unravel (jurisaku_dark) last part

based on FMV by KwangJESS


— — – – — – –

its a nice sunny day, sakura and Jurina strolling in the park, have a tasty lunch,  watch a good movie, and eating sweet crapes all their way back . laughing happily, teasing each other, having a date … a really nice date

its already dark when their reach sakura house front door

” ju…will you stay tonight?” sakura asked

Jurina smiles to sakura, pushed her to go inside the dark house, and as they in,  Jurina close the door behind them and pinned sakura to the door, Jurina face only inches from sakura, she could feel Jurina’s breath steamed in her cheek


” hm?”

“Jurina….i love you”

and Jurina kiss the girl…hard … with her hands …stabbing sakura

Jurina could feel sakura screaming inside her mouth, but she keep muffled her with her kiss, and stabbing her again…and again ..and again

and again

and again


again…even long after sakura’s body fall in her arm, still as a wood , Jurina keep stabbing her… again… and again

she can pretend laugh, but never understand happiness, she can cry in a blink, but never known what sadness is, she never been thought what is anger, or madness … or love…never …until that day, until that day.

when she stopped by the glisten of sakura’s blood in her hands…finally… finally the assassin understand…

that she have falling in love with sakura

“…Sakura…” Jurina try to move sakura’s still arm “hey…sakura..” she called, answered by the silence

Jurina…. i love you

and Jurina laughing … a frantic laugh.  ….with the saddest tears, keep falling from her eyes, screaming in her laugh, howling like a wounded beast.


‘Mission clear’






Jurina  waking up in a grassy park the next morning, she roamed aimlessly last night and end up fall asleep there.

her phone keep annoyingly buzzing, she take that dammed thing out her pocket. countless missed call reported on the screen

“hello?” she picked it up

“Jurina! finally!”

“yuihan…whats up?”

“you sure you finish the target”

“….im sure”

“just like the plan? in her house?”

“in her house” Jurina dragging her tone, really don’t feel like talking

“we sent clean up team right after we receive your text, but…. ”


“we lost contact with the cleaning team…and…not one of them ever came back ”

“what?…thats… impossible…”

“jurina…you sure you killed her?”

Jurina put down her phone, and run to Sakura house


—- – — – – – – – – —

Jurina reach sakura house, catching her breath , and convincing herself of being delusional . she stroke her eyes, once… then twice .. then thrice …

as she could see sakura in front of her eyes, wearing her school uniform, smiling  to her

“morning ju! why you still not ready?? you gonna be late for school”

Jurina could not answered, she cannot even move her single muscle

“you left one of your uniform in my house, lets change silly! kojiharu sensei are scary when she is angry”

jurina let herself dragged by sakura. they go to school, eat bento together as they always do. Jurina keep lost in her thought, and sakura making fun of her face that looks kinda stupid

the day end fast, and Jurina walk sakura to home…. just like she always do

what is this…

am I …  dreaming?


in the middle of their way, rain suddenly start pouring

“lets takes cover Jurina” Sakura says, they  running to a parking building nearby, keep themselves from the rain, stand side by side on the rear of the building.

Jurina realize that sakura shoulder are a bit exposed to the rain

“sakura, lean over here” Jurina pulled sakura waist to make the girl closer to her

and when Jurina take her hand back, she realize it has slicken from something that is not a rain….  blood …black as tar… smeared all over her hand

Jurina take a slow glance at sakura, found  blood seeping from her school uniform


sakura only stay silence

“…are you…sakura?”

“…i am sakura” the girl slowly turn her head to Jurina,  and Jurina spines chilled right away

“i am sakura…or seems it be…” she smile, but its not sakura sweet smile Jurina ever know, its the most disturbing smile Jurina ever seen

“we never have a name aren’t we…its our first rule”

with the words, Jurina instinct takes over her body right away, she slashing sakura with her hidden knife , only to slash the air, Jurina tried again, her hands as fast as  lighting, but sakura even faster, their fight didn’t last long, one of sakura kick send Jurina flying to inside the empty parking building.

two or three of Ju ribs broken from the inhumanly strong kick. sense danger , Jurina tried as hard as she can to stand up, but failed. sakura stop  in front of a car she passed, her eyes catch something in there,  Jurina watch in horror when sakura easily shattered the car window with one hand, and grab an iron bat from inside the car

dragging the iron bat, sakura strolling closer

“…you are not sakura… sakura died yesterday…i..i kill sakura!! who are you!!” Jurina scream to sakura who now straddled above her

“i am sakura you know… but sakura you know are not me” an odd smirk grow on sakura face

“w-what do you mean??”

sakura chuckled a bit, before slowly hissed “sakura you know is my alter ego. after  escaped from that dammed 48g, i went on endless rampaging, cant help it, its the only way i know to having fun *chuckle* ripped off some limbs… breaking some bones… until one day, my unconsciousness  aware that if I keep like that… i would die.

