

“I…why do you  think so?”

“you never look me in the eyes…you always avoiding me.. you never .. talk to me”

“I…” mayu tried to speak.. but lost her words

“i understand that i kind of take sae away from you…im sorry.. but i wish we could be friend”

Mayu forced her frozen brain to compose a sentence for her to said, its failed…

an awkward silence hang in the air for a while there

“um…so .. what you usually  do on your free time ? “

“..drawing” Mayu bite her own lips as she slip out the word

“ah! Sae mentioned it before! she said you always had a drawing book with you…could i look at your drawing?”

“No!! i-its nothing! its just rubbish”

“ah…is that your drawing book?”

Mayu watch in horror as she look her bag left opened in the corner, she remember just throw it there yesterday, as her stressful mind could not focus on anything else but sae request, her drawing book leaking from inside the bag

“NO!!” Mayu dashing forward, but Yuki is closer to the book, and Mayu hands are late as Yuki already open the book, and Yuki eyes locked to the drawings inside

Mayu stood in frozen, as Yuki slowly examined the drawing in her sketch book, exploring page to page, those few passing minutes feels like centuries for Mayu, just when mayu think it cannot be worsen…on the last page…a complicated layered draw, composed beautifully,  forming two words: Kashiwagi Yuki… mayu mentally slamming her head to the wall

“…its…beautiful…” Yuki finally spoke..


“but…i though hate me”

“….well… not have that much different isn’t it…love and hate”

“mayu… I..”

“Ill left you here…feel free to go whenever you want ” Mayu then turn around to left the room, but she stop at the door for a second “…said my regards to sae…”  Mayu said before walk away ..walk…instead of run away as fast as she can and scream as loud as she could like her heart wanted. she walk…. kill herself inside


weeks has passed. weeks when Mayu watanabe in the verge of her sanity … she ‘s avoiding Sae ever since, she is avoiding every living creature ever since

just like always, today too she rush out of the class room as soon as the bells ring .on the middle of her way home, mayu realize she left her phone on her table drawers. cursing on her own stupidity, she rushed  back  to the class.

when she reach the school building, no one could be seen anymore, Mayu fastening her steps. finally she reach her class room, hastily Mayu pulled the door open

Then, there…on the supposed to be empty class room, she saw the most unlikely things she would like to saw

Sae sitting on a desk, a girl Mayu not familiar with sitting on her laps, looks like trying eating each other face


sae release her face from the other girl as she heard mayu voice

“what is this sae? what are you doing?”

Sae look at her best friend, she send a signal with her eyes to the girl in her laps, the girl nods, and leave the two  friend alone

“nothing are you mayu? hmm why i feel like i haven’t see you for a long time”

“what is this? what about Yuki?” Mayu totaly ignore her best friend question

“huh? we already broke up”


sae lazily scratch her head “ know..after in your house..i kinda.. you know.. left hanging.. so after that i tried to go for her again a few times.. but she keep rejecting me… “

“sae…you told me she is different.. YOU TOLD ME SHE IS DIFFERENT! are you just wanna play around with her too??!”

“well…i mean at first..she is really beautiful and such..but i had my need you know… and  Rena  keep signaling me.. dude.. you look how sexy Rena right? i just can’t keep up wit— “


the next thing sae know she is lying on the floor, Mayu just punched her with all her might on the face


Mayu look at sae with anger she never tough she could ever had before..

sae is her best friend, sae always there for her, sae is a womanizer and she knew it. she maybe gonna apologized to sae later…but if she not punch her at that moment…she herself would lost her sanity..

Mayu turn around, run all the way back


“Mayu…wake up..wake up Mayu”

Mayu slowly open her eyes…a hand stroking her body

“grannie yuko?” its her foreveryoung grand parent, yuko, who shared the same miracles with her grand ma Haruna that don’t look like aging at all

mayu  looking around, slowly adjusting her eyes to the morning light, little by little she  catching her surrounding, she is in the attic..

