25 lives (mayuki os)


the very first time i remember you, you had black hair and don’t love me back


the next time your hair is brown, and you do



after a while i give up trying to guess if the color of your hair means anything,

because even when you don’t exist, my hearth still longing for the love i never know exist


i remember fondly those life times

where we get to grow together. i love how  you always played along with my crazy ideas


before you grew up and realize they were bad ideas (and on our times, i had many bad ideas)


in those life times when we met as adults

growing up without you i always more discerning


yet always…you would be the ones who break down my walls


all the life times in which one of us don’t exist


and the ones where we just barely, never meet


i hate those


i prefer the ones in which you kill me



even though each time i know ill see you again, i always wonder

is this the last time?

is that really you?


and what if you already perfectly happy


without me?


i dont mind


because in the end, you still there

across ten, twenty-five, a hundreds life times

until you find the one where ill return to you





theres a million of mayuki fic out there..but in the end i really like the ones where they are ending up together…as they meant to be

based on 25 lives-tongari

and actually.. this is an epilogue for my other 3s fic called an old painting in the attic, you can read it if you kinda like angst with happy ending an old painting in the attic (Mayuki)


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