“Thus… sakura born, she takes over our ‘normal’ life ever since. sakura aware I’m exist inside of her, she notice me as…what it was again? ah…her guardian…so cute!  but she don’t have my memories, nor my brokenness … she is the boring human me  “

She think I’m some short of her guardian, whispering guidance from inside her, so cute!

“while I… one of your kind…no…the worst of our kind! fruits of their lunatic human experience ! they modified my organ…my cells … to the point I’m no longer human… not even an assassin … a creature far more dammed, tainted deeper than anything “

but i am not! she is my alter ego, the human me! while I…I  am the worst of our kind

she getting closer and closer “they think i would never awake again aren’t they? only send one assassin to kill me ”

the way she spoke just getting rougher… but Jurina sure that she did not misheard the last sentence

“i am… zero”

and with the iron bat, zero began to banged Jurina haphazardly

“i know who you are since the very first! you smells like bloods! you filthy creature!! ”

each swing feels like one ton pillar falling to Jurina body, Jurina tried to block it with her hands and feet

“and sakura was such a sweet girl…always listening to me….until you shown up you dammed assassins!”

her bats keep slashing Jurina

“i tried to warn sakura ! but I’ve been locked in the dark !   all I could is spoke in her dream, makes her mumble in her sleep, that stupid girl…she kept shut me out! ”

the last swing send Jurina limbs to numb, now she is completely open.

” that night she let her guard down,  finally i could seep a bit in her mind while she awake, and guess what…we caught you sneaking like a little mice! i keep whispered her to stab you! we already hold a knife, so why not ?? i keep tried take over, but that idiot sakura shut me out again! ”

smirking, Zero beating Ju body even with more ferocity than before

“that stupid girl, do you know she really loves you!?”

Zero keep rained Ju’s body with iron bat

she loves you!!  HAHAHA !! since the first time she look at you when you entered the class! even after i told her you are going to kill us!!  filthy assassin !! that stupid girl! she really do love you!! hahahaha!”

“and she locked me ever since that very first day we saw you, when i told her to kill you or killed by you!!”

Jurina limbs are broken, her face smeared with bloods, but its not her body that hurt the most… its ….her heart… crushed even more than her body

zero keep beating, Jurina start losing her focus, she could feel it… that she would die there

in the brief of her consciousness that fading fast, an odd coincidence let her eyes met zero eyes, and deep there, Jurina find it; the warm eyes…the warm eyes she love

from the puddle of blood inside her mouth, jurina coughing broken  words, choked  with  her own  blood. words she really meant to say, even if she had to die saying it


“i …love…you..”

and with all the strength she had, with her torn bleeding lips, she smile…a real smile sakura once thought her….ready to take the final blow

 but that one last hit  Jurina sure would finish her off are not coming, Jurina take a glance, to find Zero halted her bats in the air..

Jurina eyes widen, as she found there, in zero wicked face, the eyes she knew, slowly back to her once again … sakura eyes

Jurina reach out her bleeding arm  …to reach her…to sakura

thats when she witness dozen of bullets flying through out sakura body

and blending with  stream of bloods on  her face, tears start bursting from Jurina eyes

No!!! NO!!!!!! SAKURA!!!!

sakura body that full of holes fall onto Jurina, Jurina try to wrap her arm to sakura body, but before her broken arm could do that, someone pulled sakura from her

“ju! you okay??” Jurina could hear yuihan voice and  sounds of a lot foot steps

“take her!! take her!! shoot her brain!!” she could hear someone southing, and sound of guns firing like a rain following up

sakura!!! SAKURA !!!!!!!!!!

thats the last thing Jurina could remember, before she lost her consciousness


they are born as a human in flesh, with a red blood just like yours and mine, running on their cold vein . no name is their first rule. but they never need one, they never deserve one

they can pretend laugh, but never understand happiness, they can cry in a blink, but never known what is sadness, they never been thought what is anger,or madness, or love

but even in the darkest soul , in the most tainted existence, love could find their way to ones heart

Its been a long time since Jurina surpassed rank 10, but she keep Jurina as her name, because its a name that the only thing she ever love known her for

“one, the general manager calling you”

“and how many times should i tell you” the one being called turn around from her seat to look at the youngster in front of her

“i have a name, its Jurina”


unravel  first part

unravel second part






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