— — —- ——–

Mayu walk in hurry, but aimlessly, her fist stings, she never hit someone or even anything before, but Mayu doesn’t care, all she want is to meet Kashiwagi Yuki, to see her face . but she don’t even know her phone number, not to mention she left her phone in the class

so she just walking randomly, to the park where she first met her, to the cafe the three of them once went, to the flower shop she said she often visit..

but Mayu couldn’t find her…

its been dark just too fast, but still Mayu keep walking, and walking, looking for a being  called Kashiwagi Yuki, and before she knew it, she stood in front of the old painting in the attic

spend another cold night in a dust

— —- —-

“you are not in your room…and i find the stairs to the attic down”

“…im sorry” Mayu remember how much her grand parent don’t want her near the attic

“this place is dusty mayu..its not good for your health!”

is that why her grand parents don’t want her to be here? but mayu has something else in her mind

“whose…whose painting is this?”

“hm? oh this?  a painting the woman your great grand parent love “


“your great grand parent -my parent-  was a poor infamous painter, and that girl in the painting is a daughter of the most wealthy family in town. they fall in love and planned to  run away together, but the girl family found it out, your great grand parent forced to leave the town, and this girl forced to married someone else”

Mayu look at her grand parent who look longingly to her face “you know how i always said that you really looks exactly like your great grand parent Mayu”

mayu only nod…and look at the old painting once again….unfamiliar light.. dimly shine deep inside her

“i kinda hate this painting, so i never really look at it” yuko said


“its always makes my mother sad when she look at your great grand parent looking on this painting “


“…when finally success, your great grand parent actually come back to see that girl . found out that the girl actually killed her self not long after she gave birth to a child, her family said she can’t forgot your great grand parent.. getting  depressed every single day…and…well… every time we see your grand parent looking at this painting, I could see that your grand parent never actually really let her go”

mayu listen to Yuko words one by one, and with every word, the unfamiliar light in her hearth getting warmer..bit by bit…

“and..i actually kinda engaged you with her great grand daughter”


“you are engaged with her great grand daughter”


“its your great grand parent wish on her death bed,  it supposed to be your parent and her grand daughter, but that stupid  sayanee decline it and  married your mother milky instead…I still feel the burden engaged you as soon as you are born instead” Yuko said lightly

“you..YOU WHAT??!”



“her great grand daughter keep refusing to meet you all this time…but “


“today..suddenly.. she have a time to visit ” yuko smiles brightly


“she is in the living room now”


Mayu try to get up and run away but yuko catch her,gosh she is stronger than she looks like “cmon.. ” yuko dragging her, not even let mayu clean all the dust in her face..

“sorry for the waiting” Yuko open the sliding room with one hand, while one hand grabbing rebelling  Mayu, she then abruptly throw Mayu inside

her age-less beautiful grand ma is there, another couple are there too, smiling to her, Mayu still try to found a way to run away, but then.. her eyes catch the girl who sat in the middle

the girl  slowly lift her head… and shyly smiling to her

“how are you Mayu”


“eh? you two already know each other?” said a beautiful cat like lady sitting beside yuki

“hoo..not bad Mayu Hahaha  ” Yuko smacking mayu back so hard, she almost fall

” yuki keep refusing the engagement idea, but yesterday, when we accidentally passing this house, and i told her this is your family house. she suddenly said  willing to pay a visit! she surprised me,but its not that I’m not happy with it..i still feel a bit guilty for stealing Acchan from her fiance ” said the small but firm person who sat on Yuki right side

“ah its not your fault minami, you two looks happy together!” Yuko then throw mayu to sit beside Yuki, and mayu never sit more straight than that ever before. Yuki parents and  Mayu grandparents chatting happily, while another awkward silence hanging between mayu and yuki

mayu takes a  deep breath, gathered all her courage…before slowly whisper to yuki

‘I’m sorry about sae…but..we don’t have to do this’

‘I’m sorry about sae too…’

‘…yuki..maybe we shouldn’t –‘

‘im sorry to think that i love sorry for forcing my self to believe that i still love her despite since the day i met you… all i can see is you mayu’

and for the very first time…mayu find her way into yuki eyes..

“ahaha this brat is good for nothing, but she is kind…and caring. she would be a loyal Partner! your daughter would be in a good care hahaha” yuko said

“ah.. it depends on the children whether they want to go further or not..right Yuki..Yuki?”

their parents and grandparents look between Mayu and Yuki that nowhere in the room except in each other eyes…

because when i saw you…my soul went like “oh..there you are..i’ve been looking for you..kind of cycling the whole lifetimes..just so i can return to you ” 

——————the end————————————-

epilogue :  25 lives (mayuki os)



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